Reviews for Is it Real?
tate4eva chapter 15 . 5/28/2013
This was an awesome fic. I enjoyed reading it.
pia chapter 17 . 1/13/2013
this has got to be one of my favorite chloe and lex stories, and I've read a lot of them. i don't know when this was written and it's been years since smallville has been on air, but i really love it! I hope that you are still writing, you've got a huge amount of talent for it.
Fell4 chapter 17 . 6/18/2011
Wow. This was such an amazing fanfiction! You did a wonderful job! I think you portrayed the characters wonderfully and, although I don't usually like sad endings, you definitally pulled it off! Congradulations!

Desiree Travers Sampare chapter 17 . 4/29/2008
I have read quite a few (I mean a lot) Chlex stories just the other day I thought I had found my fave, but I just finished your story, (for the second time) and I loved it, my fave story so far and will most likely remain that way, you wrote Lex as how I would see if he were to be human, and show emotions. :P Are you a writer professionally? If not, you should be, you are amazingly talented! Thank you for sharing this story.
Jay A. Angelin chapter 17 . 11/13/2007
Definitely my favorite favorite Chlex so far. So pretty. Awesome pairing, and lovely story. :D
Enid chapter 17 . 10/30/2007
No 25 years of happiness does not count! In fact it makes it worse! If I lost someone I cared about for 25 years in an instant, especially by someone that I was related to, I'd go nuts! I spent all afternoon reading this and all I can say is bah-humbug! You can't leave it there! I either expect another chapter or a sequel!
lilpunkrocker101 chapter 17 . 5/14/2007
omg I just finished the whole story. I thought about stopping at ch. 16 but I couldn't help myself. aww It was soo sad I started to cry! but somehow I prefered the sad ending. I'm strange. but that was very nicely done and they weren't at all ooc. _
onetreefan chapter 17 . 3/29/2006
wow. that was so good. great writing! i loved that story!
hellen chapter 17 . 12/4/2005
well done!
xFireSpritex chapter 17 . 11/1/2005
This is AMAZING. nothing else to say.
OnceInAWhile chapter 17 . 7/11/2005
Ok I really had liked the story up to that point, but after that last chapter Im VERY VERY ANGRY!


Other than that I loved it!
IluvSmallvilleDBZSailormoon chapter 1 . 4/12/2005
I just wanted to Highly recommend this story to others
IluvSmallvilleDBZSailormoon chapter 17 . 4/12/2005
I am reading the story and writing the review at the same time because is see the story is over. So as I read a chap I’ll review the ones that really catch my eye. But I’ll just give you all my reviews in a lump some when I get to the end.

Amethyst is my birth stone. The ending to chapter 5 was too sweet. I loved the way Lex kissed Chloe on her forehead; that was just too cute.

Oh chapter 7 was so heart warming, moving, and very touching. I loved it. I loved the way Lex was letting Chloe into his life like that and how Chloe trusted Lex. I was almost to tears. You are a wonderful writer. I so added you to my Favorite Authors list.

I liked the Star Wars notation, I always think of it when I think of Lex & Lionel,

Lionel: Lex, I am you father.

Lex: No! (LOL)

Ohh love the suspense!

Loved Christmas and New Years! Oh, and I like the whole side thing with Clana (even though Clana isn’t my favorite. But it works well for this story.) Not to little as though for us to say, “Wait, they’re together?” but not to much for us to say, “What happened to Clex!” Very good

Oh. That message. Hoo-ha. That was so, so, so…I can’t even think of a word. It was steamy; I know that, but…WOW! Words escape me! (And I am Very Talkative!

[Capital and bold T])

Lex with the baby: toughing.

Lex crying for Chloe, I was almost about to cry. That was soo sad. I felt Lex’s pain. When some writers write a dark, sad, angsty, (I don’t think that’s a word, but you get me) fic, its like, there dead and its…I don’t know, with your sad chap, I felt emotion. Bravo! You really know how to write

Overall, the chapters where just great. Loved em all. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to read you next fic.

OH! it would be so nice if you wrote a Chlark. I love Chloe and Clark!
none chapter 17 . 3/21/2005

you had such and good story but the ending is sad

havent you ever heard of happily ever after?
showmethehobbit chapter 17 . 1/9/2005
Wow, what an ending. Very, very sad but I thought it was still a great way to end it. Not everything can end happily, especially when the Luthors are involved. :( Good job on a great story. :)

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