Reviews for Marauders Matchmaking Inc
Fred's fanatic chapter 19 . 8/28/2017
You couldn't scare me off I'll read anything you write
For fan fiction you've got such a wealth of knowledge
That other would be writers can only envy,there aren't
To many people whom can understand this great genre
With so much love and powerful creativity plus exceptionally brilliant compassion which has shone
Through every sentence written, I'm a potter fanatic
Though your updates were so sensational I'd have waited longer for them and that's saying quite a bit I'm
Not a patient person yet I've loved this magestically
Enthralling love story so congratulations and next time
Please take your time most great authors shouldn't
Rush their masterpieces my love Elizabeth
Skinner from Australia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 18 . 8/28/2017
It's utterly bewildering how two extremely intelligent
People can mess up their lives by not being honest
With each other,surely it wouldn't have taken this long
As their friends began making bets on them as a couple
While they were at school together only Remus put a
Time on it. Their stubbornness nearly caused an
Horrorific ending thankfully Lady Luck helped them
In Remus and Sirius concocting a sneaky plan so
Brilliantly thought up by the incredibly inventive
Descriptive writer that you have become as a result
Of a magnificent imagination ingenuousness plus
Great theatrical detail in every scintillating chapter
Which will always enchant your loyal readers thank
You so very much for an epic great
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 17 . 8/28/2017
You can split this sensational story in half anytime I'm
Well and truly hooked on this magnificent love story and
Don't want it ti end yet plus the length of the chapters
Are totally superlative right now this rates very highly
On every count ,I'm really hoping that these star crossed
Lovers can find their way back toes h other along with
A very romantic beautiful date complete with a sunset
And Italian music, you're a remarkably wonderful wicked
Humorous witty young writer that I could read forever
Your exceptional stories are only one reason why everyone loves your imaginative writing which bewitches
Readers in every creative chapter and I'm hoping that
Everything works out for you there's a knack to writing
This genre you've been blessed and have smashed
Every record held by others congratulations and take
my love Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 16 . 8/27/2017
Actually no I don't know how to get onto the fan
Fiction website but there are other brilliant writers
Having problems with them good luck I'm on
Your side so I'm sending positive vibes out,though
Gilderoys been the most boring irritating obnoxious
Prat ever he cannot take a hint even regulus had more
Brains Lily's being to polite she should lose her temper
With him a release of pent up tension is called for as
Redheads need to lose control every year,what on earth
Has Gideon done which will have him and his twin
Fabian killed by voldemorts death eaters so vilest
He doesn't care for anyone another stubborn redhead
You're an exceptionally brilliant totally awe inspiring
Tremendous writer with a lot of talent and a terrific
Inventive imagination which delights not only myself
But other reviewers so chin up and face down those
Bullies I'll always be on your side good
Fred's fanatic chapter 15 . 8/27/2017
Thank god for the marauders even the rat he hasn't turned evil yet if anyone can get this pair back together
It's those three crazily wonderful friends though I'll
Never say another good word about the
Stopping James from confronting lily himself he's
Never been shy or timid though he's behaving like
A coward it's time to bite the bulletfinally prove he
Has gryffindor qualities once and for all Fred weasels
Did that though potter fans lost him ,no one will truly
Know how they feel if they've never been shown love
By their family so Lily's been solo for most of her life
Her parents neglected her in my opinion preferring
Her jealous sister yet you've become one of my
Favourite potter writers as most have written
Fremione stories but you have cornered this genre
Hands down with such great descriptive chapters
Filled with excellent grammar and spelling wonderful
Characters scenarios beyond compare utterly
Enchanting congratulations. I loved Fred weasley
For her ions instead of Ron shades of James and
Lily please carry on writing this genre I'll always
Read anything you Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 14 . 8/27/2017
I think it's perfectly understandable to be confused
About your feelings for someone else as when they met
They were eleven that's far to young To know what a
Person will be like and he didn't endear himself to lily
With his bullying younger kids, true love takes a long
Time to achieve plus patience though these two might
Find each other except that lily hasn't scared off James
He's just being stupidly stubborn but Sirius will prove
His magical abilities and friendship when he saves James
Memories of lily he's redeeming himself though your
A truly delightful thoroughly ingenious gifted talented
Writer whom will achieve whatever she wants in life
It's an incredibly wondrous uplifting love story which
Is utterly unique and can stand alone as no other one
Will ever be as great as this one is so thank you very
Much may all the accolades come tour way it's deserved.
All my love Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 13 . 8/27/2017
This is exactly what happens when James hasn't got the
Courage to tell lily he loves her while they were still at
Hog warts surely being a marauder he did have some
Or was it all used up on quidditch as everyone else knew
About them, honestly all redheads can imply they hate.
A certain teenage boy yet she didn't join the death eaters or admire bell atrix so she was fighting her
Feelings he just needed to read between the mixed
Signals lily there's at least some hope for
This couple if their friends can somehow achieve
A miracle to get them together preferably tied down
In order to really listen to some blunt home truths
Or they could bash their heads together painful yet
It works,they're both being absolute brats whom need
A wake up call so please let's scare them into admitting
The truth the have the most romantic memorable
Party ever held at the three broomsticks amid tulips
Of every color plus roses thank you so very much for
A truly awe inspiring lovely honest inquisitive funny
Remarkably brilliant exciting. Love story with the
Greatest twist which keeps on bewitching people for
A very long time to come I love the genre ang your
Exceptional story Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 12 . 8/27/2017
I'm thinking that they both need to be shaken up and
Out of their laziness and back into warrior mode doing
WhT they were taught best sop lease do bring in some
More characters though I love lily with Sirius actually why not make the other witch a French veela relative
Of Sirius as lily knows most witches from hog warts but
Veelas are unique and a threat though lily couldn't know
That straight as for James forgetting lily I
Wouldn't attempt it love cannot be forgotten by using
Magic because he messed up not lily he really needs to
Suck it up and admit he was wrong over everything and
The lily/Sirius relationship sounds like great fun please
Continue once more this story has eclipsed any other
Ones that were good but repetitive however yours has
Gone down a uniquely different road yet it still has such
Classy energising wickedly delightful amusing well
Written inspirational storylines that all of your loyal
Readers will read anything you write though complications can be great adding more sensational
Ideas before your utterly brilliant fun filled ending so
Thank you for being as tremendous as jk Rowling.
All my love Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 11 . 8/27/2017
I'm in absolute agreement it's too soon for any fluffy
Action between these two stubborn love birds true love
Travels a rocky road for awhile otherwise it doesn't last
The hard times ahead. I'd love to have James pranked
Into thinking Lily's serious about Sirius it would be
Completely wicked to write but add an extra dimension
To this incredible magnetic mesmerising love story that
Has captured readers hearts we all absolutely love
This truly magically superlative bewildering funny
Delightful totally classy story and I'm not in any
Hurry for them to get back together in loving seeing
James unsure it's brilliant plus he still has to bleed
For a lot longer literally it's fun so thank you for such
An entertaining incredibly moving humorous love
Story that I'll miss quite a Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 10 . 8/27/2017
Okay so Sirius could be out of trouble right now as he
Did the right thing by lily although James still has quite
A lot of explaining to do with sincerity something he's not very good at zonkos sounds great just what
Lily needs going back to hogsmeade and having an
Hilarious time I'm hoping James doesn't turn up though she's not ready to forgive him starting to feel
Some sympathy for James except he hasn't suffered
Enough yet plus he hasn't apologised to everyone lily
Benji and the other dates lily went on he must humiliate
Himself and be laughed at before forgiveness occurs
I'm loving the return of friendships that can pull together
When the times get tough plus it's wonderful to see
Hogs evade come into it ah the fun times which they
Had there were legendary so thank you very much for
Writing this captivating above excellence high
Quality engrossing completely humorous epic story
That bewitches every lucky person whom has read it
Your simply the best skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 9 . 8/27/2017
Well that was just part one of Lily's anger towards the
Incompetent marauders whom think they know best
When these idiots apart from Remus didn't die as
Bravely as Benji, caradoc,Gideon ,Fabian or edgarbones
And she's disappointed in Remus but their friendships
To important he will be forgiven but not the others plus
There aren't any errors in this brilliant beguiling terrific
Totally charasmatic action packed inspirational love
Story full of delightful twists and turns so wickedly
Excellent and thoroughly enjoyable it's different yet
Impossible to put down I love everything about it
Your a sensationally inventive writer thank you.
Love Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 8 . 8/27/2017
Honestly benjis way to wily to let the marauders know if
He's interested in lily and he has powerful friends so
I wouldn't ever alienate him but apart from Remus the
Others aren't clever but rather dumb honesty is the
Best policy as they're supposed to be adults and when
Was lily that close to her parents whom always took
Petunias side so that didn't make that much sense not
That I care it's one of the most utterly fascinating and
Quirky brilliant love stories I've had the pleasure of
Reading as without lily and James there wouldn't have
Been Harry Potter so they're very important even though
James is being a typical stupid male right now you've
Done a tremendously exquisite version of their unique
Entertainingly vivacious love story that improves every
Time it's read so thank you very much and I'm glad your
Feeling better I'm hoping you don't feel ill anymore
my love Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 7 . 8/27/2017
This has been the greatest chapter you've written so far
As these two are amazingly great friends whom could
Never hurt the other one unlike most of her other
Selfish dubious loser friends plus benjis no ones fool
Plus he's a much stronger wizard than either James or
Sirius he paid attention in classes at hog warts so he
Knows the counter spells to their jinxes and Hes
Smoking hot. Though I wonder what's made lily so
Sick as they did chose to throw some food around but
It couldn't have been that although their juvenile
Tricks aren't that great they did the same ones at
School predictabilitys bad in aurora unlike the
Prewett twins this wonderful gripping love story has
Never let readers down its without a doubt powerfully
Written great characters excellent grammar and spelling
Yet full of great fun amid fun filled lively enjoyable
Chapters which take us on a journey we don't want to
Get off you've weaved a magical spell so thank you so
Very much for this delightful Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 6 . 8/27/2017
What lily needs to have is a hot date with a handsome
Well built intelligent sexy wizard whom can take down
Both James and Sirius leaving them with egg running
All over their faces turning bright red but he must be
A strong brave wizard whom is no ones gullible fool
More powerful tham James, the humor is very witty
But I love Remus he's always been my favourite as he
Calls a spade a spade yet he never backs down plus
He's Lily's best friend so classy another tremendous
Challenging tense chapter which is indescribably moving
Yet there does need to be a honest showdown between
Lily and James later on in one of the chapters not right
Now though as I'm completely enjoying this terrific
Remarkable ingenious love story and I'm hooked
Forever your such a creative exceptionally talented
Author I'm getting lost for words but congratulations
You're onto a winner please keep on writing. Love
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 5 . 8/27/2017
So now Sirius is in on the whole ludicrous why not lets
Make an attempt to get them back together so James
Can continue cheating on her there's a phrase once
A cheat always a cheat that's potter lily deserves to be
Treated like a queen not a piece of garbage so James
Has a very long way to go before this redhead will
Ever understand the layabout cheating on lily he chased
Her for eleven years he's a spoilt rich brat although
I love regulus black hubba these two aren't real fans love them which means you'll always
Be everyone's favourite jilly writer it's a highly
Fascinating complex diverse storyline that no one else
Has tackled with such finesse empathy plus humorous
One liners shining through every unique Sirius helps in a positive way thank you so very much encore. Elizabeth skinner.
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