Reviews for You Stole My Heart & My Heart Is Yours
dezzyvelo chapter 53 . 7/4/2020
This wholeeee story was everything
dezzyvelo chapter 22 . 7/4/2020
Letsss goooo the best freaking chapter ever omg
dezzyvelo chapter 7 . 7/4/2020
Omg i had to turn on some music and sing inuyasha and kagome sitting in a tree I had the whole room jumping
Guest chapter 42 . 11/13/2018
Kagome is NOT PERFECT. She can't sing nor dance and you have her where she can. Rin is ugly and you have her with Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru would NEVER be MATED TO A HUMAN! You turned KAG-HO-ME into a Mary-Sue character and she isn't!
Guest chapter 10 . 11/13/2018
Sesshomaru/Rin, Sesshomaru/Kagome and Kouga/Kagome are the worst pairings ever! How could you even romantically pair Sesshomaru with Rin when she was an adopted DAUGHTER to him in the series/Manga? He would NEVER MATE WITH RIN! No matter how old you make her!
Guest chapter 46 . 12/28/2015
This is the second time I read this fic and personally I feel as of you are being too cruel to Kikyo. OK Naraku killing Kikyo understandable but the truck crushing her then the driver badmouthing her is cruel. Then the four not feeling bad about it is event extra cruel. I men I hate Kikyo so much but it is to mean to do.
Dr. ChibiChan chapter 4 . 8/21/2015
I agree when you say that if she really loves him, she should let him have Kagome. I mean Inu-kun and that bitch names don't even go together the right way. InuKik. What the hell!? But if you pair Inu-kun with Kag-chan then
InuyashaKagome InuKag. Good name for a story. Ohhh. I gots butterflies having a hard core party in meh tummy when I read a InuKag story. Yours is awesome. Keep going Ms. Waterlilly.
YummY-FrencH-65 chapter 7 . 8/8/2015
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 17 . 7/18/2015
Ugh why'd you have to bring Kouga into the story? It was going nice until Kouga showed up with his 'your my woman' crap.
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 9 . 7/18/2015
Ooooh! So Cute! When will they get together? :/
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 7 . 7/18/2015
OMFG why did Souta have to ruin that moment? I wanted to see them kiss!
SapphireKageKyuura chapter 40 . 3/2/2015
This was a very interesting fanfic. I must say that I enjoyed it, when Kikyo or Koga wasn't interfering with Kagome's happy moments. But I still think there needs to be more detail. Hehe _ and I think there needs to be a few lemons too... :)
lilswaggkid chapter 48 . 2/20/2015
Ur story is amazing the best inu/kag story i have read so far and thank u for MAKING KIKYO DIE! i fucking hate her sooo much
Guest chapter 37 . 1/28/2015
Awesome sauce
DeadricLove chapter 17 . 8/16/2014
Oh my god! You watch Ranma 1/2 too! I think you should become best friends with me! I love Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha!
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