Reviews for Show Her My Love
reviewer person thing chapter 1 . 6/17/2004
dude, this looks to be an awesome story.

go iori, go iori -

i do believe that yolei would be upset in finding out about ken and davis, she probably fell deeply in love w/ ken overtime and got heartbroken.

i also like how you expressed so much in so little of space. just make your next chapter a bit longer please.

and please o please update and continue this story.
nameless reviewer chapter 1 . 8/27/2003
There's not really much here, is there? I don't really find the characterization of Ken and Davis believeable, because Ken is much too intelligent and doesn't really like attention that much anymore, so he wouldn't really be making out where they could be caught. Davis is the Digidestined of Friendship and Courage, so he wouldn't treat his friends like that, and Yolei IS his friend. Now, if they were there first and Davis decided to kill a little time making out, since he is rather impulsive, but Ken was protesting it wasn't the right time or place and before they could stop, the group walking in on them...that's more likely.

And I can't really see Yolei as being 'in love with Ken since forever', because she didn't really KNOW him for a long time. You can't love someone without knowing them. You can have a crush, but a crush isn't love.

Not to mention that Yolei bounces from crush to crush like a rubber ball. Her most likely reaction to this would to be upset briefly, but then be happy for her friends. She is the Digidestined of Love & Sincerity, after all, and standing in the way of love just wouldn't be what she'd do.

I realize what we're seeing is through Cody's eyes so it's probably biased, but it also kind of looks as if he's going to try and MAKE Yolei care about him, and I can't see him doing that, or her falling for it. Why is he just blaming _Davis_ though? Wouldn't Ken be equally responsible? It takes two to make out, after all. What if it were really Ken's idea somehow but Cody just doesn't realize it right now? How would he feel knowing he's blaming the wrong person?

Of course we won't know what you're doing until you update this, so please do it soon as all these little mysteries come out. A story shown through only one person's eyes can be very, very strange and unbalanced, especially when it's this short. There's just not enough to really show what REALLY happened.