Reviews for Enter Graydon
Guest chapter 1 . 1/17/2016
(If I were there) Me: "CAN I HAVE EVERYBODY'S ATTENTION?" (Everyone stops) "Thank you. I'd like to make an announcement. As you all know, class elections are coming up. And I thought now would be a good time to announce my campaign promises. If I'm elected Student Body President, I'll go to the school board and end all discrimination. Period." Student: "You want us to LIKE mutants?!" Me: "Yes. They're people too. A vote for Angel is a vote for equality! Also, I'll get pizza for lunch on Fridays." Graydon: "A vote for Graydon is a vote for…" Me: "For what? For discrimination? For racism? For you to have a reason not to care WHO you have step on to get what you want? THINK PEOPLE! DO WE REALLY NEED HIM TELLING US HOW TO LIVE OUR LIVES?! Thank you." (Cheers)
Guest chapter 1 . 12/16/2015
(If I were there) Me: "Good luck. 'Friends of Humanity'. I plan to convince the school board to end all anti-mutant rules. And I'm playing to WIN!" Graydon: "How?" Me: "I'm not one to give in easily. If you want your group's ideas to be put into action, you need at LEAST a hundred student signatures on a petition. And I've been working on mine for a month, now. I've got eighty-nine signatures. It was SO easy to get them, too! I used my Autism to my advantage. I told them that mutants are the only ones who've ever fully accepted me, and that without them, other autistic kids won't get to have that kind of bond. Guilt-tripping. Always works."
heatherjwood chapter 1 . 11/28/2003
A bit of trouble with the grammer and paragraphs, but the story line itself is excellent!
I would have thought a Creed would be a mutant, but whatever. :D
Continue, kay?