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Roz chapter 15 . 11/26/2003
Hey! Good story! Sad dat its ended though! Oh know what? You could've at least told us WHO was saying those words! You evil EVIL person!

OH well. can't wait for ya next story!
Snow-Glory chapter 15 . 11/25/2003
aw it's all done... and now I must wait for sequel...

I can just see Aragorn scolding Legolas for losing the baby dragon... Legolas would be so worried and Aragorn so angry... and then off in the distance you'd see Elladan and Elrohir sneaking off with the baby giggling.

oh I hope that this next story has some good legolas angst in it... I can't wait!
twenty-til-12 chapter 15 . 11/24/2003
phwee! last chapter! what a way to wrap up the story! awesome! *pats poppy* i'm assuming you helped. yes! *gets silent* i should write a poem for all the trees i destroyed while giving away kleenexes. hm...

To all those brave and wonderful trees,

Who allowed those reviewers to blow their noses.

They sacrificed themselves for the good of others.

And all that's great and good in the world comes and goeses.

WE! lord that was terrible... ah well... no need for 'good' rhyming or sense! yeeks!

To Poppy: Yes, Palandor will come across a 'present' that a 'mysterious bunny' will leave in a rather uncomfortable place. *wink wink*

your loyal reader, reviewer, skittle-giver, kleenex-giver, tree-mourner, poppy-patter, pancake-giver, and awful parody-maker,


P.S. I apologize for the late review, my computer got seriously screwed up.
frodo16424 chapter 15 . 11/23/2003
Another fine chapter. “It is unwise to think such things if they are not verified. I would advise you to ask Sauros and discover his feelings. If not, you will always be asking yourself ‘if’ questions. And those ‘if’ questions will eat at you until there is nothing left.” Wise words, indeed. Now if only Aragorn would take them to heart... Also loved Sauros'Would you like regular or extra-crispy?” LOL Also Aragorn telling Elrond

"For the past few days I have had these three bothersome, overbearing shadows. I have tried to ignore them but they do not go away. They are as stubborn as dwarves.” Hannad le for a wonderful story. Sorry about length of post.
grumpy chapter 15 . 11/23/2003
hi there, love this chapter and your whole story, so sad to see it end, but i am glead that there is another one coming,

Also loved it that Estel has become and dragon matchmaker.
Elven Kitten chapter 15 . 11/23/2003
Elven Kitten: YAY! Evil let me see! _ Keep it up! We're waiting 4 your next story!

Gollum Side: Oh yes... VERY impatiently...

Elf Side: *sigh* Shut up...

G.S.: Make me!

E.K.: *aims bow*

G.S.: O.O Okay!

E.K.: *smirks* Well, I loved the story! Can't wait 4 the next one!

E.S.: Aye! Post it soon!

E.K. & E.S.: Namaarie!

G.S.: Byes...

Astievia chapter 15 . 11/23/2003
The last chapter *tears* This has been one of the best storys I've read. I will defanatly be reading your next story.


Elven Kitten chapter 14 . 11/23/2003
Elven Kitten: COOL! LOVIN' IT! Post soon! *growls* cursed ff says there is a 15th chapter but wont let me see...

Elf Side: Uh oh... she's mad... RUN!

Gollum Side: *snickers*

E.K.: I'm NOT mad... just kinda annoyed... I loved this chapter tho! One of the best! Keep it up! I'll be waiting!

E.S. & G.S.: *nod*

E.K. & E.S.: Namaarie!

grumpy chapter 14 . 11/22/2003
hi there, great chpater 14, so glad that Estel is awake, I liked that part when Lord Elrond say " he likes to keep everyone on theirs toes and waiting". I also liked that he got to see his father Arathorn in coma. looking forward to more
ThE iNsAnE oNe chapter 14 . 11/21/2003
WE! YOU'RE AWAKE! _ *glomps her Estel baby*

Estel: *claws at his neck* CAN'T BREATH!

TIO: -_- *clings to him* I wuv my 'Stel baby! We was so worried about you, pwecious. We is glad to see that you is okay...such a sweet pwecious... yes...

Estel: *pleadingly to Legolas, Elrohir, Elladan, and Nolad* Help...mme...

Nolad: *shakes head* I'm sorry, Estel, we are busy. *looks at the cards in his hands*

Elrohir: Yup, quite busy indeed. You'll have to wait *smirks at his cards*

Elladan: Not too long little brother, don't worry, this game will be over soon...

Estel: *is turning a rather odd red-purple color* H-help... *gasp*

Legolas: *is watching interestedly* Save the human? Not save the human? Save the human? Not save the human?

Elladan: AH HAH! I WIN!


Nolad: *sighs and tosses his cards in* I'll shuffle this time.


Nolad: *lifts an eyebrow* It's rather hard to rig the cards in Jin Rumi...

Elrohir: *whines* You do it anyway!

Nolad: *rolls eyes and hands the cards*

Elladan: *greedily takes all the menfil berries* WAHAHAHAHA!

Legolas: Save the human...don't save the human... save the human...don't save the human.

Estel: *is blue in the face*

TiO: *squee* -_- MY STEL BABY!

It was great! Wahahahaha! HE DIDN'T DIE! WE WUVS 'STEL! HE'S GETTIN' BETTERERERERERER! *g* If my english teacher could only see me now.

Your Fan,

tHe InSaNe OnE
farscapeangel chapter 14 . 11/20/2003
love this story lots of angst and the dragon is cool
Snow-Glory chapter 14 . 11/20/2003
ha ha ha baby dragon... you had better not let Aragorn or Legolas take care of a baby dragon... because those two are walking accidents waiting to happen.

o but that would be a funny story... is there going to be a sequel to this?
Star-Stallion chapter 14 . 11/20/2003
Oh *of course* I recognise that line! _ Gr... BUT I WANNA KILL JASPER! Plz say I'm allowed to shoot just *one* arrow into him by the end of this... pwetty plz? I ADORED THIS CHAPTER! I can't remember if this story is on my faves or not, or if u'r on my fave authors... but u are now! _ I loved it all, plz update soon!

~*~ Star-Stallion ~*~
Schizo13 chapter 14 . 11/19/2003
Congratulations on a well written story! It was wonderful. Of all chapters, I liked this one the best. _ Great job! I hope there will be more, but this seems as good an ending as anything.
elvendancer chapter 14 . 11/19/2003
well if being a night owl allows you to keep on writing stories and chapters like this well, then keep on being a night owl. also, i wanted to know if you have a sequal to this story in mind. i really like this story and im beginning to regret the fact that its going to have to end sometime. update soon
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