Reviews for Little Bitty Puzzle Pieces
Mars chapter 37 . 11/30/2014
Omg, I love how you tied everything up! Loved it!
Mars chapter 17 . 11/30/2014
I can't believe he's dead!
Mars chapter 9 . 11/30/2014
Buffy gets some but spike doesn't? I'm beyond upset on spikes behalf. I'm ok only cause canon he was with harm, who tried to bite him.
Aya chapter 37 . 10/24/2012
Thank you for such a great story. I can't believe I just found it, but I enjoyed it more than I could possibly say. Thank you. Thank you.
plague2005 chapter 31 . 9/30/2005
Hi! Didn't like some facts in this story. It was bad enough that she didn't mourn for Spike's death but her jumping into bed with Angel as soon as she could is not possible. And then she jumps into bed with Spike even without having a talk with him is certainly not like her. Unless she is some cold hearted b**ch. And Spike has MAJOR insecurities and after knowing Buffy & Angel were together, he wouldn't have just let it slip so easily. Atleast not the vampire Spike.
Draconious chapter 37 . 2/26/2004
Really cool story, and that says a lot coming from me. I'm not the world's biggest Spike fan, but I like how you write him. He's actually heroic, not just using Buffy.
Hope you write more, perhaps a sequel?
darklover chapter 37 . 2/12/2004
The end? It just can't be. Well I still loved this fantastic story.
Tamara chapter 37 . 2/12/2004
Do it again! Do it again !
poetlover chapter 37 . 2/12/2004
Oh, bittersweet ending. I would definitely not be opposed to "a new beginning" if you have one in mind.
courtney chapter 37 . 2/12/2004
i sort of don't get the ending did the other spike die and now buffy is treating the old spike with kindness? or did the old spike and the new spike like become one? please email me back at so that i can try to understand it. thanks bye
Carol chapter 37 . 2/12/2004
Wonderful story. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.
zanthinegirl chapter 37 . 2/12/2004
I sure hope it's merely a new beginning!
zanthinegirl chapter 36 . 2/12/2004
Love how you worked in Doc's speech, especially the dominos!
Melissa chapter 37 . 2/12/2004
I really liked this story i hope there are a few more chapters or even a sequel i would love to know what happens next.
timeends chapter 37 . 2/12/2004
This human Spike is going to heaven? Hopefully there is a sequel. It is sad to end like that but still beautifully written. Too bad no more Spuffy. *sigh*
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