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Springflowerangel chapter 26 . 10/19/2020
Omg...I freaking over this story, it made me cry I felt so much for Lynn, I'm so happy Lynn ended up with Duo, I ship them so hard~ I would love to read more about Duoxoc this is the only story that I felt connected to a oc.

Keep being awesome!~
angelsmystique chapter 26 . 9/25/2018
So, I've followed your story since the early 2000s, and I can honestly say that I loved it from start to finish. Wonderfully finished, and well written. I found Lynn to be a relatable lead character, and I found her friendship with the pilots to be one where you could definitely see the build-up. I love that Relena wasn't a super centralized character...not that I have anything against her, but she's not one of my favorite characters.
How did you relationship from during the Epilogue turn out? Everything you hoped and dreamed for?
If you ever do come back to the fandom (I've only just recently came back into it after almost 7 or 8 years myself), I'll be happy to read anything you have written. 3 3
Sophia Winters chapter 26 . 3/10/2015
Er, okay I know I should've reviewed earlier, but I was getting so involved in your story that I kinda forgot to, so I decided to put it all in one REALLY long review. You don't mind now do you?

I would give you some constructive criticism, but the thing is, is that I couldn't find anything, at least grammar and plot wise. (I thought) It was a perfect story. There were a few small spelling errors here and there, but I really didn't notice until I read your chapters really closely.

I loved your main OC, Lynn. She was very memorable and I thought was a perfect example of a three dimensional character all the way. Never before in fan fiction have I read a story with an OC in it that was this likable. I felt like I could really relate to her as if she was an actual living being. Her motives for her actions made so much sense to me. She had her very realistic problems and weaknesses, but also some good strengths as well and was an incredibly likable character. Heck, you even included in your story about Lynn having menstrual problems! Which is pretty rare in stories, but the way you included it in just flowed well with your story. I don't know why. It also added a lot of humor as well, like Duo trying to see what was in the bag. XD Lol. Now I can relate to that. -.-

As for the way you wrote the other characters I thought that you wrote them out really well. I felt that the pilots were very much in character and their actions felt like it was something as they would do in the anime or manga. I have no complaints whatsoever about the cannon characters.

But what I like the most about your story is not only the humor in it and the way you write, but the love triangle between Lynn, Duo and Heero. I wasn't really surprised that Lynn ended up with Duo, I never really thought that Heero was the type to be in a relationship anyway, not to mention doesn't seem to be Lynn's type. Throughout the story it seemed like Lynn and Duo would be a pretty good match for one another. But I did thoroughly enjoy the Epilogue and ending to your story. The part where Duo left Lynn made me cry so hard, actually. The pitfalls in their relationship seemed like they were well thought out and done as if someone in an actual relationship in real life. I also liked the part where Duo and Lynn were dancing at the Christmas Party and Heero teaching her how to dance.

Oh, and before I get sidetracked the beginning to this story was pretty good too. How Lynn ended up in the back of Duo and Heero's car and them pointing a gun at her, lol. I was a bit worried at first that the characters didn't speak English. I still wonder how Lynn ended up getting into the Gundam Wing world anyway. *Shrugs* but I suppose it was meant to be a secret.

All in all I thought this was the best fan fiction (just in general) that I've ever read before. I hope you didn't mind my long review and rambling. I just can't get over how much I loved this story. I can tell you did an outline for this, now didn't you? I can tell. Looking forward to your other fanfic's in the future. I will certainly read and review them as well. :D
XxMeli J NightlyxX chapter 26 . 12/14/2011
You are a genius! This fic was by far the best one I have ever read in my life. It was a masterpiece, you are so talented at developing twists and turns. You had me at the edge of my seat all the time. I started reading this on Sunday and finished it yesterday. I have to say that the time I was not reading it I was thinking about your fic... like a sick love obsession. Now that I'm done with it, I feel weird and oddly depressed but not because of the ending but because there is no more to read.

Ever chapter was just amazing. You made me laugh out loud (my family thought I was crazy), you made me cry... (at night no one saw thank God) and you made me angry and so many emotions at the same time that I was just exhausted. I'm still exhausted today but partly because I went to sleep late at night and woke up early for work.

I loved your author's note which showed us how you were moving along. I'm glad you graduated and it's amazing to see the end product while your life continued. I have a fic which I have yet to finish due to hectic life as well.

I have to say that I fell in love with Lynn, she was unlike any other OC that I had read before. She was actually very real to me... she was so perfect at being imperfect. Lynn, was just a regular girl, with normal emotions that anyone would have in her position. It was absolutely perfect on to the last detail. The last chapters were just insane. I could not stop reading I was going back and forth and my emotions were fighting between Heero and Duo just like hers. No story or book has ever done that to me, never had I felt so in touch with a character like with Lynn. She's a precious character with a wonderful voice, you made her wonderful.

I truly hope you do not stop writing for you have a great gift. I hope that one day I can see a book out there with your name on it and rest assured I will buy two copies! One to keep safely and one to read as many times as I can.

If fics could be turned into shows... I would've loved to see this done and made for tv... you have no idea how awesome that would be!

You are amazing. Take care and thank you for finishing this wonderful piece of art. God bless you on all your endeavors, life and family.


Kaliko the Cat chapter 26 . 12/1/2011
OMG! I just discovered this fic! Im very grateful that I didnt have to wait years for this fic to be finished! I read it all in ONE DAY! It was so amazing! Im glad it wasnt a Mary Sue fic (dont like those). This was VERY well written! Kudos to you! I love the humor, the romance, the action, the twists and turns of the story! I like the relationship between Lynn and Duo. Very happy they ended up together! I would love to see this fic from Duo's point of view. When did he start falling in love with her? Quatre never did find out about what she knew of his past. Wufei and Lynn didnt get much interaction. And I LOVE the sexy Zechy part and Heero eating oreos! Overall, wonderful story! Excellent job! One of the absolute best I have read in a very long time. I had to search through a lot of mud to find a gem like this! Glad you made it through school and still kept up with this fic!
AngelicRoses chapter 26 . 11/3/2011
Thank you so much for this. I've been waiting forever for it, and it was well worth the wait. I almost cried when Duo left her. D: HOW COULD YOU LET HIM DO THAT?

I was mad at Heero, too (which is practically unheard of cuz Heero's my fav chara), at some point cuz he appeared WHEN HE WASNT SUPPOSED TOO (with Relena no less) and, and yeah I was rooting for Lynn and Duo and, yeah. (Even tho i was orignally voting for a Lynn/Heero, but I digress v.v") :/

But I'm glad that everything got solved in the end, and I just loved this chapter. No scratch that. I loved this story in its entirety.

I wish you all the best in life cuz I'm not sure if you're gonna be posting anymore fanfics... -tear drops down face- But I have to say, this story was one crazy and wild ride that I enjoyed very much. So thank you, for giving us readers this gift of an amazing story. I'll never stop rereading it- it's just that awesome.

Thank you very much.

-bows in gratitude-

ShianeCollins chapter 26 . 11/2/2011
OMG. I was nearly crying towards the end. I loved it and glad that anticipation makes everything wonderful. I'm glad you decided to give us the epilogue. And boy was I also surprised you remembered how you wanted to have it's been years for me to write anything as well and I'm having a hard time trying to remember where I wanted to go with most of my fanfics. But thank you so much! I loved it.
YukiNoHana1 chapter 26 . 10/31/2011
Thank you so much for such a wonderfully written story! An thank you for finishing it! I can't explain the feeling and happiness that I felt when I saw this! Thank you again!
Blades of Silver chapter 26 . 10/30/2011
I really loved this story and always wondered what happened that it never got finished so close to the end. I first read this story when I was 13 and now I'm 20 and I still love this story as much as I did 8 years ago.

That being said, I'm really happy and proud you decided to finish this story off. I know it would have been very easy just to stop and never finish it (I'm in that boat). The story's ending was perfect and makes me feel like things will always be okay in the end :).

Thank you for writing this story!
ShianeCollins chapter 25 . 6/26/2011
I just realized as I was rereading this fanfic for the first time in never wrote an epilogue like you said you would. Lol.
Vynx The Werewolf chapter 1 . 6/25/2011
When are you going to put the epilogue up? I love this story and I was always wondering.
A Fan chapter 25 . 10/5/2010
Just a reminder, that you promised the epilogue! I know that you're really busy with school work, and believe me, I completely understand. But if you would be so kind...

altamateria chapter 25 . 9/22/2010
So let's see.

I stumbled across this in 2008, added it to my favorites list in 2009 when I FINALLY got an account. It was one of the first few fanfictions I've actually read and stuck with, and actually re-read on multiple occasions.

I really hope that there will be at least an epilogue, so this fic will feel properly 'completed'. Thanks for writing such a great piece!
AmmyPie chapter 25 . 2/28/2010

This is the best peice of fanfiction I have ever read. A few years ago I had read it, and I stumbled upon it in my favorites a few days ago. I re-read it, and I can say I loved it even more the second and third times I went through it. It is really quite lovely. I really can not wait to read the epilogue. Maybe even a sequal? Heh, that would be amazing too! Please, keep up with good work!

The Night's Oath chapter 25 . 9/11/2009
I love the story

I didn't expect the sudden twist,

but I think Lynn and Duo are an awesome couple

Plz put the Epilogue up!

And can you make a sequel?
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