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Yoshi-fan2003 chapter 14 . 11/19/2003
Review no 75 (if is right)
Lady Devonny chapter 13 . 11/18/2003
This is an AWESOME story. I hope that I can write like that someday... The part with Legolas crying and Aragorn's wrods to him were so touching... Please continue, and to save a lot of time, I loved this whole story (I would review every chapter but I have a ton of homework)

Please update soon!

frodo16424 chapter 14 . 11/18/2003
Very nice chapter; especially bringing in Arathorn and letting Aragorn decide for himself whether to live or die. Love Lina - reminds me of my grandaughters. More! Hannad le.
twenty-til-12 chapter 14 . 11/18/2003
wee! cliffie! ... well... kinda... *gives more tissues to more readers* lord almighty... *empties a box of tissues and throws it into an ever-growing pile* i thought it was amusing when Legolas jumped like 15 feet in the air and said: "You will not take him..." but then again... i AM evil *sniggers*

*pats Poppy on the head* see? pancakes are *good* for plot bunnies! maybe i can sneak a bunny into *my* fic *wink wink* maybe it can trip up Palador in the middle of a torture session or *gets idea* EVEN BETTER! you know how in "Lassie" and old shows like that how the dog tells the guy what happened. "Legolas fell into a well? By old Farmer Maggot's house? A *little* far from Maggot? Good boy Poppy!" *Estel runs off to save the day* XD

gotta go do a little updating, reading, and reviewing!


your loyal reader, reviewer, and bunny-feeder

Carrie S chapter 13 . 11/17/2003
WOW. *is thinking she has gone into a shock herself* I have JUST found this story...amazing isn't it? *slaps herself*...and I cannot believe I have not come across it sooner!

This is excellent! I just sat here at my computer and read this whole thing in one sitting...and I am out of breath! Legolas first, then Aragorn! NO! My poor little ranger! He cannot die! I will not let you kill him!

*takes Aragorn away from Spades and stuffs him into her closet* There! You will never find him! Hah! Beat that!

*gives Spades a smug look* Take that!

I guess it's gonna take you some time to get that next post out, huh? LOL.

But please, please finish! I can't wait to see what happens next!

This is an amazing story! *feels inspired to begin writing the next chapter of hers*

Don't you dare let Aragorn die, you hear me? HEAR ME? Probably not, but...hey, I can try, can't I?


Carrie, aka Spawn of Sauron

*snickers* A fellow reviewer gave me that name...catchy, dontcha think? *g* So I have connections! UPDATE ASAP! OR ELSE!
ThE iNsAnE oNe chapter 13 . 11/17/2003
*pokes at Estel; whimpers* Nolad...

Nolad: There's nothing i can do now. He may even now come out of it.

TIO: *big eyes filled with tears* ;_; so he's going to die! *sobs*

Nolad: *waves hands frantically* I DIDN'T SAY THAT!

Elladan: *whispers to Nolad* Never say things that can be taken more than one way around her. She'll always take it the wrong way.

TIO: *wails and clings to Legolas*

Legolas: *pats awkwardly on the back*

Nolad: He'll come out of it Miki! *elbows Elladan* It's only a matter of time.

Elladan: *with no conviction in his voice* Yeah... he'll come out of it...sure...

Elrohir: Hmm... *sticks a spider right by the man's ear* He hates spiders. If there's anything alive in there... he'll respond.

Spider: *crawls across the man's face*

Estel: *sits up* AUGH! GET IT OFF!

TIO: *wails* He's a WIGHT now! *whimpers*

Legolas: -_-... Yes, of course.

Elrohir: Couldn't make her happy with a happy machine...

Elladan: You tried brother, but alas, it was not good enough.

Estel: *running around in panicked circles* GET IT OFF OF ME GET IT OFF OF ME GET IT OFF OF- *runs head first into a wall*

Nolad: Well...that takes care of things.

Elrohir: Menfil anyone?

Elladan: Sounds good!

Nolad: Count me in...

Legolas: Hey! *drags TIO with him* WAIT FOR ME!


Your Fan,

tHe InSaNe OnE
elvendancer chapter 13 . 11/17/2003
yes i suppose it was fast enough. late at night? dont people usually sleep late at night? oh well, at least its updated right? though of course you just had to leave that little cliff hanger there. you do know that all that does is make us push you to update faster all over again? till your next update then!
Star-Stallion chapter 13 . 11/17/2003
'( I'm glad I used your warning, that bit at the beginning nearly made me cry! '( OOH, LEMME KILL JASPER, LEMME *PLEASE*! TURN ME INTO A CHARACTER AND LEMME KILL HIM!

*pauses, shocked*

Did I just say that? Did I just ask to become a... a M-Mar-r-y S-S-Sue? O_O' HELP ME!

Sorry! .' Yup, that line would have been hilarious! Stick it in somewhere later on! I adored this chapter! Oh, the angst, oh, the grief, *OH, THE HUMANITY!*... sorry... sugar high...

Well, I don't *have* to kill Jasper as long as you do it nastily... Here's an idea!

~*~*~*~ Jasper was tied to the stake, bits of kindling wood about his feet. He glanced up nervously to the majestic dragon that narrowed his eyes before him before rising upon it's hind legs.

"Please, dragon mate, honestly, I don't taste nice, truly, all skin and bones!" he gibbered.

Sauros rolled his eyes and sighed. "Shut up you!" he growled. Jasper whimpered.

Sauros was about to flame him, but stopped.

"Are you gonna let me go?" asked Jasper hopefully, his eyes lighting up.

"No," replied Sauros, grinning maliciously. Jasper hung his head in sorrow. "I was just wondering if you wanted regular or extra crispy..." ~*~*~*~

Hey, it's an idea! LOL, I loved it all, and... wait, is this story on my favourites? If not, it is now! Update soon!

~*~ Star-Stallion ~*~
Astievia chapter 13 . 11/16/2003
A box of tissues was defanatly needed. Great story. I like that saying too.
Yoshi-fan2003 chapter 13 . 11/16/2003
*takes pillow* Thank you. That was a great chapter. You speak German? I'm from Germany. :)Where are you from?
grumpy chapter 13 . 11/16/2003
very good chapter, and i did need kleneexs, glad that the dragons could fly Lord Elrond in, never would have thought of that. I had to grit my teeth when they pulled the sword out, Hope Aragrn wakes up soon. looking forward to more
Snow-Glory chapter 13 . 11/15/2003
man... you could cut through the angst with a knife... *looks around for the knives that Legolas dropped*.

And do I detect a romance for Sauros?

Legolas is going to blame himself for all of this if Aragorn doesn't get better isn't he?

Everyone needs to speak to a certain "king" and give him a kick in the butt for starting all of this...

Update soon...
Roz lazyarse chapter 13 . 11/15/2003
Yeah, my reviews are hey? I'm surprised that you can even understand them! And actually, yes! I have started writing, i wrote the first 2 pages yesterday. But i've decided to complete the whole story first, then post it. But i'm currently writing 2 lotr stories, 1 star wars and still working on my "The Mummy" story (from the movie The Mummy).

And hey! A longer chapter! Oh yes, Roz is very happy. It was good Ari-angst! Very, very good. For a second there, i thought you were actually going to just let him die.

And yes, it does piss me off everytime Steven (the guy who gave the damn nickname) calls me Gollum. THe nick name was created when, (i'm in yr12 right?) on yr12 retreat, i decided i wanted to do a little bit of rockclimbing. So i took my shoes off and padded up the rock, and the noise my feet made was the same as the noise Gollum makes, and when i kinda slid/fell back down and landed in a crouch, i apparently looked like Gollum. So thats that.

oh goodie! A coma! More angst to be continued!
frodo16424 chapter 13 . 11/15/2003
Absolutely fascinating! Loved the descriptions of the dragons, especially Aurora. "If the dragon world had an equally beautiful being as the Evenstar then this was she. The female dragon was a glistening silver color that reminded Legolas of Aragorn’s gray eyes. Powerful muscles rippled under her silver scales..." Hope you will have more of the dragons in the story.
twenty-til-12 chapter 13 . 11/15/2003
not the cliffie! not the cliffie! *more Jaws theme plays* but, no spelling errors! lol *pats Poppy, and gives him/her a pancake* lol pancake?

i very much like this chapter! yes, i did bring the tissues! *hands some to other readers, first blowing nose in them* ha! now they can feel the wrath of the sadness of the near-death of Aragorn. (wow... plenty of 'of's in that sentence)

yes it is odd how he got mad at me for being 14, it greatly puzzles me to this day. i cried, because he said that he thought i was that 'one special person'... well... i have matured since then! ( it was in april or something) lol *starts singing like Celine Dion* my heart will go on... *sings out of key* whoops... eh... uh... i'll spare your ears... lol

-your loyal reader, reviewer, and hyperventilater

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