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Dark Phoenix chapter 4 . 10/1/2003
Sabbatical? Iyada~! ;_; Great tension there... and poor Fuuko, she didn't-hear the answer that she did not want to hear... uhh... Anyway, this is getting very nicely angsty, and I hope you update it ASAP! Whenever *that* is... ;
damouse chapter 4 . 9/30/2003

delighted to see yet another update, but my gosh, what heartbreak you put all three through! _ [i'm counting out yanagi since she's obviously clueless...] interesting twist on the fuuko/recca potential romance...the thought did occur to me once while watching the anime, when mi-chan has yet to appear, and the idea of fuuko-chan and mi-chan as a couple had yet appealed to me. that's because i find yanagi too irritating. but after finishing the series [and reading some of the manga] i do find that fuuko and recca are just friends, very very good friends, but that's it for them. _ although i disagree with your interpretation of fuuko having a crush on recca, i have to say: what an amazing, and interesting twist, cos suddenly you have a love square sprouting out. *_*

what irks me is that mi-chan is not over yanagi. i never interpreted him liking her in the anime, although the manga suggests otherwise. *yikes!* and i have to say i feel really sorry for fuuko here and feel like giving mi-chan a huge kick in the ass, what in the world was that hesitation for! poor poor fuuko-chan...strange how i could symphatise with fuuko on the mi-chan/yanagi issue and yet not to feel something for mi-chan on the fuuko/recca issue. oh well.

at least i have some comfort that this is going to end mi-chan and fuuko-chan, since they already have a kid [and another one on the way] in kindred. YAY! can't wait for the kiss-and-make-up chapter. *winks*

good luck on those finals...don't we all just hate them? _ nevertheless, all the best, and see you next update!


Dark Phoenix chapter 3 . 9/29/2003
Just a general, "Argh, whatever." ;

Ohh... I could anticipate the angst b4, now I can feel the suspense too! Okay, lemme make a wild guess: Fuuko really has an IQ of 250, and had obtained a full-tuition scholarship to Tokyo U! Hahaha!

Okay, dumb jokes aside, considering Yanagi got in (I guess our opinions of her IQ are vastly differing), that would be well-nigh possible. Even probable, possibly. O

I really liked the looking for each other, thinking about each other, but never quite meeting each other thing you've got going in this chapter. It's like one of those movies. Nice touch. _
da-mouse chapter 3 . 9/29/2003
ah, dear khay, that was the most wonderful, scrumpitious, enjoyable chapter. _ i really did enjoy myself reading it, although there isn't any scenes of fuuko-chan and mi-chan [hint hint hint for next chapter], i just adore fuuko-chan [as always] and swoon over mi-chan [as always, too!]. _

hm...another rabid fan-girl after mi-chan, probably just a minor character? or is she not? curious to know more about that.

another delightful fuuko/recca friendship moment that i really enjoyed. _ the two are very close, and i really liked the way you portrayed them to be: close childhood friends that will stick with each other all the way through.

the envelope is opened! from fuuko's reaction, the fact that she cried, and then laughed, i think she got accepted. my justification: she was so relieved to see that she was accepted, and all the fears she was musing and worrying about was just gone *snap* with that. and then the laughter, cos she was happy! yay! but the argument to that will be, of course: why won't she want to talk to mi-chan? hm...

i am not a huge fan of yanagi either, so i have no qualms about you writing her out, bwahahahaha ;)

and with the most boring and typical end to my review: update soon!


G-Cleft chapter 3 . 9/29/2003
The tortured soul you're referring to in this chapter is not Tokiya, not Fuuko... not anyone else... it's me (the self-gravitating brat). I crave Chapter 4! Anyway, do I have to say it? 'Cause you might just yawn... anyway you deserve it... so a big shout of Congrats in your direction.
Lady Kai chapter 3 . 9/28/2003
wow...i'm speechless with joy and envy. i luv the way you people write! be it humor or drama, you've got it down to an art form _ you people meaning(you,xabie,G-Cleft etc. haven't read the others yet *sweatdrop*) oops! getting sidetracked here. gomen. anywayz, what is it with cliffhangers! you hate them but you can't live without them! aarrgh! *pulls at hair frustratedly* just update soon before we drive ourselves crazy imagining all kinds of stuff k? *gives kh y two thumbs up* it's really a great story. hope you don't lose inspiration _
Kaze Yurei chapter 3 . 9/27/2003
agh! you write so well and so fun

can't wait for the next chapter
G chapter 3 . 9/26/2003
Oh, now I'm wondering what's in the letter. Well, Tokiya seems quite pitiful, looking around for Fuuko, and well the advice is try not to make the whole Tokiya/Fuuko/Aoko thing too dramatic. There was an author who did quite a dramatic triangle once, and the author lost track of the main story line.

Nice to know you believe me more,:: Well, it's a great story so far, hope you keep it up.
G chapter 2 . 9/22/2003
Well, definitely longer than the first, and it's getting interesting. Keep it up then.
damouse chapter 2 . 9/22/2003
hi there! _ just to drop in to tell you that i am really enjoying reading your story. fuuko-chan is really portrayed very nicely!

hm...misunderstanding arises for the recca/fuuko thing? by the way, i'm so glad you're writing about fuuko and recca's friendship, a lot of people tend to overlook that, and i really enjoyed the close friendship between them. the movie scene was hilarious! _

update soon, ne?


Dark Phoenix chapter 2 . 9/22/2003
Ya know, sometimes-no make that very often-I hate myself for being right. Not that it works for tests & exams for of course. ;

Argh! Fuuko and Rekka! Tokiya AND Yanagi! Double ARGH! Oh the Angst... *grabs head in anguish*

The biggest problem I have with the story is that Yanagi is getting into Tokyo U. I mean, in Tokiya's case it's perfectly understandable, but Yanagi never struck me as a genius, or even particularly intelligent-and seriously, you'd HAVE to be one to get in there. A person with an average IQ could study like MAD and still couldn't get in. Maybe you coulda made her get into a Uni in the same district as Mikagami.
G chapter 1 . 9/21/2003
It's kind of short, but I like it, hope you continue.
Dark Phoenix chapter 1 . 9/19/2003
Ahh... I like this... he unsettling feeling of a new love seeing his old crush day in day out. And Rekka and Fuuko seem to be the same situation. Hope to see the next chapter soon!
Kaze Yurei chapter 1 . 9/19/2003
sounding god, keep it up!
Lillian chapter 1 . 9/19/2003
Wow! Great as usual!

Finally finished reading Kindred after being away from the net for so long!

I aboslutely loved it!

You have to write more FOR fics!

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