Reviews for Moonstruck
FurReal chapter 10 . 7/12/2021
I really enjoyed the story, beautifully written and bittersweet. Kagome drawing the forest on the walls hit me in the feelings.. I was so sad thinking about it.
I loved the ending and last chapters.
angel rhythm chapter 10 . 1/21/2021
what the meaning behind i am gone... i am sure sess is regretting he don't love her but he done something. At last she will die ... but still thinking about others , no happy ending but reasonable one.
Guest chapter 8 . 12/17/2020
This one hurt
Guest chapter 6 . 12/16/2020
I should be sleeping... but just one more chapter
Guest chapter 4 . 12/16/2020
I’ve read many sesskag fics at this point but this is a really intriguing reason why they’d find themselves together.
Pokopi123 chapter 7 . 6/25/2020
Loving this story! Super excited to see what happens
Guest chapter 10 . 3/29/2020
I am an avid Sess/Kag shipper, but i thoroughly enjoyed this “non romance”. I think the way you wrote the characters was wonderfully believable! I so enjoy the complexity of Sesshomaru’s feelings... 3
Bold DJ chapter 10 . 12/21/2017
I like the ambiguity, like what does she mean, "When I'm gone...,"
Like, I hoped she would fade in Inuyasha's arms after he coldly left in the winter, but yeah, the nature you left it off on was great. I'm an avid SessKag shipper, but all through this, I just wanted him to let her go. His pride is deadly, even to him. Loved it. Love you, love the ending.

...Though Sesshoumaru running around crying about his tail was pretty splendid as well.
cshen.julienne chapter 10 . 10/3/2016
Gosh this is gold! This is WOW. Breathtaking wow.
tomorrow4eva chapter 10 . 6/5/2016
It's nice to read a non romance between these two. I enjoyed the story, although I figured out the choice Sesshoumaru would face before he did. Must be more used to what happens to a human body when too much blood is lost.
Tomae chapter 2 . 2/9/2016
Love this
Pop love chapter 2 . 3/31/2015
Can't wait to read more
wiiTneSs chapter 10 . 3/3/2015
It's been a long time since I bawl at a story. You are an amazing story teller. Near the end, I was dreading that such a great story would leave me depressed So im mmensely glad of sesshoumaru's decision. Thank you for sharing this.
wiiTneSs chapter 7 . 3/3/2015
*Tears* this is so sweet yet so sorrowful.
TimeLord Say0 chapter 10 . 1/29/2015
The alternate ending... *eyetwitch* What the heck did I just read?
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