Reviews for Unquenchable
AfGhAnCuTiE chapter 6 . 1/25/2006
...wOw...lolz great story man...just great...] cant wait to read the next chapter...keep up the great work...damn sayoran's evil man lolz...
Alyssa chapter 7 . 4/20/2005
please finish this story
ceylon chapter 7 . 3/27/2005
Dear Friend

I could not blame you for your reasons are quite acceptable and I feel the same way I can only give you my blessing and although your fic is really good and has potential if there is no more heart its worthless. Time has alot to answer for it but change is also a factor.

The fic was sweet maybe I'll see you around not here in FaNFIC AND FANpRESS but in the publishing world.

Look at Her chapter 7 . 12/22/2004
PLEASE RETURN! i loved your story so much please do return, your loyal fans are waiting for the past months and maybe you can go back to as a x-mas present for all of us, please consider this thought for your story gives us inspiration. hope you update soon.
AnimeLover chapter 7 . 10/13/2004
great story! plz write more soon! this review is for all the chapters! lates
xox.pinky chapter 7 . 8/17/2004
come on ur muses havent gone... they will return one day and then u betta b prepared to rite, rite... this story is going well but then i dun like where its going with the card capturing it will take forever to my advice just skip that part of fast forward realli quickly n focus on the part where she comes back and the revenge...wells my advice again keep on writing..some ppl write who dun have talent at it [like me] should stop but ppl like u who actually can write should continue no matter wat because by writing u r showing of ur talent to everyone [ which is good] well that did sound corny... omgosh this is one of the longest reviews i have ever given... KEEP ON WRITING AND DO NOT GIVE UP AND IF YA EVA NEED ADVICE EMAIL ME ... cyaz...
Guest chapter 7 . 7/21/2004
i agree w/ sheryl ()...

just get to the point and save us the drama *sweat drop*
lifelessemerald chapter 7 . 6/14/2004
you are such a FREAK! freakish stopid... just cause your dad died! you are so stoopid. you fink that just cause every feels sorry for you doesnt mean they reali do HA you are so pathetic.. i mean you sheat to get into maths classes... how dum can you get
Kawaii Tenshi no Hikari chapter 7 . 6/11/2004
I'm sorry that you had lost interest in writing fanfiction. I'm fourteen too, and I just wanted to say, not that I'm against your decision, that this is not exactly a big choice you have to make. You should reconsider, since this was your passion. I have a hectic schedule too, considering how my mom makes me take classes outside of school, and I haven't given up.

Hobbies are forever. There is no time limit, so basically this does go on forever. I know life has priorities too, and that you can't always do what you want. I understand how hectic school can get (I stayed up till 4 one night to finish 3 HUGE projects), but you shouldn't just stop writing fanfiction.

A hobby is something you love to do in your leisure time, and leisure time is obviously the time that's left over from all the work, studies and chores you have to do. You said it yourself, that you have spare time; so if you have inspiration, you can write. Unless what you meant is not spare, because spare time is time that you're trying to waste. Just because you don't have time now, doesn't mean you don't have any in the future. If you love writing, you should just continue. It's impossible to just work all your life; didn't you know it's important to combine work and play?

I just wanted to say, you shouldn't make it sound like it's some kind of big final decision, simply because it's not. It's just a matter of interest and time management. No one is asking you to write eight stories at once. If it is too much for you, just write one at a time. If that is still too much, you can write once a year, but you shouldn't give up on it completely.

I'm not trying to convince you to continue, I just wanted to express my thoughts. I hope you are not offended. I also wanted to note that original fiction is not all that different from fanfiction, except that fanfiction has characters that are not your own. So if you do continue, please do the fanfiction ones too. Your stories are too good to be left hanging.

If you do want to kill me or thank me or whatever, you won't be able find my email in my profile. So it's only fair if I give it to you, so you can say what you think of my comment. It's . Remember to put at least the word fanfiction in your subject heading, because it'll probably go into my junk mail box, and I may accidentally delete it.
duck-monkey chapter 7 . 6/11/2004
dear Sanjana,

although i have just writen you an email on this, i feel i should also reveiw, just for good measure. i am sorry to see that you are no longer going to be continuing with this fic for quite awhile (if i am mistaken then tell me so!), so i will wish you happiness in whatever you choose to persue. that is all. most of the important stuff is in the email anyway. _

duck monkey
Sheryl chapter 7 . 6/9/2004
*blinks* if u dont wanna write anymore just say it lol. u dont needa get all dramatic n junk with us. we read and move on in life. *laughs pattin u on the back* 13 years old and still learning..

Guest chapter 7 . 6/9/2004
you are soo fucking screwed. i just turned 14 too and i'm not that dramatic, sheesh.
Sweet-Chocolate-Angel chapter 7 . 6/9/2004
Wow! I'm older than you? i feel exactly the same way you do, maybe turning 14 is some sort of turning point. I have lost all interest, i prefer writing for school or competitions, where i can actually benefit.

And i just love your name, Sanjana! So pwetty!

AnimeObsessionFantasy chapter 7 . 6/8/2004
i guess... but the sotries will still be here rite? that would be nice D
Amanda chapter 6 . 5/2/2004
oh please continue the story! i feel like i'm gonna die from the suspense! in all seriousness, it's a wonderful plot and you're doing a terrific job of playing it out. could you please email me to let me know if you plan on continuing it? thanks!
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