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Guest chapter 22 . 11/25
What is full form of TT .Torture?
One And Only chapter 1 . 5/31
Okay this was impressive! Well done but...I have a question...Do you hate kai so...much? Means all your stories which are centering kai are always hard and sad for him...seriously I think kai really will say this if he would have read this story that ...Kai:What did I ever do to you?! Aha loved it ! Good jobbie ...! Until then Saayo Nàrá!
Kashi chapter 22 . 3/15/2016
Thank you! I really enjoyed reading this fanfic! It has a lot of great ideas, which are described vividly (is that the word?) and perfect to imagine! Hope to read more from you :-)
akin 'to38 chapter 22 . 6/19/2012
Though i hate to see Kai being tortured, i must admit that this fic is great! I like this. Nice fic!
Anime Onnanoko chapter 22 . 7/16/2011
This was a really good story, and I liked the way it ended.
PWN3D chapter 22 . 2/16/2010

This story was amazing! I've been trying hard to find a good "sleepless Kai" fic, and this is it! Great job! (and to think it was going to be a oneshot!)
Sazzlysarah chapter 22 . 6/7/2007
AW MA GAWD! That so cool! *faints*

Since you already have all my cookies and chocolate, you'll have to make to with infinate sprinkles! (the ice-cream kind, not the "water the garden" kind)
Sazzlysarah chapter 1 . 6/7/2007
Bloody hell your stuff keeps getting better. BUT WAIT there's more! God I thought it was a one-shot! It's good enough to stand alone. Now 'scuse me, I have to go read the rest! *squee!*

*... how can you improve on infinate cookies I gave for the Agni Monologe ... humm ... infiate chocolate perhaps?*
naeo chapter 4 . 11/25/2006
Hey I'm not trying to ruin this chapter or any thing but I just wanted to let you know that sleeping pills disable the ability to dream. That's why so many people who take sleeping pills get a crazy and such, cause they cant dream. Just thought I'd let you know, other than that I'm loving this story. You really know how to get into Kai's personality.
Frenchowl chapter 22 . 8/30/2006
liked it!
kai-luver-666 chapter 22 . 5/17/2006
aw i dont want this fic to end! it was so cool, great fic GREAT! please, write another one as good as this one, and btw, i loved the 'torture' theme ya had going ! keep the good work up!

Sapphire Angels Devil chapter 22 . 2/4/2006
... I am speechless... so this will be hard to write then P

Kat: oh really cooked eyebrow and arms crossed Saph's black haired OC looks at the authoress You have been reading this for at lesat a hour now you know, just admit that you thought it was really good move on and then get me a coke and the computer.

Me: Excuse me for a second will ya? slowely goes up from the chair in the review room thats in front of the computer, walks against Kat with a grin on her face Did you say something?

Kat:... Eh... RUN! the crazy authoress is lose! Ah kat runs away screaming Who forgot to lock her into her box!

Me: Was that your idea? gets pissed for real It took me a week to get out from the safe!

Sinja: Wonder why 90% of all Saph's reviews includes her chasing after kat 'cause she has done or said something stupid?

Tiilia:Candy! -

Sinja:eh... -.- no Tiilia I don't think that's it...

kat runs past the orange haired and the blond neko-jiin candy freack OC's with Saph (me) behind her

Me: Come back here and you tell me how it feels to be trapped into a safe for a month! I am curious but I don't want to try myself!

Sinja: Saph you are starting to scare me a bit...

Tiilia: Sinja... have you seen Kenny? eyes light up when she says Kenny

Sinja: last time in this review... understands what she ust said and tries to stop Tiilia before she runs away to get into the story Tiilia get back here!

Saph comes back to the review looking pleased

Sinja: Got Kat?

Me: Yup

Sinja: Locked her into a safe?

Me: Of course

Sinja: that is?

Me: On the botton of the sea

Sinja: You do remember that she ows you 450 swedish krones (around 45 euro or dollar :p)

Me: O.o oh oh... excuse me for a sec... runs away to try and find where exactlly Kat is

Sinja: sigh why do I still work as her oc?

Saph: 'Cause I created you! voice from distance

Sinja: Oh yeah -U thats why. But since saph has gone fishing I'll just end this review for her. She liked the story was glued to it for like forever. So she loved it even though she got a eally strange look on her face when Boris or Voltaire came into the fanfic... I hope that they are insured... but yeah she liked but I want to end this now with saph gone searching after Kat and with Tiilia trying to get into this story so she can hugg kenny (poor thing has a huge crush on him don't ask me why I dont know) so now I have Saph's laptop all to myself - so from Saph She liked this story and BYE!

And from me (Sinja saph's OC) thanks for giving Saph a story that she liked so much that she wrote a long review like this witch gives me the computer while she has to sort out the mess it created -



With a little help form her OC's

Kat: Just a little I am still stuck in the safe get me outta here!

Me: if it wasn't for the money I would leave her in there for a bit longer -.-

As I said! (my ending voice is a bit crancky)

help from Sinja Mistral, Kat Migato and Tiilia Suomi and of course me her ending voice the pain in her neck etc etc etc

finally the review is over hope you liked it sa much as i liked your story -
Lunar Fire chapter 22 . 12/17/2005
I'm so happy I came across this gem of a fiction. There are way to many stories where Kai is drinking coffee. The last line was a light end to a tense story. I thought it was well written and definatly deserves the 400 reviews it had when I read it.

I've just looked at your bio and saw a sequel! Guess what I'll be reading next.
MiseryWriter chapter 22 . 12/9/2005
col,,...nice story dude! If i'd got here sooner I would have given you more reviews as the chapters were posted but you're gonna have to settle for this one! anyway id just like to say, your story rocks its sox and i hope that brick didnt hit Kai too hard! I saw you have a follow on( discontinued at the moment but we'll see about that!) although this is a nice clean ending...maybe id better do that another night...anyhoo, well done and all, if i owned beyblade you'd be one of my scriptwriters!

cheese and happiness!
queenofgoths chapter 15 . 11/15/2005
good job... love your stories and I just registered just to comment... I know... I'm very retarded... but still. love your stories.. -_-' I talk to much... don't I
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