Reviews for A meeting with Death
Larisa chapter 3 . 1/5/2011

Thank you :)
Taranea chapter 3 . 6/5/2007
well, i havent read much of hellsing but i knew the main charcters so clicked on this...and I have to say i recognized terry pratchetts death the minute he set foot in your fic, so wrote him probably quite well. nice vampire slayer we had here...XD
Thess chapter 3 . 1/4/2004
One of the best Hellsing crossovers I have read.
Kaira-chan chapter 3 . 10/23/2003
Stupid Author Alerts... *Kicks 'em* _ Neways, that was such a cute ending...well...sort of... i woulda killed Billy -;; hehe, NEWAYS... yeah... _ I'm glad now Death has someone to listen to him _ Tata!
Windsong chapter 3 . 10/2/2003
...And Death was IC! *dances around* Woot! It was a really good fic! EVERYONE was IC! *dances around some more* And I kept laughing, which made my parents look at me oddly, which is always a good thing, ne? Anyways, keep writing! -Windsong
GeneWeiss chapter 3 . 9/20/2003
Short & sweet. A little shorter than expected. *pats Misura on the shoulder.* Nice job.
Kamikaze the Twooth chapter 3 . 9/18/2003
...That better not be the end... you could have SO much fun with Death and Alucard talking... Wow, keep writing this thing, PLEASE. It's hilarious.
Suisei Lady Dragon chapter 3 . 9/15/2003
I never seen or hear or read about this anime, so I’m in not place to say if it is OOC. But what I have read about this fic made me feel sorry for Alucard. There are details I’m sure that I’m missing but I like it the way it is right now. It has an air of depressive humor, some kind of acceptance from Alucard at one time and it seems that he is a quiet and collected one, with lots of patience. But what can one do if he’s dead and is waiting for Death to carry on his job. Probably just listen.

Congrats for this one.
Thowra chapter 3 . 9/15/2003
Finished allready...

Your story was really good!
SilverGlaive chapter 2 . 9/9/2003
*snicker* Shit happens...LMAO...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *falls off chair* (o-O)Please continue.
Thowra chapter 2 . 9/9/2003

Please continue!
Kaira-chan chapter 2 . 9/8/2003
Poor Death u.u I feel so sorry for - **Reads description of the person who killed Alucard** O_O POOR ALUCARD! *Glomps him*heheh _ Keep it up.
Shiroki K chapter 1 . 9/1/2003

okay, so i know nothing about Hellsing atm, or Discworld...

but this promises to be funny! and rather interesting too why not carry on? P

*is reviewing so much i might as well just sign in*
Hells Little Kitten chapter 1 . 8/30/2003
Write More! Very creative idea by the way. Hope there will be an update soon.
debs chapter 1 . 8/30/2003
Ahahaha! Death makes a cameo. This is real funny
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