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DoggieAddict1234 chapter 22 . 10/27/2012
Gah! I love this story! Update!
Sorry that was a bit harsh. I'm just all fizzy and hyper because it's so GOOD!

DLHKM chapter 22 . 6/8/2010
I love this story. Literally, this story is what I look forward to whenever I'm reading. The plot is completely enrapturing, the characters are beautifully written, and I'm simply captivated by it overall. I cursed all things foul and wretched in the world (In a rather characteristic display of dramatics) when I looked at the last update date for this story; I'm unsated! I really hope that you're merciful to your undoubtedly devout readers and update soon. Until next time!

dissapointed chapter 11 . 11/4/2009
well written but boring. i tried to keep reading but i got too bored. sorry. i read to like chapter eleven.
X23 Maximoff chapter 22 . 7/15/2008
this chapter was really good! and i'm sorry you truly hate writing quidditch, because you certainly did a very good job with it! and there was such emotion with james in the locker room - i was actually nervous for the poor boy! and sirius...oh, sirius. being such a brat. hopefully he grows out of the time he graduates haha.

i really am glad that you write in peter the way you do. so many people don't (admittedly i've left him out in fics i haven't posted), but you're exactly right - he wasn't always a two faced rat. and i think he gained a most of his redemption in saving harry's life when he basically sacrificed himself. haha and you're ONLY preparing for college, because clearly that's not a huge deal with multiple details or anything (so i hear - i've still got another year until i get that joy). as for daydreaming about meeting an amazing attractive guy, at least it's more plausible than my daydreams, which usually involve one third of a trio of brothers who happen to form a famous band. which is a little embarrassing, but whatever...they're attractive...ahem, anyway, i hope all the college stuff goes well, and hopefully you can crank out a few chapters before the whole education things gets going!

Deathoverdignity chapter 21 . 7/2/2008
Short chapter but then you did explain and I'm surprised you even write this, considering how crazy busy I was during MY orientation so thanks for the update! Every story needs these filler-y chapters as they set the scene so don't feel bad about writing short chapters, they're required!

I adore Ly/maruader interactions so this was a good one for me

Congrats on college etc., hope you do better than me! I dropped out last year (bad laochra, BAD!)and don't stress yourself too much! Remember that college is 20% class, 80% memories!

Keep it up!
X23 Maximoff chapter 21 . 7/2/2008
ah, i loved this chapter! there was much! it was amazing! i liked peter's memory - i feel like that would be something that would really affect him. and his opening thoughts were so tragic - break my heart! i think it's marvellous that you showed that side of him - most people are so bitter about what peter did later in life that they forget that he was young and innocent once. superb. i thought that the action was a little better this chapter - so good job, you're improving! (according to my untrained eye, at least) ah, and i am rather curious about the next chapter, so i do hope a silly thing like college doesn't get in the way of your writing (kidding)! and i'm sure that you will be surely be able to get to february by 25 - i have faith in you!

anyway, as always, happy writing! good luck with your college things!

X23 Maximoff chapter 20 . 6/8/2008
ah, this chapter was really good! and the action, while not exactly thrilling/hard hitting, was still really good in my opinion. it's really difficult to write action, but your's is great!

ah, an observer! i never was one...but i was the girl that would always hang out with the boys (seriously, my 4th grade yearbook has a picture of all the boys in my class...and then me), so i was kind of oblivious to "girly" things. i often opted for daydreaming rather than introspective thought, as i don't think i think of myself in a correctly representative way. oh dear, when Remus was planning to leave Tonks...don't even get me started, i was so ticked with him. i thought the relationship was cute, but it's a biotch now for when it comes to writing fanfic haha. ah, sirius black. i think of him as a rock star - a more attractive steven tyler or something along those lines haha. i do suppose hogwarts would be relatively small, but then again my graduating class will hold about 65-70. as for the war, you can write it from a character analysis point of view, like leave all the action off stage if you're really that uncomfortable with it. a quiet rumble in the background, or something along those lines, i don't know. as for colleges, i'm not exactly shooting for the stars either - i have to stay in state, but i've been wanting to go to the school i'm planning to go to since i was about 9 or 10 years old, so i'm looking forward to that!

i look forward to seeing what you have next! i do hope the update comes semi-quickly...i always wonder what will happen next! fantastic and keep it up!

Deathoverdignity chapter 20 . 6/7/2008
I just realised that even though I've only just gotten back to reading your story, I had at one point followed it near religiously, and I don't think I've ever reviewed! Yeah, I know, the guilt is eating me ha!

So, I have to say, your writing style has improved HUGELY since you've gotten back to writing again, not that it was ever bad, just so much more polished. The whole thing just flows together, really great!

I also admire how you got back into the writing. I wish I could too, but every time I re-read my old fics I cringe. At the time I thought I was a bloody comedic genius, now I just feel mildly pathetic! Looking forward to reading more!

Good luck with the beta though, I never even attempted to find one, which probably was what made up the epic fails that were my fics!
X23 Maximoff chapter 19 . 5/27/2008
oh, such turmoil and drama! i must say, poor ly...she seems to have a lot of conflicting emotions when it comes to avery. but i still can't wait to see what happens, as per usual! i do wish remus would just tell amy how he feels! although i feel like it's going to take him like five years to do so...

i'm in your word dictionary? ah, how exciting! in my opinion, they may be acting a little too old...but then again, i've lived a relatively sheltered life (overprotective only child, private school...i was doomed from the start) so really, it's all relative. i enjoy it all the same. and at that age, to me i feel like kids are just then starting (i'm pretty sure that grammer only makes sense here in texas) to try and define love instead of accepting it as an inherent feeling. the fact that ly is already wishing for someone to love her is rather tragic! i hope she gets a little bit of closure on that subject sometime. i suppose you can describe remus and ly's relationship as on a soul-level..."bosom friends" as in anne of green gables (because that is clearly an impressive addition to my library). and i enjoy the personality! oh dear, i have to start writing my college essays soon...things will get interesting, that's for sure.

i do hope that saturday comes quickly, along with an update! i can't wait to see what mischief is managed!

X23 Maximoff chapter 18 . 5/10/2008
ah, i didn't have an AP monday but i definitely enjoyed myself with Spanish IV and Calculus AB on tuesday and wednesday. i've just got one left, and i'm just worried i won't have enough brain left by the time it comes about. i have to say though, my passion subsides until i'm able to read your new chapters - then i'm all about hopelessly wishing after four fictional characters. and you're not too anything, as far as i'm concerned - i like the way you write this! i understand the rushing thing - like when you've almost finished a chapter and you just don't have time to proofread. or when it's taken so long that you're just bitter towards it and don't want to proofread (the latter seems to happen to me more). as for the title, i'm not quite sure about it yet - but then again, i've been wistful for an update on "love is misery's mask" for quite the while, so it may just be the original reader in me. i think the title will be more adaptable later in the story when they're older and it's a bit more serious (no pun intended). as for now, when they're younger and things are a little more lighthearted, it seems almost heavy, but i'm almost positive the plot will grow into it's title haha. all this to say that i pretty much like it. and i would say that "crystal" fits in the MWPP era - i can't exactly explain why without taking a ton more space, but i say it works.

now, on to this chapter! i quite enjoyed it a lot. i do believe i laughed out loud at "And I swear, Sirius, I really am going to kill you one day." and again at the reprise. ah, ly. poor ly who is just hopelessly devoted (go "grease") to the boy and he's...well, being a boy and being completely oblivious. i also feel almost like remus might be developing a tiny little crush on ly? but that may be me reading too far into things. after all, he's got amy now! oh remus...ah, i feel like i would have the biggest crush on remus, that he would be the boy i stare at during math class and cautiously ask for help sometimes in hope that he will somehow fulfill my unrequited love. ahem, anyway, i should end this before i entirely overstay my welcome. i do hope you update this soon! i'm quite excited to see what's going to happen next!

X23 Maximoff chapter 17 . 5/3/2008
well i'm glad i could provide you with such happiness! thank you for the personal invite - i'm afraid it took me quite a while to get on here. it seems my life right now is revolving around pesky AP tests, and not the trials and tribulations of the harry potter world. this chapter was excellent - i was actually nervous for lycaon and her date, and my heart positively went out to remus. i'm quite partial to him, so do please be nice! haha and the 12-year-old tension between ly and sirius is practically tangible, and quite funny. i feel like they should just yell at each other and get it all out already. or, you know, make out in a broom closet.

my only advice would be to proofread (which is difficult to do sometimes, i know). other than that, i am absolutely excited to see what you have in store!

X23 Maximoff chapter 16 . 4/23/2008
ah, I was beyond excited to see that this story was updated! I am actually one of the original readers, it just took me quite a long while to suck it up and sign up. Anyway, this story is one of my favorites in the harry potter fandom. You write the marauders amazingly, honestly the way I always pictured they would be. Keep up the good work, I absolutely can't wait to see all the tricks you have up your sleeve for this story!

lola is a car chapter 11 . 7/16/2006
oh my god, you have no idea how much I love this story. Everytime I read it, its like breathing in a breath of fresh air. You are the only one of the few that I have read that acually uses correct grammar. If i could write as well as you I would be a happy person. Sadly I am impaitent and do not think things through. Anyways, please post soon!

ShinRa Associate chapter 2 . 3/27/2006
O, puh-retty good!

I like this story so far.
coalhaus chapter 14 . 8/19/2005
OMFG, this is such a good story. Are you going to update? I hope you do! Please do! It's so awesome. I mean, you really write well. Like a reakl author. Oh, update soon please!
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