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grumpy chapter 22 . 12/25/2004
So glad that Estel and Elrond got together at the end, and that Estel is going to be Aragorn. Loved the part about the sword.
lindahoyland chapter 23 . 12/24/2004
Very exciting, i should like to know what happens next !
sielge chapter 21 . 12/24/2004
This is sinply beautiful! I like how you writed this chapter and how the reconciliation between Aragorn and Elrond unfold!

Thank you for this wonderful story!

Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
singinginthedrain chapter 22 . 12/24/2004
I liked the epilogue. Of course, I STILL don't know who Strider's attackers were, although you have left what seems to be an obvious clue (the six-pointed starry thing). Unfortunately, I am too lazy to re-read the story to see if I can figure it out...But you promise a sequel which, by the way, I anxiously await. I truly enjoyed this story and its unfolding. I love stories that feature Strider/Estel/Aragorn angstiness, self doubt and the inevitablly painful acceptance of his role in Middle Earth's destiny. You've done it quite well. A bittersweet destiny for our lovely Ranger, for sure. Anyway, thank you SO much for a wonderful story. I'm sure you've brightened many a reader's day.
singinginthedrain chapter 21 . 12/24/2004
Interesting. I was wondering WHY Elrond and the twins hadn't recognized Strider, thinking that perhaps he was so beaten up that he was unrecognizable (you wouldn't do that to his lovely face, now would you?) but as the chapter played out, I think I figured it out. Until Strider was able to discern in his OWN mind who he was, he simply could not give his name (because he hadn't yet figured it out himself) and it wasn't Elrond's place to make that decision for him. Very well done.
EmmaS chapter 21 . 12/24/2004
*sigh* The PERFECT chapter to finish this story (apart from the epilogue that is, of course). I don't know, but it seems to me that with every chapter you got more and more into your own story, you really got the hang of it as you went along, didn't you? While I was reading along the lines of this chapter I thought to myself: "She really enjoys writing." To me it seems that it is as simple as that. Here for once is an author who simply loves to write and for no other goal but the joy it brings to her. And that in itself is a wonderful thing. There are so many people on this site that refer to themselves as "aspiring authors" and some of them need their heads to deflate a little, because they consider themselves the next JK Rowling, Tolkien or God knows who. But with you I NEVER had that feeling and I find that a VERY nice change. You have your own, silent, modest way of writing this story and that is what made it a wonderful read throughout the past few months. Allow me to say that I am very happy for you, because you have successfully finished this story (again, apart from the epilogue) and I can imagine what a wonderful feeling it must be. So congratulations on a job well done, enjoy the feeling of closure on this story and thank you so much for writing it as well as allowing us to read it! :)

As for the chapter itself: I loved the way you handled Aragorn's and Elrdond's reconciliation in this chapter, because to me the book Elrond was of course a father, but perhaps more of a mentor to Aragorn and you captured that beautifully in this chapter. It would have been inappropriate for them to fall into each others arms and sobbing like there was no tomorrow.

Also, what a beautiful idea to have Elrond hand over the shards of Narsil to Aragorn. Most authors are so writing along the lines of the movies these days that they tend to forget that the shards (or rather the reforged sword) played an important role almost from the beginning of the Fellowship. A wonderful thing you integrated this into your story!

Well, there is not much to say for me except for this:

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! I hope all goes well at college and that we will continue to hear from you! Take care,

horsiegurl chapter 20 . 12/22/2004
I'm confused. Is he dreaming? Is he awake? Was he awake for any of that? Please help. You can email me at if you want. Merry Christmas. Thanks.
alex chapter 20 . 12/22/2004
this is wonderful! OMG WHAT A HORRIBLE THOUGHT! UPDATE SOON& KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! it's kind of scary to see everyone act this way...thank God for compassion

sielge chapter 20 . 12/22/2004
An intriguing chapter! I hope that you will not let us here for to long with this cliff!
akanekai chapter 20 . 12/22/2004
I'm so confused! But I'm more mad than confused. He better not be dead! :( Strider's just dreaming, right?

Update soon of I shall die from the suspense!

~Strider's Girl
No Big Deal chapter 20 . 12/22/2004
I've been reading this all along, but I wanted to leave a review of praise to help encourage you to finsih this one! I've truly enjoyed it and cannot wait to find out what's next.

Great job and keep it up!
Alone Dreaming chapter 20 . 12/22/2004
...he's delirious... But he most certainly isn't dead...


*whines* You can't just kill him... That would be a sad situation. He has pneumonia if the scenario with Elrond forgiving him is true hence the suffocating feeling...

But I dunno...


Or having some really disturbing nightmares. Maybe a mixture of the two. Disturbing hallucinating nightmarish things...

ANYWAY- moving on-

It was a lovely chapter and I expect another one up within the next hour or so, so work hard! Its about 953 AM standard eastern time...


-Alone Dreaming
EmmaS chapter 20 . 12/22/2004
Gosh, I have to admit you totally had me at the beginning of the chapter. I was absolutely certain this was real and that Aragorn was back in Rivendell. I loved what you did with the different... what to call them... dreams? visions? paths? It feels like this chapter was taking a new chapter in every paragraph. Very inovative, I think. Plus, we STILL don't know what is REALLY happening to Aragorn while he still seems to be contemplating his own choice as well as his fate or rather if any of the things described actually DID take place (though I would assume the part where his brothers are calling him back might have been real, because he is watching from the outside, then again... maybe not, lol!).

So wonderful to see you back and what a pleasant surprise to see you updating this story again so soon. Please continue and put your faithful readers out of their misery. :)

And if you don't get around to update before the festivities, I wish you, your family and friends Merry Christmas! Have a great time with those you love.

akanekai chapter 19 . 12/20/2004
This chapter was, once again, great. But. All of this dream stuff creeps me out... it's about time we wake up Aragorn, don't you say?

Get me some drums, ice water, maybe a couple of pins, and Arwen. Yes, that should do it! Let's wake him up! :o

~Strider's Girl
Ara Goddess of the Broken chapter 18 . 12/20/2004
It's twisted, it's cool, it's really well-written, and it has such a good plot, considering that it is so angsty and gory. I like it, keep up the good work.

-Ara, goddess of the broken
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