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igeisha chapter 1 . 7/20/2013
I don't watch Digimon, but I have to admit it is good, though I can't imagine how a fat boy can become this slim adult you implied. Probably has to do with a stop of eating all sweet stuff in sight?
Who's Izumi?
Seseorang chapter 1 . 7/16/2013
I don't know what to say aside from I really enjoy this story. I don't think I spotted any flaw in this story, therefore I cannot give you any critics and such.

The fandom needs more Junzumi tbh!
FollowThisRhythm chapter 1 . 7/1/2011


I just ... I hardly have any words for this truly and entirely and resoundingly magnificent piece; I just adore it so very, very much. The first time I stumbled across it (a week or so ago now) I just couldn't believe my eyes - first when I saw the word count (yaaay for lengthy one shots!) and just how promising the plot and the writing and everything was, and second when I finished it. Even as I was reading, for that matter, I was just completely and utterly speechless and spellbound and I fell so deeply in love with this fic; it's insane, basically.

To be honest, this season has never been my favourite, and neither has this cast (although I most definitely have NOT ever hated either, so please don't mistake me there); that said, the only pairing that really struck me throughout Frontier (and because I love watching interactions and the developments of relationships so much, and because I love romance so dearly, I'm always looking for possibilities between characters) was this one - Junzumi, I believe it is, as fans have begun to call them, aha.

But, anyway, what I'm trying to say is that coming across this gem (after seeing JUST HOW LITTLE there was for these two) was just ... gosh; too amazing. Too, too amazing and so unexpected but SO very wonderful because I sincerely didn't believe that (considering how few fics there were for this pairing, as I've said) I would find one that I LOVED, and loved to its very core, you know?

But this. The characters are so freaking perfect: They are so THEM, but they are so much MORE than them all at once, if that makes sense. They are real and so humanly flawed but so perfectly so, and I felt like I understood Izumi and who she is and how she thinks and what she feels and everything, everything that she is, here more perfectly than I ever have in my life, which just kind of shocks me there because I find that in some fics I either dislike her portrayal or don't really connect to it, whereas Junpei was just - God. He was perfect, okay? PER - FEC - TION. If I knew someone in my life who was even half of who he is, then there is a very good chance that I would be in love with him, or (at the very least) deeply and genuinely enamored, because his character is just so incredibly endearing, so honest, and something about him just strikes a chord within me, and it's hard to explain but it -is- a compliment, pure and simple; please know that.

Simply: They are brilliant (and, on that vein, the brief bits of Takuya and company were -just- as fantastic), and I really hope that you know that, too.

Moving on: Your grasp on emotions and characters - as I've said (or I believe I have? I don't know; I'm rambling so horribly, and for that I apologize, and I keep going to re-read parts which is throwing my thought process even more out of whack, but just attempt to take my extremely unintelligent blather as a compliment, please and thank you, because my mind has just been blown) - is astounding and SUCH a treat to read because I honestly felt like I knew them. You described and wrote the gradual transition of Izumi's feelings so greatly, the care and the awkwardness and the very real possibilities for them, between them, so simply and honestly, that I could connect and empathize completely, almost as if they were my own, and not many people are able to do that or reach that sort of level within their work from what I've seen, so VERY well done!

Also: Your writing. It's very lovely, as I do hope that you're aware of. It has a very simple charm to it, but charm the reader it most certainly does, because everything is laid so plainly but pleasantly, the description throughout is never overdone or lacking, the conversations are just ... perfection, so very smooth (which, I think, a lot of people have trouble achieving, myself included) and the flow is, well, goodness. It just flows incredibly well, to put it frankly. And your descriptions of the snow, by the way, and for example, are just heavenly. And at the very beginning, when she was in that shop, that too was just amazing; I don't know why, but there is something about it that I just really, really like. :)

Just ... Gah. AND THE ENDING! Oh. Oh, oh, oh. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Izumi telling him (in her own way, of course, aha) to ask her to marry him, for goodness sake, and his reaction and the RING from earlier and that whole scene, really, and then the moment when she comes down the stairs in the dress and how he reacted when she first showed up at his house, frozen and not speaking, and when she was thinking, what she was feeling and kind of trying to figure everything out, as she watched him sleeping in the chair (I believe it was the chair?) and when they were talking about their bad dreams - okay, sorry, now I'm just rambling and totally veering off track, but, gosh.

Wow, wow, wow.

The point is, SilverMoon, that you are absolutely BRILLIANT, your sheer skill just radiates throughout every single letter and line, and I can hardly remember the last time I loved a fic or two characters (or admired an author) so greatly - especially within the Digimon fandom because (and no offense intended to those who write in it, but) I just haven't been able to find very many stories that match my tastes, you know? But, this. This, this, this. This is truly something special, and I hope that my babbling has somehow managed to convey to you even a -fraction- of how much I adore this, and of how wonderful it is, and of how much talent you have - and, considering what I've read, I would imagine that you must be told all sorts of things along these lines frequently, so I hope that everything I've said hasn't been -too- terribly repetitive, haha!

Anyway, though, I'll stop being such a bother. ;) Needless to say, I -am- favouriting this, and I will come back to read and re-read it oh, so very often, and I'm positive that each visit will leave me with the same smile stretching across my face, the same tears perched on my eyelids, and the same warmth inside of my chest.

Lastly, I wish you the VERY best of luck with any future writing of yours, and I thank you for not only taking the time to write Whiteout, but for also posting it as well; I've enjoyed this story more than I could ever hope to say, and I know that I will continue to. :)

Legend chapter 1 . 1/11/2011
It's a shame that you don't write Digimon anymore. This must be the thirtieth time I've read this story and every time I enjoy it more and more.

When I first read this story 6 or so years ago, I fell in love with your writing style and grasp of the characters.

So, now I'm going to read How Fortunate and the rest of your Digimon fics for the umpteenth time.

So, Thanks. This story has always been amazing and will continue to be amazing until I die. And probably forever.
September's Nobara chapter 1 . 12/16/2010
I really enjoyed reading this! Very well-thought out, and it brought a wonderful maturity to the characters that could realistically grow from their behavior during the season. You have a way with words that permit imagination without being overbearing. The way each character talked, especially during the phone conversations, it was clear who was speaking, and the characterization was spot on! I had the biggest smile on my face after reading this, and really, Junpei's awesome; hopefully Izumi can help him see that. Again, thoroughly entertaining, and great work!


September's Nobara.
NotMeagain chapter 1 . 12/11/2009
The first time I read this fict must have been in 2005, and I never really forgot about it. Whenever I think about this couple, or of good fanfics I've read, this one always come to mind. And with reason; even after all these years, it's STILL great, and now I can apreciate it better than before, to the way it's writen, to the pacing, to the characterisation. It's a wonderful story, and I'm glad these characters got the fic they deserved.

But those goofs left Junpei's door open! :P
Pandaren-storyteller chapter 1 . 4/21/2009
Even to this day... some readers are still reading this! xD! ZOMG! One of the most awesome one-shot of this couple (not much one-shots or stories out there for these two pairings ;)! I was hooked by the title and like most readers I was really pulled in. Painting a picture and creating emotions with your fluid writing... I think I'm in love. LOL xD! Love the writing I meant 3! Really nice job friend and this will def. go to my favs xD! Can I say 'Nice job and make more!'? lol xD! hope to hear from your work soon... er... see ;! WIsh I can compliment more but I think the other past reviewers have already said most of what your fic was. TOTAL Awesomeness xD! Is what! Tnx for creating such a lovely, lively, entertaining, intruiging, and exciting fic x3! Laters!
Chainsaw Demigoddess chapter 1 . 3/5/2009
I have to say, wow. This is pretty amazing- longer than some of the multi-chapter stories I've read, for one thing- and with just the right amount of shipperyness so you don't feel like puking. Good job, well done, et cetera.
TheGreatAnimeFan chapter 1 . 10/15/2008
of course I have to add this to my favs. This is one of the most wonderful fanfics I've ever read. I think I've read it about two or three times it's that good. Can't wait to see more from you.
agoodcupoftea chapter 1 . 9/19/2008
Ih, my God! That was ADORABLE!
Azamiko chapter 1 . 5/31/2008
Lovely and well-written, sweet and comfortable. _
Jonatas chapter 1 . 5/2/2008
Dude...sua fic é ó prendeu do começo ao fim

the Best One Shot of the world
Wicked42 chapter 1 . 4/15/2008
Aww, that was so sweet! I'm not a big fan of this couple, but I LOVE this fic! :D
Sacred Dust chapter 1 . 12/3/2007
This is one of the longest oneshots I've ever read. But I have to say it was really, really good. I wasn't expecting to find any Junzumi stories like this. It's brilliantly written, and the reader can really envision what's going on. Thank you very much, and congratulations on your excellent writing skills.
AerdnaMilos chapter 1 . 9/17/2007
Well, I must say you have outdone yourself here. This is simply amazing. If I'm lucky, whenever I search this site long enough I can find the perfect fanfic for the fandom/pairing, and this is it.

Moar Junzumi plz ;D
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