Reviews for Foxes and Magic
SeleneAlice chapter 29 . 4/5
please update this story soon
So confused chapter 9 . 12/29/2014
Does that mean that hiei would share kurama's body? Wtf.
Ranko66 chapter 29 . 4/24/2011
I am wondering if you are still planning to update this story I would love if you actually finished it.
concerned chapter 1 . 4/19/2011
WTF! You havn't posted since 07! Come on! at least change your profile to tell people you're not gonna be updating for awhile!
BlackShadows190 chapter 29 . 7/4/2009
Please Please continue this story it is really good!
Neko-chan desu desu chapter 29 . 6/25/2009
I love it, I whant more!

Please updatde!

CrowNoYami chapter 29 . 8/4/2008

You know it's a fact that I'm a strange person and when you hear what I'm about to tell you, you're probably going to agree with me... but Kurama is not my favorite character nor do I find him the most attractive. My one and only love (as far as anime characters go) is in fact Hiei and I want to thank you for having him in this so often.

I'll be honest had I knows that Kurama would have to once again share his body with someone else I never would have read this but your opening chapter had me hooked. I love this fic so much now when before I wouldn't have given it the time of day. i know this may sound insulting but I'm trying to prove how well you have written this fic so far and how wonderful it is.

With love,

TheOneThatIsAddictedToHPfics chapter 29 . 8/3/2008
BladeMaxwell-GoddessofDeath chapter 29 . 5/23/2008
this was an awesome story!

you've done a great job
kittyluv chapter 29 . 1/22/2008
I started reading this story a very long time ago, and just found it again! I still love it just as much as the first time I read it! Please update! People are still very interested!
Kimpatsu no Hoseki chapter 29 . 1/13/2008
This is very good. I know that you haven't updated in over a year but I hope that you continue writing this story. I really enjoy it and I am looking forward to the conversation between Snape, Draco, and Harry/Kurama. Do Hermione and Ron join them? When does Harry wake up again? I really hope you decide to continue the story and update soon. If there is any way that I could help you with the story, if you want help, let me know.
Vaxl chapter 13 . 9/21/2007
Val must remember that she stopped on the chapter just before this one and has to read this and teh rest of it... I like the story sol far, too. . Too bad you just forgot about it, left it to rot. I don't know of any HP/YYH crossovers that ever got finished... .
Vaxl chapter 4 . 9/21/2007
I can here the Brady Bunch little m"Oops" song playing in the background...
Vaxl chapter 3 . 9/21/2007
I love the wierd Kurry (HairyKurammaFood? O.o) thingy, is all serious and stuff, but then just the most non-serious thing ever.
LordCrow chapter 29 . 9/7/2007
GAH. Crap. A year since update and the lack of a next button caught me off guard. It was like WHOA! GONE. ZOMG. *smack* Yeah. Tired. Sorry. WHOA. Midnight already? Eep. Anyway. I loved it. Whether or not you keep writing, it was awesome. So very very awesome. Too awesome for words. I'm addicted to HP crossovers. It's weird, yeah. So I've seen a lot. And this was so awesomely unique. And awesomely written. And all around awesome. GAH. So many typos. Both in typing and speaking, words are just kicking my ass today. Anyway. I adored reading this.

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