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SetsuntaMew chapter 8 . 1/3/2005
*dies* SO GOOD! I love your characterization (I spelled that right...I think...) of Kairi. Why does everyone hate her so much? She was always me favorite... Anyway, I'm rambling. I love the extra scenes you added, especially the one with Riku and Kairi in the gray *trying to remember what it was called* I think I'm rambling again, so I'm ending this review now.
the Zoshi chapter 9 . 8/25/2004
elephant *starts chuckling*... heheheh... oh boy, this was a good ending. i like that, the fact that Kairi understands now that she can't be all sad all teh time. life goes on, eh? *wants journals like those*

I vote for the shorter wait, chapters going up when you finish them. yeah. _

Oh, and I actually wrote a tiny part about gummi ships. How surprising. I guess i had to. i like Cid...O_o er, i'm digressing... eep...
PseudoIdentity chapter 9 . 8/23/2004
I really have to stop my disappearing acts and review properly like a returning reviewer should. *grumble* Anyway, it's done . . . just like our sophomore party (I guess this means we'll just have to have a junior party)! I quite liked the ending - it was cute in its own bizarre sort of way. About your question at the end: I'd rather skip the longer wait and get short chunks at random intervals . . . it's both fun and evil that way. _ I need to go download messenger again so we can chat . . . hmm . . . back to the actual reviw part. The last chapter was a little weird I think. "Cheer up Kairi!" Then again, I generally didn't like the old ladies I've had the pleasure of being around and they probably have killed my perception of old people now . . . I feel so mean. *sob* Going to stop babbling now . . .

DClick chapter 9 . 8/4/2004
Squee, such a cute ending! D If there's really more for me to say (I can't think of anything right now), I'll say it next time I catch you on MSN. _
blackk angelll chapter 1 . 8/3/2004
this is my first story on . and i'm already loving it! it's auesome because i love kingdom hearts.

Lvkishugs To lazie to sign in chapter 2 . 8/3/2004
I just cam across this story and I love it, though I haven't finished it. I'm on vacation right now and won't be back for another two days, but when I do, I'll R&R every chappie!

Lub yah lotz,

the Zoshi chapter 8 . 6/21/2004
NOTE: If at any moment my review starts to sound like gibberish, i'm sorry. I've been talking in nothing but Polish for the past few weeks and my english is running away, away...

Anyways, awesome chapter. Love that magic scene. The letter is great, really heartfelt. And the gummi ship flying? I don't like writing it, but you do an amazing job. Of course, I never liked gummi ships and I never payed much attention to them, but... Yeah, this was great. The way you wrote the ending and how the island came back... see, words are running away, I don't remember how to spell in english anymore! _ ...

Anyways... I'll be checking you out on next time, then. -

**Greetings from Poland!**
Hybridbabe chapter 8 . 6/8/2004
I'll get Jou to build you a shelf!

Jou: Eh, dat's right! I can build anyting anytime! *gets to work* Ok, ya put this A piece in the B piece which is in the C Piece, and VOILA! *holds up finished shelf*

YM: *places one book on the shelf and the shelf collapses* _ JOU! *conks him on the head* this is a faulty shelf you dodo brain!

Jou *cries* Wah!

YM: *rolls eyes* anyway, the story was wonderful, and I can't wait for the epilogue!
daea chapter 8 . 6/3/2004
It's finished! Yay! XD

You really did an awesome job with this ending, you know. *grin* That was so pretty. How you put so many genres together is still a mystery to me, but I love it nonetheless. _~

I don't want to be repetitive of myself, and I know that I've said this in past reviews, but...your sticking to the storyline like that is Wow, wow, wow. You must be a genius, and then there's so much fluff and fun stuck in between, it's great. XD I had such a good time reading this conclusion, though I wish it wasn't over! It's hard to find a good story in this fandom nowadays - and I know I shouldn't be talking, heh - that really depicts the characters so well and in-depth, and that really captures the actual feeling of our favorite game. *smile* So...kudos with that. Just because I don't do it doesn't mean that i don't like to read it. :)

And the idea of the journals - that was INCREDIBLY sweet. Lol, it made me smile, and it was just so cute...SO cute... Your characterization of Kairi is so awesome, because she's just so loveable and wonderful and nice, which is a lot different from the way LOTS of other authors choose to portray her - ways that bug me to no end. But...we won't get into that. Bottom line is that I'm really glad that you actually depicted her as somebody smart, loyal, and heartfelt, even if while playing she can tend to get on our nerves. know...

And about my fic...well...I didn't delete it, exactly, but my computer crashed and it was lost, oddly, and unfortunately I was stupid and never saved it to backup or anything like I don't have it anymore. I might make a rewrite, but I don't yet know for sure.

Thanks for the concern, though. XD

Anyway, to sum up the review - I very much enjoyed Kairi's side of the story, which was, honestly, brilliantly told, *grin*, and now that you mention your Sora fic on the way, I'll be looking out for it. _ You rock and I love your writing, so keep it up and stay happy, and...I guess I'll be seeing you at the forum. XD

PseudoIdentity chapter 7 . 2/10/2004
*sob* This site is so evil! Every time I write a nice, long review, it gets killed because *gasp* there's a server error. ARG! Die ! *bashes it with a chair*
Ahem, anyway . . . whoohoo! *dances* Go us for having the sophomore party last this long! _ *stores elixir for later* The doctor finally got some medication that worked, so I live! Mwaha! I like this chapter by the way (yes, this is a review, so I should review, eh?). It's pretty and you've got some nice dramatic lines going on . . . like the "promises paragraph" at the end . . . oh, I love it. So, not many chapters left (and no Ansem either! *sob* I'll miss his insane evil-ness, though I do commend you on the remembering of the outfit) . . . how do you plan on finishing this, I should like to see that. And then it’s time for Reflections: Sora. *cackles* I don’t know what my favorite cut-scene is because, don’t tell anyone, I’ve only finished the whole game once . . . although I have played the beginning and ending several times. -_- It’s sad because I’m still in Traverse Town both in my second game and on Final Mix (I’ve seen one new scene where Kairi babbles about her good luck charm)! *going to go play KH later to regain some integrity*
O . . . are your DVDs pretty even if they aren’t the early, early episodes? Are they nice and shiny and un-edited? *eyes shine* My money saving up-ness isn’t working out to well . . . but I can’t complain because I shall become worldy traveler this summer because I get to go to the British Isles (my dad has lots of frequent flier miles) and Japan (yay for Sister Cities organization)! *prances off happily like some sort of maniac*
the Zoshi chapter 7 . 1/29/2004
*grabs torch* YES! BURN FIDO! HAHAHAHAA! *blinks*
Er, right, the review first...
Well, first, let me tell you, its interesting reading this chapter while listening to Cure songs...yes it is. Anyways, I liked the interaction between Kairi and Riku. The explanations, the character depth, really really added sense to the happenings. The way Riku's self-worth has seemingly dipped into nothingness adds humanity to him, I mean, really, in the game they don't really show that much in him. Honestly, other than trying to get to his friends through the entire thing, they make him into some maniacal puppet. Only at the end do you see any shred of humanity in him.
or at least that was my take on it.
Anyways, great chapter. Next chap of my story? er.. heh... well, Riku's not cooperating with the voices in my head and Sasha's locked herself in the closet because Skiz keeps thinkings she's a giant 'birdy'... o_O... heh, It'll be up soon! I promise! -
Hybridbabe chapter 7 . 1/25/2004
Aw Dun shrink in the corner you baka! ; You deserve all the applause you wierdo. DUN DENY IT! YOU KNOW IT! And you like the lightning, huh? *makes more lightning appear* MWAHAHHAHAHAHAA F33r Mah L33t Sk1llz! lmao
And SUGAR! WHE! Hyperhyperhyperhyperhyper MWAHAHAHAH f33r da Hyper people! lol Booga booga booga! lmao
*dumps 3 billion best fan fic awards in Ari's lap* you're right, you didn't deserve the award, that one measily wasn't for anything: you deserve ALL THESE! WHE! I
FlikFreak chapter 7 . 1/18/2004
More! MORE! XD
Try putting some more Detail in there. And do a spell/grammar check. Then your story would be beyond words. XD
Trust me.
Stories with bad spelling and grammar (and lots of it) Drive me insane.
daea chapter 7 . 1/18/2004
I love you.
Know why?
Because you're able to follow the story of KH word by word, showing the Sora/Kairiness wonderfully, but don't forget about Riku. You depict Kairi's feelings for *him* as well. _ That made me happy, lol.
Anyhow, good chapter! You finally updated, lol.
And you did Ansem's description by memory? O.O...wowsers...
My favorite part in this chapter would have to be the RK scene in the beginning. Poor Riku...only a heart... Aww.
And even though I'm not that big of a SK fan, I had to smile at they way you portrayed them.
Actually, in your story you kinda just make them all more like friends, but...there're still hints. So...yeah, lol. I'm allowed to say that. But I'm just really happy that you have Kairi like both boys *equally*, where SO many authors make her favor Sora over Riku. Yeah, okay, maybe in the game it seemed that way, but still, that really...bothers *sighs*
Alright, I have to go now. Daddy's gettin' mad. Lol.
See ya,
Vix(previously known as RainWarriorPrincess) _~
daea chapter 6 . 11/18/2003
Hello _-

Well, actually, I just found this story. And I just read it all! I love it, Ari!

I'm impressed how you remembered all of those scenes from the game like that... LOL, and I thought I knew it well...

Your creativity for having Kairi being able to hear everyone else's thoughts is simply wonderful. It makes the story so much better, and is actually a very good interpretation of what could have happened to her while her heart had been stolen. The thought train you use is amazing, and I love the way you summarize the three's feelings so perfectly. your writing is very quick and to the point, I've noticed (well, in these stories, anyway), and I think that is great. Your style is beautiful, too, if I may add. Way to go!

Yikes. It's 11:30 at night, and I have school tomorrow. I'm crazy...

LOL, see ya later, Ari. Can't wait for Chapter 7, and the 'coming attractions' you placed in your bio sound irresistable. Take care!

_- Rain
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