Reviews for the new tean
heartinchains chapter 1 . 3/22/2004
Um, just a little advice. I thought it was okay but your story didn't make much sense. I agree with the first review. If you were doing this to be funny it's not. I like the idea but I didn't really get what was going on and it's really short. Maybe you could better explain the characters so we can understand what's going on. Don't stop writting because you could be a great writer someday but you need to learn a little more about the English language before you keep writting.
Twinkle chapter 1 . 10/5/2003

I happened on your fic and would like to offer a little friendly advice. It's obvious English isn't your first language, from the general lack of sentence structure, grammar and spelling. If i read what you have written correctly it seems like you have a concept for new characters in the Baywatch setting, which could be a really great story, but if you intend writing in English i would suggest you learn a little more about the language first - otherwise willing and happy readers and reviewers such as myself will be lost.

Its makes no sense, its bizarrely short, so i would suggest a little work is needed :-)before your concept can be truly appreciated.

If on the other hand you have posted this to be funny, and deliberately mispelled and used atrocious grammar let me say that this piece of writing isn't amusing, it simply demonstrates a lack of respect for the other dedicated writers on this site and makes you look a fool.

Hopefully my first conclusion was the right one, and i can look forward to reading your fic in the future and leaving a happy, warm fuzzy review at the end of it.