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Vega Love chapter 6 . 5/3/2015
please some more! i want to see what happens next. i wanna see rinoa get charged or arrested orb fucked up! i need something
hitokiri youkai chapter 6 . 11/7/2005
This is so cool! You've got to save Squall though some one has to take the Bitch down!
Redrum chapter 7 . 3/13/2004
Damn.. the formatting really sucks..
Weird.. I haven't reviewed this before.. yet I remember reading it. Hmm..
I like how Laguna continues to stick up for Squall.
I love how, even in the end, Laguna is smart enough to call out the other's name (that sounds like something else.. whatever)
Can't wait for the next chapter
Maia's Pen chapter 7 . 1/7/2004
Hey I read everything up to this chapter and it's great. . but I can't READ chapter 7... the type is too small. OUCH MY EYES
fix it please and update soon
FF9Zidane chapter 7 . 11/17/2003
omg! I likes this story! lol! But i is all sad because i had to copy and paste this chaper! _ is it up loaded in txt form or somthing? its a great story. i just wish this chapter wasnt so hard to read,
faery-of-fiction chapter 7 . 11/16/2003
I'm not going to flame you but I would suggest fixing the formatting. I love scrolling up and down for stories but I hate scrolling left and right.

I saw the Laguna thing coming. I just didn't think you were going to kill him. And for what? so Diablos can see Squall angry? Ok it suits Diablos' character but it doesn't mean I have to like it. and just when I thought that Diablos wasn't as stupid as I thought Laguna outsmarts him by yelling his name.

I also liked how Laguna's letter filled with all his stories just happened to be finished that night and fall off the desk to an unseen spot. Can't wait to see who finds it and when.

Lastly I hope the next chapter we get to find out what Squall and Seifer have been up to in the mean time.
Fantasy101 chapter 7 . 11/16/2003
. . . u killed Laguna . . . *starts to cry* U can't kill Laguna! What happend to poor little Zelly gettin raped. . . OH Laguna got raped to. . . that's SO sad!

Oh I like how you've done something diffrent with chapter 7 but it get's really anoying having to go up, down, left, right well u get the pic.

But this was a Great chapter and it was SO SAD *Still crying* Update soon!
mo chapter 6 . 11/9/2003
woah keep it up! update soon! this is good and i wanna read more

faery-of-fiction chapter 6 . 11/4/2003
Puberty boy indeed... What a funny story... To bad it wrecked their friendship... Although they seem to be over it, more or less, now. Is Seifer really going to Centra or is he going to find ways to help Squall? I think he has more important things to do then tour ruins

I love how you named the bad guys Ifrit and Diablos... They are both so stupid. I hope Kiros, Laguna and Irvine will be enough to keep Chickie safe. We wouldn't want anything to happen to him.
faery-of-fiction chapter 4 . 11/4/2003
It's weird having all the FF8 guys either working at the prison or in prison... but you somehow pull it off. Even the reasons why they are all there makes sense. I can't believe Laguna and Squall have known each other and been friends but have never once mentioned Raine between the two of them. I wonder how this will change things in their frienship.

I like how you have Squall and Seifer interacting. I was wondering why him and the posse would help Squall out. It's because they have always known each other. The little bit of humour at the end of the chapter was cute and it was not sucky.. have a bit of confidence in your work.
faery-of-fiction chapter 1 . 11/4/2003
What a prologue...I hope that was leading somewhere. One minute we are at a raging party with Selphie and Zell and the next we are watching them go over a cliff into oblivion... ouch.
xxleixx chapter 6 . 10/19/2003
Finished XD

Now I have the plot (firmly settled itself in my head, with it's own funky little bed and all and a water bottle,) I'd best re-read for beta-ing purposes. Nothing major, the plot is all in one piece. Keep Writing, you.

Fantasy101 chapter 6 . 10/19/2003
Another great chap;) Please update soon;)
fieldofopenspace chapter 6 . 10/17/2003
Ohh. How far are you planning on letting the 'bad guys' get what they want?
Redrum chapter 6 . 10/17/2003
I like the little story there. The part with Squall explaining why he liked men over women was funny I don't get why he would keep insisting on being bi though.

Can't wait for the next chapter. I hope Zell stays safe, and Squall's case goes well.
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