Reviews for Synergy
graga serrs chapter 5 . 8/28/2005
I loved this story. And of course, the tribute to Wes/Lilah.
Diana Troy chapter 5 . 8/30/2003
I sent you an email of feedback too, so check that too, it's alot longer :)

First off, the dialogue was totally in-character. I really liked how you wrote each character’s words. I totally agree with The Die Hard, your Lex and Chloe -and Clark, Lana, Lionel, Lillian- were superb (the scene in Chapter 1 where Clark bursts in with his “sorry I’m late!” was *classic*; and you wrote a very witty Chloe :) I like Chloe when you write her).

I also thought your Lex/Lana and Lionel/Lillian were amazing. The angst (not quite sure that’s the right word) between Lionel/Lillian really really got me. Seeing a side of him that the show’s never given us made me feel kind of bad for him.

What was really interesting was the fact that you wrote Lionel’s reason for investigating Clark to actually be an investigation of his son, Lex. You’ve really given me a lot of food for thought on Lionel’s character – what he once was, what he is, now… Given a lot of depth to an already layered character.

Oh, man… and can I just say that the scene in Chapter 2 of a Lillian ready to leave Lionel was just… totally moving... I really felt for her, gosh this was really well-written.

There was something poignant in every Lex/Lana scene you wrote, much like every Lionel/Lillian scene you wrote… you stayed true to your title of Synergy in these two pairs. The electricity and the tension that these couples create is beautiful, painful, just… wow.

Keep up the great work, Kat! I can't wait from more from you... OH, and you write Wesley/Lilah? Post it up, please :)
AF22 chapter 5 . 8/29/2003
Perfection. That's the word to describe this fic, Kat. Your writing is superb, and I love the way you established the parallels between Lilliam/Lionel and Lex/Lana. Beautiful. Great job!
Diana Troy chapter 1 . 8/29/2003
Wow, Kat... I was about to send you a "where have you been?" email. :) Just wanted to let ya know I read and I *loved*! I want to do another read before I leave feedback, though so this is just a little note to you to say hi. But Wow, already I can tell you... this is GOOD.
Terri16 chapter 4 . 8/26/2003
Wow! This story is great. I love the way that you are exploring both Lionel and Lillian's relationship, as well as Lex and Lana's. The parallels between the two have always intrigued me and they are definately making for an interesting read here.

The simple moments that you created between both couples were poor bliss. You capture the moment beautifully and you draw the audience into the scene. Interaction between characters is amazing, managing to be realistic while revealing the unseen sides to people.

I cannot wait for the next part. It's a captivatingly brilliant piece of writing so far.
The Die Hard chapter 4 . 8/26/2003
This is excellent! Your Chloe and Lex are spot-on, and your Lana doesn't make me want to puke on the screen. (Though I doubt KK could pull it off.) It's about time Lana became a person instead of a pink pity-fest. And giving Lionel something akin to a heart? That couldn't have been easy. (It does make sense that Lionel would be more interested in Chloe's take on his son's friends for his son's sake than because he wants Chloe to investigate Clark's powers. For that, he could hire any old private detective.) Also, love the poetry inserts. Much better than quoting from some song. Write on!