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Goody-Goodie chapter 3 . 6/7/2004
Oh, I just can't get enough Thundera Tiger.

I do so love all your stories, but I have so little time to read that "The Ring Went South" is the only one I have completely finished.

I must commend you for your complete and total understanding and commitment to the beautiful book-verse of LotR. There are so few authors that take the subtleties and nuances from the books and bring them to life in their fics.

I must also confess to a large amount of movie-verse info in my stories, though I use book-verse as well.

Your dedication to the perfection of your stories is extremely commendable. I wish I had a medal or certificate, or mithril coat to give you. I will have to give you my thanks instead, for being such a wonderful author.

As for this particular fic, you have me very much intrigued. The wargs disappearing and only one arrow being broken gives me cause for distress and you have me itching to read more. Sadly, there is no more, so please update whenever you get the chance.

Your characterization is so accurate that it blows my mind. Everyone says the exact right things, and you insert book quotes seamlessly into your original dialogue.

This is truly becoming another masterpiece, and I cannot wait for more.

Enjoying every word,

Niani chapter 3 . 6/4/2004
Sorry you were sick, but very glad to see a chapter.
Aeryn Lavanthia chapter 3 . 5/28/2004
Yay! I loved the first story of this journey and I can see that this one is going to be just as good, maybe even better! Go you!
Ithilien chapter 3 . 4/21/2004
Bummer! Didn't I review last time? Forgive me. I may be perpetually late, but I always try to leave you a review (consider it a reward for all the effort you put in). I am sorry about your illness, but hope you are feeling better (I have my own motives for wanting you back on your feet - I know what's next on the rotation, you see). But I'm not here to wish you good health and to idly chat. I'm here to leave a review. So let's get to business.
Ouch, I've had headaches like the one Boromir describes. Sort of like brain freeze but centered behind the eyeballs. Ow! Just thinking of it makes my head hurt. I would take a little consolation in knowing Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn were blinded too. And fortunately that debilitation passes quickly.
You know, I always wondered about those disappearing Wargs. Tolkien never really told us what that was all about, and since none in the Fellowship had experienced such a thing before it really is rather sinister. I suppose we should expect this is Saruman's doing, but it is never made clear. Will you be addressing this again and speculating on your own, or is this the last we will hear of it.
I can't quite get over Hobbits and their consistent thoughts on food. Here they are, words of Gandalf's foreboding in their ears, and yet they still wonder about when their next meal might come. I chuckled too at Sam's grousing about the meaning of the others' words. 'He had given up trying to interpret vague or indefinite statements uttered by anyone other than his fellow hobbits. From Boromir’s snow-packed and nearly impassable "lane" to the complete and utter corruption of the word "shelter," it was clear to Sam that the taller members of the Fellowship had decided to create their own language.' That's a great paragraph!
Oh, the time is coming for Bill to leave. How sad. I'm sure Sam is not going to take it well, and knowing there are Wargs on their tail, and what is going to come with the Watcher in the Water, I can't help but be a little apprehensive about Bill's fate myself. Oh, poor Bill!
You did a wonderful job describing the path to the Moria Gate. I could visualize it exactly. And especially when they came to the dammed up lake. Oh, reading this section gave me the creeps, and the next chapter is going to be a doozy, I can tell. What with Wargs and Watchers and collapsing walls. I imagine trying to figure out how to get in might be amusing as well. Looking forward to more.
Claudette chapter 3 . 4/20/2004
I was so glad to see another chapter up for this story. Sorry to hear you have been so ill and wish you well asap.
I love the way that you have taken this period of time between Rivendell & lothlorien and are filling in all the gaps with dialogue, possible happenings and loads of character development. you are doing a wonderful job. Please please do continue.
I am a little puzzled in one respect - there seems to be some friction between Aragorn & Legolas - do you have this as a result of the tensions they are under or do you not think that they knew each other before the quest? Admittedly there does not seem to be any evidence for the latter in the book that I am aware of but as Aragorn had close contact with elves I thought it possible that, even if they had not met previously, their relationship would be a little less strained.
Linaeve chapter 3 . 4/13/2004
Yay! An update! - five weeks without being able to stand up? x_x;; I hope you feel better!
In the interactions between Gandalf and Aragorn, it still seems like Aragorn is deferring to Gandalf on most points. Once they get out of Moria (is this story passing into Lorien?) Aragorn is going to have to fall into the place of leader. It'll be interesting to see how he deals with his choices, seeing as how several of the previous ones were at odds with Gandalf's.
I hope there's going to be more Legolas-Gimli interaction once they get closer to or in Moria. I'm also hoping for some Elf-angst; dark, enclosed space does that to Legolas, yeah?
Some Boromir-being-affected-by-Ring wouldn't be unexpected, either. The subtle observation Aragorn makes about Frodo gripping something under his shirt shows that Frodo is plagued by the Ring (yes?), so wouldn't Boromir also start 'falling under its influence'?
Please update soon!
- Linaeve
Lamiel chapter 3 . 4/11/2004
It's taken me some time to catch up and review this chapter, but it was well worth the wait! I've always loved the encounter with the Wargs in the book, especially the way they vanished, leaving only Legolas' arrows behind. Goodness, though, Aragorn is living dangerously. Denial is one thing, but casting doubt on Legolas' archery is going too far. He's lucky the Elf didn't decide to demonstrate his skill using the Ranger as a target.
I sense the set-up for getting Legolas out of the way during the Watcher's attack. But it'll be an interesting trick to have him out of range (presumably fighting Wargs) while the Watcher attacks Frodo, and then get him into the mines before the entrance collapses. But I shall enjoy seeing you do it.
How I love your work. It is a sheer pleasure to read, and offers such wonderful insight to Tolkien's characters. Thank you.
Kalimac chapter 3 . 4/6/2004
I really can't believe that I've not found this story before: I read 'While the Ring Went South' a while ago, and for some reason I had no idea that there was a sequel. How glad am I to have found it!
Your touches of dark humour throughout the story are brilliant, and most of them are real strokes of wit. They keep the story from getting too dark or, when there is just a large amount of travelling, keeps it from getting dull and repetitive. They also give a great insight into the minds of the characters, and give them a sense of humour they rarely show in the book. The reader can also relate to the characters so well when you use a technique that we apply so regularly in our own lives.
I really think you have done a magnificent job of fleshing out Tolkien's works, and I'm glad the constant bickering of Legolas and Gimli has desisted somewhat recently.
You wrote the hobbits wonderfully for someone who struggles with their personas. In fact, you have really captured the supreme essence of all the Fellowship; I particularly like your Boromir. He was a great, complex character and I'm glad you've fleshed him out so wonderfully.
Here's eagerly anticipating Moria. Hope you get better soon!
All the best.
Turcote chapter 3 . 4/4/2004
Hooray for updates!
Though, Im sorry that you've been sick, I hope you feel better soon!
And dont worry about your story not being equal to WTRWS. Its great so far! Im looking forward to the dark angsty-ness that will prolly follow. Right? I always thought that there should have been more about the Moria passage in Tolkiens book. How it made them all fell, etc. Im sure it was horrible for Legolas especially, being an Elf and therefor not used everything being so dark and closed in. Now, I know that Elves have excellent vision. However, since they are so used to being able to see so well, (above ground) would it be harder, of easier for them to see in places like Moria? Hm...I need to go find my copy of FOTR (poor tattered, dog-eared book that it is) and re-read those chapters...
Anyways, great! And did I mention...I LOVE IT! And may Gandalf guide you on the paths of wellness and health!
lastarael chapter 3 . 4/4/2004
Another great chapter! Not that I was expecting anything less. (No pressure though.)
I'm sorry you were sick, I hope you get over it soon. And not only because I'm hoping for another chapter soon, though that is one reason. ;) Can't wait for more, as usual! And I'm interested in seeing Legolas and Gimli's reactions to the mines and what they find therein.
Kurremkarmerruk chapter 3 . 4/1/2004
Lovely chapter, Can't wait till you get into the mines, and I realy hope you have a lot of Legolas in the mines. I don't know why but I realy like it when people stick that poor elf in caves, he usually doesn't do well...
Raxl chapter 3 . 4/1/2004
I have kept up with your story but failed to review on the second chapter. I reviewed on the first (or maybe it was second) chapter under the pen name Elfling, but as you can see I have just adopted a new alias.
Continuing on, I completely adored this chapter. I loved the small things in this chapter, such as your amazing details, your ominous mood of the story, and for some reason when Legolas told Gandalf that he could not see... I don't know why I love that piece of dialogue, but I do.
I would have loved to see another warg attack when the Legolas, Aragorn, Boromir, and Gimli were still blind. It'd be great if you put them through some greater peril with the wolves. I would adore the grim situation.
I was getting ready to give you a large chunk of complaints about the late update, but I had no clue that you were sick! I hope that you get better and will be boisterous on your feet once again. Get better soon, and good luck with the next chapter!
Aislynn Crowdaughter chapter 3 . 4/1/2004
Hi, Thundera!
Sorry to hear that you were ill in earnet! I am glad to hear that you are better again, and I hope that no relapse will be upcoming!
This is a wonderful new chapter. I love the way you give the different viewpoints of the fellowship members; Boromirs view of the aftermath of the fight is very well written and gives quite some insights into his character, and I love the way you have him see (and interact) especially with Aragorn. I like his dry and slihtly cynical musings, the trademark of a warrior used to the field and a proven soldier: "'at least he could hae warned us!' Boromir groused" , and the later passage where he suspects somebody within the fellowship has severely offended one of the Valar - I can see him muttering like this to himself very well.
But I really like the idea that Boromir shares a little (although not that much) of Foresight, and therefore can well understand Aragorns dread of going into the mines! It makes him and Aragorn more akin, and it shows grat insight. I like the way you give more depth to this often neglected character, and I love the way you manage to get into his head. You make me actually like him (and I never got much simpathy for that character before; I don't know, why, he simply didn't touch me).
Aragorn seems to be deeply into denial indeed if he tries to explain the vanished warg bodies and undemolished arrows of the elf with Legolas missing his target and the wargs consuming their own. Even if he would have reason to sudenly doubt the archery skills of the elf, simple logic would tell him that there was simply not enough time for the surviving wargs to take away all the bodies after Gandalfs little fire-show, especially without leving any tracks of dragging them away. But I like the fact that he and Legias and Boromir are conferring about his vision, and that he choses to share it with them. He seems more willing to accept that he may be erring and that their opinion is of value, now.
And I like Sams and Frodos point of view! The dscription of the gloomy lake is thrilling indeed and gives well the eerie mood the dead, unmoved water creates, and Aragorns and Legolas quite conversation is full of forebording.
Yes, a great chapter indeed! Thank you! I hope you will recover soon (and give us the next one...)
Greetings to you,
chip chapter 3 . 4/1/2004
Sh** Girl, keep writing! It is VERY good! :)
Alexa chapter 3 . 3/31/2004
I adore this fic and am SO happy it has been updated!
One complaint- more Legolas and Gandalf!
Not really a complaint so much as a command- ahem- request?- lol.
Moria draws ever closer! Legolas' part of the journey should prove...interesting. Poor elf- kept away from the trees and the stars...
Ai! I do not look forward to reading of Gandalf's "death" though! No matter how many times i read the Fellowship it STILL gets me.
Update soon!
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