Reviews for Michael's adventure
Crecy chapter 12 . 10/5/2003
Sweet ending. So Matt was Insane afterall. I can't believe he did that. Ew. Now he's there where he belongs, in an mental hospital. _~
Crecy chapter 9 . 9/27/2003
Do Memory No Oji! Plez Plez Plez! I wanna read that one first! Yeah! !
Crecy chapter 8 . 9/21/2003
I'm reviewing! I'm reviewing! *Nods* Its oka ythat it took awhile to write it. I myself am having trouble gettin the next chapters on my stories out. Update when you can! _
Crecy chapter 6 . 8/25/2003
Gah! Is he or isn't he! I'm suspecias! PLEZ update soon! You can't just leave me hanging like this!
Crecy chapter 5 . 8/24/2003
Short cliffhangers anxous readers. PLEZ update soon!
Crecy chapter 4 . 8/22/2003
Geeze, Rika is Only 11. And already into that type of stuff? What ever. Plez update soon. I know what's going on now cuz I read the first one... That I forgot to read before. Oh well. *Shrugs*
English Dreamer chapter 3 . 8/21/2003
Well, this is a great story, and a brilliant sequel!
Crecy chapter 3 . 8/20/2003
Ah! I missed the first few chapters. Well, I'm here now and luving this. Keep updateing plez!
skye atreides chapter 1 . 8/20/2003
Great story! Loved it. Update!
Swtaznbj34 chapter 2 . 8/19/2003
good story keep updating...