Reviews for “A Cherdir Nin” To My Master
The Darkest Holme chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
This was really good. It stands out from normal fanfics... I'm bad at criticism, so all I can say is that you have two thumbs up from moi.
The Lauderdale chapter 1 . 1/23/2004
My search for Orc fic has brought me thither, and while your poem does not constitute such, I found it quite beautiful. Technical note: the sometimes haphazard fall of stressed/unstressed makes it feel choppy in parts, but I found that it contributed to the poem rather than acting as a detriment. We can feel the ache that rises to choke the throat of the bard, the struggle to express what is inexpressible at the best of times, in the paralysis of trauma and anxiety. It's a shame no one else has reviewed this but, I suppose, outside of the first line's allusion to the Halls of Mandos there is nothing in the body of the poem that particularly connects this with Tolkien's Middle Earth. The only context provided is in the form of your summary blurb. This poem doesn't really need context, though. It is a missive from a student to a beloved teacher and somehow transcends the bounds of fanfiction in the way that good fanfiction does.