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Guest chapter 33 . 6/20/2022
J'adore ce couple et cette histoire
Polita-CV chapter 33 . 3/22/2021
this is my first post/review on the web ever, but after reading 33 chapters ending with your question ¿LOVE IT? ¿HATE IT? you convinced me of sharing my opinions. I must warn you Im not a native English speaking eather, and I am a little rusty in my english writing, but as your fic is in this language, I thought it more challenging to answer your question in English (besides, there is nothing a good translator cant do to help). My review however comes 18 years later…..I read the story like watching a Netflix Marathon Show in only 3 days. I can't imagine the anticipation and anxiety of the readers that joined you during the 4 year journey of this story.
First of all I loved the chosen theme, and I thought it was very brave of you to develop a story based on women harassment. Nowadays is over the table as an important topic, especially after #MeToo movement started in 2017, but your story puts the issue ahead of its time. Imagening a stroy, independent, sensible character like Lisa Hayes going through this personal psicological trouble that determined greats events in her life like marriage or single motherhood on the run, is even more truthful after knowing great renowned Hollywood actresses we admire recognized sexual harassment afected there choices as well.
I also liked the concept of basing every chapter in a song as part of your inspiration and development of the story, but as I read it so quickly, I will have to take a second time to take the story in with the message of your chosen songs, not only the lyrics, but the melody as well, that gives the words even a deeper meaning.
I bumped by ¿chance? into FanFic (recommendation from storyteller Saralisse Fanfics) after a long journey of rediscovery that started in March 2020 when the hurricane COVID-19 hit the planet and everybody in it. Going back to my dreams as a child, eventually led me to Robotech, a show I saw when I was 12, and Lisa Hayes molded me as the young woman I wanted to become. So reading your story now in my mid forties, being a mother, passing through the same changes your Lisa dealt with during the chapters, made me appreciate it even more.
I loved lots of tiny details you introduced during the narrative, adding an extra spice to the story. Making reference to other fandoms like X-Files, o Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter was great. I also liked the way Robert, the new character, evolved through the story. I must confess I had a chill in my back when Rick told Lisa he had married Vanessa. She is an adorable character and just thinking she may be betrayed hurt my heart, but luckily, some chapters later you described a Robert truly in love with her and showing that when your lost in life, you only need someone to be there for you, not change you, just giving you the chance of making different choices.
I also enjoyed all of Lisa and Ricks kisses. In the show they only kiss twice, but in your story… God, that is real romantic passion. I was shocked when you posted that the author of Robotech novels didnt include romance. I never read those books, but in the 3 sagas (or seasons) of the TV show, romance was always there. Maybe not having as many kisses as your story, but as an audience we could see the romantic tension growing in every episode. Romance is part of Robotech, asi it is also War Battles and learning to Survive as a team.
I loved your Dana Sterling as well. It felt like watching her in Robotech season 2. I loved her back then and I loved her in your story now. I also liked how you made Miriya and Dana develop the “alert to possible threats”, that a real zentraedi would genetically probably have. And all the hilarious comments of Miriya related to human customs are always very funny adding comedy to the story. I also felt like the events occurred in England and in the forests of Canada had the “tone” of season 3. I liked the mixture of the three seasons in one story.
I enjoyed the chapter where Lisa buys her wedding dress. I always thought rather odd and out of character Lisas reaction in that same situation in The Sentinels. It was very strange after all her suffering, accepting Minmey that way, but your Lisa Hayes reacting to Claudias coment was a payback to that awful scene. I also enjoyed the whole “Party in the Bar” scene. It was perfect. From the begging with Rick's thoughts of his clothes, to the end with Jakes menacing presence, and the most important of all, how Lisa finally said NO to Minmey. As an aspiring member of the Anti-Minmey Brigade, I would have loved to see how Rick said no to her all 8 years of Lisas disappearance, but the most important moment already was given to us, and maybe it didn't add to your story.
I also wanted more of Admiral/Captain H. Global. His relationship with Lisa was very moving. Especially because in the TV show it is all there, and you just expanded it. Having a positive mentor in life is something so important, and Lisa really had that opportunity with him. And the wedding scene between them, when he picks her up, and then the words he says when he hands her up on the altar to Rick is very emotional, and reminded me of that moment shared with my father in my own wedding. I am sure Global admired Lisas father and really took Lisa in his heart as his own daughter. Lovely. When she came back with Sara I would have loved to see the girl meeting her step Grandad, but maybe as so many new characters were emerging, it would have stopped the dynamic of the story.
What I had lots of trouble to accept was the fact that Roy Focker was alive. I appreciate your comment about your “parallel reality”, but for me, the moment Ricks yellow plane crashes into pieces, as a metaphor of his own feelings and future reality showing young children in one image how it feels to lose the most important person in your life and makes you mourn together with Ricks grief for the death of that character when you are kid, and now after all that he is ALIVE, was really strange for me. It was until Sean Focker appeared in the story that I finally accepted Roy as part of it. I liked the relationship between Roy and Lisa, and also the fact that Roy was alive, made Rick's choice of marrying Lisa much more obvious as well. I also liked reading Claudias chance of having a happy family. She is THE FRIEND all of us wants to have, and she deserves the happy ending you gave her, but in spite of all of this I had trouble accepting the presence of that character in the story.
I liked all the bonding the group had in England. I think that taking shifts with Dana, really gave the group the chance of becoming a real family. Especially because in space, the were friends in an adventure, but after Dolzas attack to Earth, where everybody lost their family, having the chance of “choosing” your new family by taking care of the new generation, and how that grew even stronger when the other members of the “family” were born was very truthful.
I laughed a lot with the Sara-Sean meeting in the bathroom scene. It was a deja vu of Lisa and Ricks first meeting which we readers immediately related to and quickly started to imagine these two together fighting-loving each other in the future and using an offensive nickname in an affectionate way as a private joke. It reminded me also of Anne of Green Gables as well. The fact that you made Sean SO confident with his looks and his effect on women, making him into a young womanizer like his father before him was really great and funny.
Also the way Rick meets his daughter is amazing. Thank you for that. All his relationship with Sara is perfectly described. When you said at the beginning that Rick was going to suffer a lot, I thought you were exaggerating, but the twist of the story with Lisas disappearance and then after so many years he has Saras appearance in his calm life, was GREAT suffering…..I think many men with “lively” daughters identified with Ricks suffering.
Finally, I loved the ending. How Lisa faces her worst fears to be free and gives her the strength she needs to end her nightmare facing that terrible man like a real Ice Queen, focused on one goal only, putting an end to her harassment was strong and powerful. Also the last paragraph of Lisa in Globals seet prepared to return to space is the icing on the cake. Thank you for making me dream with this beautiful romance that developed through time, and how family is so important to keep on in life.
Regards, C.V.
PS: Marco Polo is a game played in/out a swimming pool. I is very popular in Latinamerica among kids. It is also played in the USA as well?
PS2: After reading your story, I will try to be brave and write my one FanFic Ive been rolling in my mind for many years now. Thank you again, and thanks to Saralisse as well.
PS3: Having 3 Super Girls as ass pilots at the end was the best! It made me relate it to the end of The Mandalorian season 2, where 4 girls kicked everybody's ass. (As you can see I am a Star Wars fan too).
Guest chapter 21 . 1/22/2020
I’ve probably read this 3 or 4 times. It’s one of my all
Time favorites. I especially love how beautifully chapter 21 was done. The dialogue was so touching.

Anyways, years after you wrapped this up just wanted to let you know it’s still greatly appreciated!
seilornyan chapter 33 . 4/9/2019
It's a very great story! hopefully you can continue making other stories as good as this some day.
Guest chapter 33 . 7/21/2018
Una gran historia... Sé que fue escrita hace un tiempo... pero la web tiene esa magia de trasladarnos a momentos y lugares impensados... Hace poco tiempo me rencontré con Robotech y mi pareja favorita... Rick y Lisa... Gracias a que mi hija descubrió en internet la maravillosas historia que me acompaño a su misma edad... Y con ello encontré este gran modo de dar vida a nuevas historias , mundo paralelos y esos "que hubiese pasado si..." ... De todo lo que he estado leyendo esta historia me pareció realmente fantástica, atrapante, muy bien escrita... Felicitaciones a su autora! ...
Akasa29 chapter 1 . 8/25/2017
Por favor karla traducción completa al español de todos los capítulos no todos hablamos inglés por fa no seas malita los 3 capítulos que he leído me tienen con el corazón en la boca
JeodoDan chapter 33 . 4/23/2017
Beautifully done.
carolblue chapter 33 . 12/14/2014
Una historia completamente fascinante, muy bien escrita, entretenida, que se lee facilmente, que emociona, un universo alterno muy particular, que lo convierte en una aventura de principio a fin, una joya para los fanaticos de robotech. Te felicito, espero que vuelvas con nuevas ideas e historias, siempre seras una aporte
Drew Michaels chapter 33 . 11/7/2012
I waited to read the entire story before commenting and I must tell you this is a wonderful story. You have inspired me to try and write my own Robotech fanfic piece. Thank you. :)
Maia Sterling chapter 33 . 7/21/2012

Me encanto tu historia y seria genial que la continuaras.

Llore, salte de alegría y pase por un montón de emociones a lo largo de toda la historia.


ako2project chapter 29 . 8/9/2011
i really like this story
ako2project chapter 27 . 8/9/2011
hahaha. I remember when I crashed my dad's car when I was 8 yrs old. Well this is more crazy. I like it. this chapter makes me laugh...
ako2project chapter 20 . 8/9/2011
wow.. this story keeps going better and better.
ako2project chapter 12 . 8/9/2011
damn. this story was really good
sashikibuta chapter 33 . 10/6/2010
Hands down my favorite rick/lisa story. Thank you for the emotional roller coaster. Always be inspired to write. Thank you for writing this fic :)
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