Reviews for Arandur
Poiniard chapter 1 . 8/16/2003
Shorten a few sentences, or break them into two, and the story would be a lot better.

The story seemed to be told backwards, in flashbacks, so nothing really changes about the main character. He's sad at the beginning, and sad at the end. Make it more "he was" not "he had been" and it would be better. It seems more like a character study than a story because of this.

Still, this is much better than the average LotR fic, and set in a time other than the War of the Ring. This was worth reading for that alone.

Hope this helps, keep writing!
sdfasdfja3242 chapter 1 . 8/15/2003
It looked sad, so I'm going to review it because it's awesome. Meanwhile, I should be uploading it to ToE, but I was born to be distracted :-)

This is definitely a change of pace, both for you and for this section in . It's extremely difficult to find anything about these characters (I guess the names drive people away ;-), and I love you for writing about them. Húrin is my hero, now. Maybe not so much my hero as Faramir will ever be, but he's pretty darn close.

Your approach to this story is very interesting, as a simple tale of Minardil's final battle would have probably been my thought on relating this story. Of course, they should pay you the big bucks, since this is far more clever and intriguing than my silly thoughts. With the structure you've created, we're definitely given a more fleshed out characterization of Húrin, which is superb as I like him very much.

You've succeeded in making him absolutely loveable in merely 2100 words, which is a quite a feat. We're given the sense that he is just a man - a man who by all rights should not have been more than a younger son, entitled to little in the way of power and prestige. The flashbacks give us a sense of how he is NOT the best swordsman or the best soldier, but we see, instead, that he is simply a man, doing the best he can. A man to admire.

The flashbacks also give a perfect picture of how quickly he was swept up into serving his liege and how he rose to the occasion. You show us a simple man who was wounded defending his king and the Steward he became. In such a little space, we see how much love he had for his country and his king and how much he was willing to sacrifice.

It makes me so glad to see him there that the tragedy of Minardil's death is almost lessened. There is fear in his passing, but peace also, as you give us such hope in knowing that Húrin will be there for Gondor and for her new king.

Beautiful writing, and a wonderful read, as always. There are a few things that make surfing pleasurable, and your stories are prime examples of what those things are.

Good writing!