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Wawoot chapter 9 . 10/19/2004
Beautiful ending! I was so happy that Gleowyn and Telfaren got together - I didn't see that coming but I've grown fond of both of them and it's nice to think they will live happily ever after... Great job wrapping up the cave troll scenes, I really loved that... And I thought the ending was touching and incredibly realistic - physical wounds will heal but emotional ones can take so much longer, and I feel both sympathy and admiration for Gimli for shielding his friends from his pain... This was absolutely wonderful and I look forward to reading the sequels! :)
Wawoot chapter 5 . 10/18/2004
This is brilliant... I'm so glad I found it again (I was your very first reviewer actually!) - definitely the best fan fic I've ever read... The plot is suspenseful but most of all your characters are refreshingly three-dimensional, which is a rare treat... I find myself frequently laughing at the dialog, especially between Aragorn and Legolas, but this chapter brought a tear to my eye as they learned of Gimli's fate, and the bit with Stone-Water is just way too funny... I love it! I'll leave another review when I get to the end but just had to stop at this point and let you know how much I'm enjoying it! :)
daw the minstrel chapter 9 . 4/22/2004
Lovely story. The characters shine through and I was impressed by the range of races you depicted. The cave trolls were startlingly well done.
daw the minstrel chapter 3 . 4/22/2004
This chapter was just heartbreaking. The longing to be loved is so universal and there is nothing sweeter than thinking you are. So Gleowyn's belief in being loved and then the cruel, humiliating loss of it is more than she can bear.
SleeveHeart chapter 9 . 10/7/2003
I love this whole story. It is beautifully written and has so many wonderful ideas, such as Dwarven infrared vision, which makes a huge amount of sense.

You did a very graphic job with all the various cultures.


I am a tiny bit short on time at the moment, but I will try to send you a more detailed review in a while.

Aislynn Crowdaughter chapter 9 . 10/5/2003
Hi! This is a great story, breathtaking, plot-centered, and vwery true in the described emotions. I hope that worthless firts bridegroom-to-be of Gleowyn get wahat hwe deserves, sometimes, too. I like the way you have Gimli feel betrayed and sory because he finds out of the relationship between Minuial and Legolöas and his own lost chance. Anyway, I can't think that those two would really pine at each other for a century without doing anything about it, I think they would discover the attraction between them much sooner (and act on it, at least hesitantly).

Anyway, I absolutely loved the way you describe the friendship between Legolas and Aragorn in this, the subtle understanding, the scene when Aragorn tells Legolas of Gimlis assumed death. I also liked the way Legolas reacted to the possibility that Gimli was still alive, this jumping up and asking for permission to go in an instant. The depth of their friendship is greatly shown in thios. I also liked the scene with the gulls, when Aragorn knows she should let go, but cannot brng himself to do it.

It is good to know that yozu have Legolas and Gimli come together in your later fics; anyway, I think, between them, hey would have found together much sooner.

Greetings to you,

Levade chapter 9 . 10/3/2003
What a wonderful story. I can't believe it's not been reviewed more! You have a talent for bringing the world and characters to life. I could see and nearly hear Gondor, and that little hobbit character is a gem! You have Aragorn down, and Legolas is nicely ...elvish. *g* Gimli is just perfect, and I love the entire premise of something in their cultures giving them a spot of trouble in their friendship.

Gleowyn and Telfaren are some of the best OC's I've seen, especially her. *g* Gotta love the spunk of that lass!

Cave trolls and woses given culture and feelings and life...brilliant!

Ah, but this...this is the little knife that twists, and so near the end:

Legolas loved him, and needed him but never pretended to understand him. They would die for each other in a breath, but it was not possible for him to explain to the elf why he still felt so dead inside, as if a weeping child was curled under his breastbone unconsoled.

Aragorn might understand, but what could he change? The past was a closed book.

He would have to endure, he was so tired of feeling sorry for himself.

*grimace* Ouch! You aren't just going to leave us there, are you? There are some wounds that never heal, Frodo could tell Gimli of this, but see him so sad.

Well, I truly hope to see much more from you! I couldn't stop reading this, and I'll be checking back often to hope there is more coming.

There is...right? Keep writing!

Black Squirrel chapter 9 . 9/25/2003
I have been one of the "lurking" readers for some time now, but your story inspired me to register with FanFiction so that I could encourage you. This is by far one of the best stories to be posted on this site in some time. You have a way with the Gimli/Legolas relationship, and it is nice to see a story that has more of Gimli's point of view in it. The writing was engaging, and without the many grammarical flaws all too often seen on this site.I do not like the "promiscuous elf" school of thought, but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I would have liked to have had a glimpse into the mending of the friendship between the two (which I assume did happen) as Gimli recovered. I especially liked the scene with Gimli and the plant in his room. I am looking forward to seeing more of your works in the future. (And yes, I have already read Mayflies. The idea that contact with mortal creatures wears away at elves is interesting, however, the two elves you mention also have other "problems". For Arwen it would be that her life is linked with the mortal Aragon, and of course Legolas also has to contend with sea-longing.)
Lamiel chapter 9 . 9/24/2003
Well, I'm enjoying this fic, and I don't especially want it to end, but chapter nine does seem like a pretty good wrap-up. You don't have to show Gimli getting over his suffering in a day, or even a month or a year. We know him, and we trust that he'll recover. And Legolas will help him. I'm not particularly keen to see this Minuel interact with the mortals, either. She's got thousands of years of prejudice to overcome, and that won't happen in a day either. And I don't particularly care to see Legolas in her company either-he deserves so much better. It's up to you of course, and if you do decide to continue this story I'll enjoy reading more. But for my part I think you've done a fine job finishing it up here. Life is full of loose ends, and it wouldn't be terribly realistic to show everyone getting together and living happily ever after. Although I do wish Legolas could have knocked that racist Fecern down a peg or two. I suppose Gleowyn did a good job of that (and a great scene with her and the crowd, by the way) but Legolas wouldn't even have to touch him. Just one extremely Elf lord type look, patented by Thranduil himself, would leave that little pup gasping in the dirt. Ah well. I can always imagine it.
Lamiel chapter 6 . 9/24/2003
Marvelous scene with the cave trolls in this chapter, and a great knock-down drag-out with Gleowyn. Hooray! Beautiful description of Legolas at the council, too, and I love Gliver's bit about not being able to walk for a week or two. All in all, a very entertaining and well written chapter.
robyn chapter 9 . 9/24/2003
Please continue, Rose. Someone has to help Gimli!
Theresa Green chapter 8 . 9/24/2003
Liked your descriptions of Gimli battling with illness. Very vivid.

I want to know more about this growing racism in Rohan against the Dwarves. Where has it come from? Why is it gaining momentum? You see this is another reason why you have to give us a chapter ten, isn't it.

Enjoyed Elfwine's nervousness in front of the Lord of Ithilien. Most amusing! Liked how Elfwine calls Legolas 'Lord' but the Elf calls the man by his name. I suppose that, since Legolas dandled Elfwine on his knee when he was a baby, this is understandable.

Now I had to look up the word 'catamite'. You are providing an education for me as well as entertainment, Rose. Many thanks. That Frecern is a truly horrible man and I hope that in chapter ten - hint hint - something dreadful happens to him. Enjoyed Aldor adding a few new words to his vocabulary as he listens to Frecern swearing.

The interchange between Gleowyn and Telfaren is great. I like how Telfaren becomes all tongue-tied and how Gleowyn is guilty of looking at him from under her eyelashes. Superb! She is quite cunning to get him talking about Helm's Deep in order to put him at his ease. I like how her eyes roam a little.

And Gleowyn handling the crowd is priceless. I felt as if I was at the pantomime. "The Elf with the bow is behind you!" "Oh, no he isn't!" "Oh yes he is."

Well done, Rose!
Theresa Green chapter 9 . 9/24/2003
Oh you can't leave it there, Rose! Interview that elephant! I beg! I plead! I insist!

For example I want to know what Legolas' comment to Minuel about Arwen means. Doesn't Minuel like Arwen? Also you absolutely must write the scene in which Minuel apologises to Gimli. Go on! You know you want to really!

We have not had that all important conversation between Legolas and Gimli re Minuel's comment from chapter one. The Dwarf is clearly still not a happy bunny at the end of this chapter. Is he still not sure whether he wants to jump on those delectable Elven bones? I think so! They just *have* to have that conversation, Rose.

Also L. and G. need to talk about Elvish culture and Legolas's (dis)honourable intentions towards Minuel. We want to witness a conversation between L. and G. in which L. explains the concept of "feast-day friends".

Bits I really liked in this chapter are Minuel's use of the word 'mayflies', and her realisation that L. is not very strongly connected to middle-earth any more. I like how she thinks of him as Greenleaf, as if she uses the translation of 'Legolas' as a nick-name. Liked her grabbing him by the hair and pulling his head back too. A sex scene between those two would be interesting! Hint hint! (Not sure who would be dominant. He he he!)

Also loved the section on Gimli. The phrase, "a weeping child was curled under his breastbone unconsoled" is particularly good. That Dwarf needs to talk to someone! Also liked the idea of Gimli trying to recover as quickly as possible as he sees Legolas becoming more and more pale and ill.

Please, please, please don't leave it there! We want another few chapters! Or at least one more. Pretty please!
tineryn chapter 9 . 9/23/2003

I think Gimli *likes* her. Which is cute... though his romance isn't my niche... as is not the image of nekkid pet gimli (gross!)

I'm a hapless fangirl, what can I say.

Great chapter, very cute. It's really up to you if you continue!
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