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Lynn chapter 1 . 12/4/2003
Uhm, maybe I'm missing something here but... Pippin has been back for 4 years yet he's got an 8 year-old son named Faramir? *confused*
Dana chapter 9 . 9/22/2003
Ah, Farry! Poor poor Farry!

'O Da!' Faramir sobbed, heartbrokenly, and his father's arms tightened around him again as he buried his face in Pippin's shirt. Pippin held his son until, exhausted from weeping, he slept again.

Oh, and I just LOVE this. *grin*

'Did you tell my Nell already?' was the only question in Ferdibrand's mind.

'No,' Pippin answered, crossing the gap between them to take Ferdi's hand and wring it heartily. 'No, we were waiting for your body to be recovered.'

'Here it is,' Ferdi said, holding out his arms in an expressive gesture. 'All recovered.'

And this...

'My son... born last night?' Ferdi said. He shook his head in wonder. 'You had better throw me back in the stream, cousin. I think I'm better off drowned.'

And this!

'I missed the birth of my first son,' Ferdi said, 'Nell's and my own first child, together. What is she going to do to me?'

I love the ending of this story. *sigh* (Even if it took me forever to review it!)

*lazy* *but charming about it*
Hai chapter 9 . 9/5/2003
I found this quite intersting the little bit from the dogs point of view was great! lol, I liked Ted, kind of muddled and slow on the up take! I hope you are planning on writing Ferdi meeting up with Nell again, I'm sure she would be furious and all but I always find that amusing ;) Thank you and waiting for more!
Xena chapter 9 . 9/4/2003
Oh, what a wonderful end to this story! It nearly broke my heart to see Faramir in such a state, I'm glad Pippin was there for him. I loved your description of how the farmer's dog found Ferdi, you managed to give the dog personality in a couple of paragraphs! Goodness, I'm questioning Ted's brain's state. Oh, and the shock of the guard, Regi, and Pippin when Ferdi returned, how wonderful, I'm so glad they hadn't told Nell! I can only imagine what she'll have to say to him... Oh dear, what story would I like to read next.. both? Well, if I had to choose, I'd say "Shire," it just intrigues me so much!
Clever Hobbit chapter 9 . 9/4/2003
That's just the nonchalant way of Ferdi to handle things. How typical of him, in fact. Near-death experience, and he just waltzes right into the Smials. He's so optimistic! What a great character you've created.

I'm hoping for Faramir's reaction. And I vote... hmm, Runaway. That sounds interesting...
Aemilia Rose chapter 9 . 9/4/2003
Yay! I knew Ferdi was going to be okay, but reading it for myself was great! Although, this chapter did seem to progress rather quickly, but maybe that's only me. It really was great.

Update soon please!
Dana chapter 8 . 9/3/2003
Oh, poor Farry - in that "poor Farry, why did you have to be so stupid and have to learn this lesson in such a harsh way?" - and Ferdi... oh, and Adelgrim...

And I would say more, but I would not want to spoil the ending of the story.

And this is such a great chapter - terrible and wonderful (but only terrible in that completely good sense of the word, if you know what I mean) - and I can't wait to see again what comes next.

And, well, I wish I could give you better comments, but I think I use them all up when I read through the earlier drafts.
Dana chapter 7 . 9/3/2003
This chapter surely shows that the consequences of Farry's actions, letting his cousin's flattery turn his head, using poor Rudi as an alibi, is definitely going to come to the front.

And of course Ferdi would be pulled along with it.

*chants* Angst angst angst! What can I say, I really love the angst that you write. The ending was just a perfect cliff hanger, if you know what I mean.
Dana chapter 6 . 9/3/2003
Ah, and we see that all that happens now, that Pippin tries a firmer hand, is that Farry's new friends are "off to the rescue". And that he really doesn't care for his father's restrictions, now. But, well, I can't say that Pippin is a terrible father at all. I mean, saying that he's just chastising his son now that he didn't do anything to deserve it. But of course Farry doesn't see it that way.

And the end just gets us a bit closer to the lesson that this story will teach Farry.
Dana chapter 5 . 9/3/2003

'Aha,' Ferdibrand said, pulling his pony to a stop. 'Methinks we are on the trail.'

'Methinks we have arrived,' Tolly said, 'and not a moment too soon. Looks as if another downpour is about to start.'

'Let us seek shelter, then, within yonder hole,' Ferdi said.

'No need to talk like a storybook,' Hilly grumbled. 'Let us get out of the rain, and gather up the errant lads, and restore them to the bosom of their families.'

'Now who's talking like a book?' Ferdi wanted to know.

'Hah,' was Hilly's rejoinder, as he kicked his pony into motion.

That amuses me greatly.

Ah, and this, just because:

'We'll make a healer of you yet, Ferdi,' Pippin said.

Ferdibrand shuddered. 'Spare me,' he said. 'Nobody ever listens to healers.'

The ending of the chapter is very fitting, as well. But we've not reached the end of the story, yet. There's still abit more to go, as well...
Dana chapter 4 . 9/3/2003
Ah! I like this chapter.

First this, just because... well, I like it. It's very Pippin and Diamond.

'I am sure the armful of wildflowers had something to do with that,' she said softly, nodding towards the vase on the mantel.

'Wildflowers?' he affected surprise. 'Wherever did they come from?'

'I'd imagine some Thain or other sent his special assistant out into the pouring rain to gather them this morning, early, before anyone else was about,' Diamond said dryly.

'Thains can be such tyrants,' Pippin said severely. 'There should be a law against that sort of thing.'

'O my love,' Diamond said, and buried her head in his shoulder. He held her gently until she was again in control of herself, pulled out a handkerchief, carefully dabbed at her eyes as if she were a child. She nodded, and he put the handkerchief away again.

And I don't have a very high opinion of Poppy - you can write easy to dislike characters!

And the poor escort, getting snapped at when it was the lad's that caused all this mischief...

Great chapter, m'dear!
Dana chapter 3 . 9/3/2003
Ah, stubborn stubborn Pippin. He really ought to listen to Ferdi, but we all know how the Tooks are about some things. And why SHOULD Pippin think anything but good things about them? And they've drawn Farry out of himself, and his son is well... It's just that, well, we all know he really ought to listen to Ferdi.

Can't think of anything in particular that I like more than anything else. It just all fits together so nicely, you know what I mean?
Dana chapter 2 . 9/3/2003
Ah, I just love this chapter. I mean, it's just so sad. And the ending is just a perfect set up for what more is to come, isn't it?

The best part... because it's just so powerful, I think... would have to be Reginard finding Pippin asleep, with that name blank never to be filled in. It just gets you hard, you know? Can't find the heart to quote it, though...

Great work, m'dear.
Hai chapter 8 . 9/3/2003
Oh, dear, nice and sad, but it is nice that the escort and those who knew Ferdi hold him in such high esteem that they grieve so deeply for him! What are they going to tell Pimpernel? Surely she is worried and wondering! Looking forward to more! Thank you!
Hai chapter 8 . 9/3/2003
Oh, dear, nice and sad, but it is nice that the escort and those who knew Ferdi hold him in such high esteem that they grieve so deeply for him! What are they going to tell Pimpernel? Surely she is worried and wondering! Looking forward to more! Thank you!
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