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EchoMoment chapter 4 . 1/18/2017
If prudence is 11 that means she was born in 1982 but siruis was locked up in 1981 so does that mean that prudence was conceived before he went ?
highwayblues1 chapter 67 . 9/8/2015
This story was just so incredibly written, I loved every moment of it. Can't wait to read the sequel.
harryplove chapter 1 . 2/14/2015
this is fantastic!
Elis.n chapter 3 . 2/9/2014
Althea's father is so sweet. And I like this story so far. It seems quite different than I've already red. :) I'm excited to know more about Sirius or the rest of Marauders. ;)
RykOakwine chapter 67 . 1/24/2014
Great story, though from chapter 51 on it was a bit of a drag (or whatever chapter was haloween 1981). A depressing montage of her ruined life from 1981 till going to Hogwarts would have been better, imho.

I wrote a review at chapter 51 but my browser ate it. I am reminded now of the points id written in it.

First, this story, up to the chapter 51-ish point, does an excellent job of painting the picture of pre-Voldemort War Britain and Hogwarts. Then the buildup to the war\terrorist fight\whatever, showing how the terror tactics Voldemort used were so effective, how useless the ministry was, how even with groups like the Order out there, they were stil, losing.

Second, the story draws a consistently tragic picture of Lily Evans, Althea Morrigan, and Sirius Black. Since we all know how the story ends (more or less) every depiction of their lives as teenagers is overcast with tragedy and heartbreak. Not a single moment is spared this "reverse-rose-collored-glasses" effect, which makes the many chapters in the 70's and early 80's very difficult.

Thirdly, by humanizing Sirius's youth at Hogwarts, via inventing a love interest for him of Althea, we get more involved in his story, so when the Potters are murdered, we're far more horrified by that event, and by the happenstance of circumstances that led to Sirius being accused of being the traitor and accused of killing Peter and those Muggles.

Given how horrible Sirius' fate was, 12 years of state sanctioned torture and imprisonment, for a crime we al know he didnt commit, adding even more to our identification with Sirius makes it even more horrific to the reader that this could happen to him, and to all of the others caught up in the blast radius. Prudence. Althea. Harry Potter. Remus.

It simply isn't plausible that a man who fought Voldemort's Death Eaters constantly until tne end of the war, who risked his own life and his wife and child, who belonged to Dumbledore's Order for years, was arrested then sentenced to a life sentence of torture and imprisonment, *with no trial*. And then for the people that man trusted to have his back, starting with Albus Dumbledore and going to Remus and Althea, to all the other members of the Order, for every one of those people to *know* that he was thrown into Azkaban without a trial and to just accept that? That goes beyond "implausible" and "contrived". Far beyond.

No matter if he was caught red handed, with video tape evidence amd eye witnesses, anyone involved with Sirius and the Order would insist he be given a trial, or fight to free him. If they didn't then what kind of people are they? Isn't it implausible that *alll* of the Orders members were just that faithless, tnat *all* of them were willing to throw Sirius under the bus, just on the supposed testimony of the one Auror or hit wizard who came across the scene where the dead muggles and Peter's finger were? Just on that one guy's report, they ALL decided that not only was Sirius a traitor, but also a klller of muggles? That Sirius was, for some reason, so filled with the need to kill Peter Pettigrew that he blew up Peter instead of escaping away from Britain in the aftermath of Voldemort's fall?

Every member of the Order, AND Sirius's mate, all bought into this story so profoundly that none of them even fought to see him get his day in court?

The entire thing is far beyond implausible. Seeing writers try to make it make sense, trying very hard to do so, just makes it more obvious what it REALLY is.

The story of the Potter's fidelius, their secret keeper, Sirius, Azkaban, Peter Pettigrew, Dumbledore amd his Order, what it really is is just... bad writing.

The only, ONLY, way it's plausible that every person Sirius depended on, for every one of them to simultaneously decide to throw him under the bus and betray their obligation to him as a fellow Order member, as a friend, as a mate, is if they were all charmed into doing so. It is so irrational for all of them to decide the Ministry's report of what happened is good enough, without any trial at all, to have their comrade in arms, their friend, their lover, the father of their child, good enough to see him sent away to torture and imprisonment for life. And add to that Althea having their baby taken away as a result too. She'd not want to see the evidence? Hear his defense?

It's just all too unbelievable, unless they were charmed, all of them, into believing it. Since the only person powerful enough and with the access needed is Dumbledore, this is the primary reason so much fanfic bases itself on the Evil!Dumbledore idea. Not because people just hate Dumbledore, but because it's either Dumbledore charmed everyone in the Order, and otherwise close to Sirius, into buying the slapdash frame job... or admit that Rowling really crapped the bed when she wrote the whole story of Sirius, the Potters, the fidelius, and so forth.

All of that comes ever more clear in stories like this one, which do such a good job of showing the events leading up to Sirius's illegal banishment to Azkaban.

There just isn't any way to excuse Dumbledore in what happened. His complicity is just too obvious, too deep.

Or, it is just really, really, bad writing on the part of JK Rowling. One or the other.
RykOakwine chapter 3 . 1/23/2014
okay, 3 chapters in and the qualitty of writing is quite good. why is this story so far down the fave\follow list? Jist because the protagonist is an OC of the authors?
CharlotteBlackwood chapter 57 . 11/30/2013
OKAY, so I'm rereading your Althea stories while writing my senior thesis as something to do to keep me from going insane (although I cry a lot when I read this stuff... LOVE IT SO MUCH), and it has only JUST hit me this time through (I think I've read it all about ten times) that Dumbledore's poetry he quotes at her was from Lovelace's To Althea.

I have a whole new respect for Dumbledore in this. WHEN DID YOU DECIDE TO USE THOSE LINES because that's brilliant. Utterly brilliant. I'm in love with you all over again.

Going back to thesis now. :D

kimso43 chapter 46 . 1/31/2013
I really love this story. It's not happy, and half the time I hate Sirius, but I find myself unable to stop reading it. Honestly, you're a great writer.
Guest chapter 67 . 9/17/2012
Truly an amazing story... loved every minute of it
Expectance chapter 67 . 7/27/2012
The first thing I said when I finished this story was "NOOOO!" This story was AMAZING, I've been reading it straight through for a few days now and I just LOVE how intricate this story is. Even though I'm sad Althea and Sirius didn't fall madly in love and get back together, it's definitely more realistic what you did with the story. Though I was rooting for Remus and Althea too, sadface. I've felt ALL KINDS of emotions reading this story and even though initially I thought I wouldn't enjoy this story because of all the jumping around between times, I really really enjoyed it. GREAT STORY and GREAT CHARACTER! Thank you so much for such a great read!
CeliaSingsSongs chapter 18 . 7/2/2012
My name is Celia. I love that poem.
CallMeFebreze chapter 67 . 6/4/2012
Oh my gosh. This was indescribable. For the past two days, I have been obsessed with this story, staying up late at night to read it...the whole nine yards. I love it. I cried with Althea, and every time she saw Prudence, my heart dropped. I LOVED all the back stories you included. The stories about her father, and the Transylvania adventure was amazing. Her time in Azkaban was scary just reading about it, and her dreams made me really scared too! Your writing is so amazing. All the OCs and back stories really added to the great pleasure in reading this fic. Mrs. Black was portrayed perfectly, and I can tell you did your research when writing this. Your writing is a treat to read, and I hope you will be involved in a career which involves the literary arts, because you are quite gifted in them. Don't stop writing, and don't stop loving Harry Potter. I can't wait to read the sequel, knowing that it will be as amazing as this one.
Etoile Black chapter 67 . 4/28/2012
Such an amazing story! There is so much detail that I have gone back and re-read earlier chapters.

Althea is a wonderful character and I love her so much. You've written her so well I feel like I know her. Can't get an image in my head on how she looks though.

On to the next story now.

Thank you for writing this by the way I have truly enjoyed every chapter and know I will re-read this story again.
Etoile Black chapter 37 . 4/27/2012
This chapter was a great chapter ! I love the tension and drama! Grrrrrr angry Sirius hope there's more to come in future chapters.
Etoile Black chapter 18 . 4/24/2012
This story is fabulous! I have been hooked since the second chapter but have go review now go share how wonderful this story is. I love how it's jumping from past to present (ish) it's so well put together.

I'm shocked there aren't more reviews.

Reading in now :)
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