Reviews for Once Upon A Thyme
namename chapter 32 . 11/24
GREAT. SUCH A VERY GREAT TALE. So proud of you :)
Guest chapter 32 . 11/16

i love you
Joanne chapter 32 . 11/14
Aaahhhh! Really really good story! Great job!
Guest chapter 32 . 11/6
This fanfic was absolutely amazing !
Just one thing its vincent crabbe and greggory goyle
Emiliya Wolfe chapter 7 . 10/30
really great story so far!
Guest chapter 32 . 10/29
Mind-blown! The BEST DRAMIONE ever read! It was truly beautiful!
Lana Wickford chapter 32 . 10/23
Oh thank goodness! You had me worried a couple chapters ago. I'm so immensely glad that it ended on a happy note. It was an incredible and well written story. Wonderful job!
sammy smith chapter 32 . 10/23
Absolutely loved it :)
Nadiafarjana chapter 32 . 10/21
Love it
ironhair chapter 31 . 10/20
Wow... I read this way back in 2012.

Don't remember it at all, but it was a nice read again. Ty.

ironhair chapter 32 . Sep 7, 2012
Quite a nice read :)
ironhair chapter 23 . 10/20
I wonder if granger's dowry was the root of Malfoy fortunes.. and that the french malfoy tale was just that.. a tale to explain the wealth?
Nah. The to-be husband was already a rich man on his own right.
There goes that theory.
ironhair chapter 3 . 10/20
What was the original intent of the potion?
Should have mentioned it again in this chapter.
ironhair chapter 2 . 10/20
Why is your entire chapter in italics?
JediQueen1274 chapter 1 . 10/15
The format is hideous. Couldn't get through the publication. It's a good story though. Cliche and the ending is too neat and tidy but an easy read so I can't complain.
h0neybunny16 chapter 1 . 10/13
wow I already love it pls update soon
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