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Saffire506 chapter 8 . 3/1/2004
And here I'd begun to believe that you'd abandoned this story! I love the psychological element of your stories-you take Legolas-angst to a whole new level. Your stories are gems and I hope I don't have to wait so long for the next chapter! Cheers!
LOTRFaith chapter 8 . 3/1/2004
Is it true? Silver Thorne finally updated? *gasps* It's true! *jumps around happily* *sits down to read*
You give us an update and then you do that to us? *sob* Now I shall be tormented to misery until you post again...
lol... JK, well kinda true;-) Loved and hated this chapter and I hope your computer lets you update soon!
P.S. LOTR:ROTK has 11 Oscars!
Irish Anor chapter 8 . 2/29/2004
You know? I *would* be able to forgive your lateness if not for the EVIL CLIFFIE FROM MORDOR ITSELF AT THE END OF THIS CHAPTER! *cough*
Anywho...Please? Please...Please! Update soon? I love your story so much, mellon nin! Will Legolas die? *six inch dwarves snicker evilly* oh shut up! (not you! them! *glares at six inch dwarves*)
AHA! Thats it! If you do not update soon i shall force you to: DUN DUNN DUN! *thunder crashes and lightning strikes* ow. *yells up at lightning* YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO STRIKE ME, YOU -*cough* i was saying i will force you to: WATCH THE SIX INCH DWARVES DO THE TANGO!
Now that i have you compeletly scared out of your wits, i expect the next chapter in *looks at clock* thirty seconds.
*thirty seconds go by* ok, ok...just soon, ok?
ur devoted reader/reviewer,
~Irish QT
Kyra1 chapter 8 . 2/29/2004
Another chapter! *does the happy dance* Don't worry I would never give up waiting for another chapter to this. I figured you were probably just like me and have absolutely no time to do anything. I'm taking a writing class, so I have a story due every other day so its not like I've got time to write and when I do, I don't feel like it. LOL
Anyways, it was short and sweet. I was really wondering how you'd pick back up after such a long time. If you'd continue right where you left off and if Elrond and Thranduil would be in it. And now you've got me sitting here wondering what sort of trouble Estel and Elladan are about to get themselves into, lol cause valar knows they will. Well, great chapter and we'll hope for a faster update, but you just take your time and make sure its a good one. _
Twisted Fool chapter 8 . 2/29/2004
oh yayses! *huggles* im glad to see that u decided to return to the realm of the living, mellon nin!
oh yes, work is a bitch...always was and always will be!
ah goody...such angst and torture (for both the charries AND the readers!)! must u torment us with cliffies? *clings to the cliff w/ numb fingers*
i luved the scenes with 'Dan and was really ...*tries to think of a word* Real, i suppose u could really captured sibling camaraderie (i cant spell)and fights/arguments (tho those 2 r so much more mature than me bro, sis and i)
aiee...the angst! the suspence! the work-that-is-really-evil-and-prevents-our-fav.-authors-from-writing!
Angel With No Wings chapter 8 . 2/29/2004
I received the e-mail notification yesterday that you had updated only to be grieved by the fact that I did not have time to read it.
But here I am, and there it is and it’s wonderful. Short, perhaps (though I’ve no room to talk), overdue, by all means, but worth every agonizing moment of wait. Once again you astound me with your words.
To bring such emotion so extraordinarily well is a true gift. You draw the reader into the characters very soul. To feel the utter despair of loss, the bitterness of grief, the biting ache of helplessness. No other touches my borderline heart so well, muin pethron nin.
The friendship you portray between Elrond and Erestor is both unique and beautiful. The love of our dear twins, heartbreaking. Elrohir’s utter sadness at his own fears, and Elladan’s hopeless pain at his brother’s withdrawal is achingly moving.
Glorfindel’s love for his young charges and ageful wisdom is a beautiful respite from the pain and self-doubt found so often in the others. And Thranduil’s love for Legolas (though too often shown in a rather abrupt and... angry way) is still as touching though our dear king made no actual appearance.
And of course, Legolas and Aragorn. The prince is so rightfully bitter, so angry and yet utterly frightened of the terrible hand that life will deal him next. And dear Estel is so impossibly young and frightened of forever loosing what he loves so much. That they would take such anger and fear out on each other, when it is in each other that their peace lays, ‘tis a bitter end.
Never fear, mellon nin, (and it is an honor that you call me the same), late though it is (and painfully so) your return is joyfully received. Do not, I beg, stay away for so long this time, no?
And finally, after this ridiculous rambling I call a review, I have but one last thing to add. Who the hell is Peter Jackson to take my favorite twins out of the story? It’s an outrage I tell you! An outrage! *storms off to have a discussion with tomorrow’s winner of ‘Best Director’ at the Oscar’s* *crosses fingers as she goes cuz if he doesn’t win there will be hell to pay*
Snow-Glory chapter 8 . 2/28/2004
funny thing is... I was sitting in front of my computer thinking that wouldn't it be funny if Silver Thorne had updated her story... and then VOILA it seriously was updated!
only thing is... that's all a dream right? you didn't really leave us with a cliffhanger like that right? LEGOLAS WILL NOT DIE RIGHT?
*blushes and looks a little sheepish* hee hee hee sorry about that!
OH I am so happy you updated! please update soon... or as soon as you can!
Blume chapter 8 . 2/28/2004
*Blume randomly surfs around the Internet, without anything else to do she goes to see what havent' changed in and then she checks Silver Thorne's fics...*
Is this...?
Coudl this possibly be...?
IT IS! A CHAPTER! *maddly reads the hole chapter*
...uter silence...
...and then:
first you give me a chapter to read, so my miserable existence today can be diminished and now you leave me with a cliffhanger? Buawa! I will lock myslef in my cupboard until I get reasurance Leggy will be oka~y!
...You know... thsi review has comfirm me I have tendencies for beign Bipolar... ;P
nah, thansk fo rthe chapter, I really apreciate it, but a cliff hanger is a bit sadistic considering you are nto sure when are you going to update... oh, yeah, I read that author's note and review it... but I cannot remmember much of it...
Great. Now I've realized I also suffer from medium term memory.(who are you? where am I? howdidIgethere?)
lol! computers are always like that, mine refused to enter Windows and we had to get it reparied 5 times! FIVE! "a hammer happy aproach" or sorts? ; that will be a great way to treat it... though I had in mind throwing it into a deep cannon... _!
For what I read I can almso tbet you had all those iamges in yoru midn and you kinda said, "this is a good moment to type them before my brain starts to funtion as well as my computer" isn't it? .~
...My only complain will be to Elrond, last chapter he was thinking like a father, but now he reverted to "no, I will not speak, I've sworn secrecy" mode and it all scaled form there... So now we have a pissed of king going back to hsi realm to discover his son is (dead? injured?) is involved in trasgresiosn agasint a human town...
Legolas is in so~o much trouble. it makes me cringe, honestly. the way Legolas fel twhen he was in hsi chamber, plus his fahter towering over him and demanding awnsers... a sadistic world indeed. ;
Deana chapter 8 . 2/28/2004
A NEW CHAPTER! WOO HOO! Girl, I hope you post chapter 9 faster than you posted chapter 8! *hides* lol ;) No insult intended, LOL! Rather, it's a great compliment when a fan demands more, and I'm demanding more! Especially with such a Leggy-cliffie! :P lololol ;)
The Nameless Lenore chapter 8 . 2/28/2004
Screw The promptness!
I am so, so happy you have updated the sweet necter of life that is "Break to Deliverance". What a beautifully written chapter, so much drama! Finally more harm shall come to Legolas. I have an idea for you: KILL HIM!*Cackles then chokes* sorry, I really love the Leggyness but for some sick reason I want to see him dead or in alot of pain, whichever one works.
In conclusion and In summary,Promptness:Doesnt Matter any more. Death or agony to 8: GREAT! Please update soon, or not, as long it is good
Zoe chapter 8 . 2/28/2004
fantastic of course, loving it. i'm not actually angry about estel and legolas not getting on, can't think why, but i just don't mind it. or maybe im just not opinionated on it - i'm too busy looking forward to Thranduil questioning legolas, i mean he's obviously to the stage of physically sick from the grief of it all, to relieve it - if he does - to his father would be an interesting thing to witness...FANTASTIC CHAPTER, it's never calm with elladan, estel and elrohir is it? and with a raging-grief-striken-elf...anyway umm yeah, love it, when i clicked on i was like *blinks idly, yawns, notices break to deliverance and feud have BOTH been updated and goes fuckin mental...then reads them..* i've been looking forward to this for ages now, so thankyou!
gemstone chapter 8 . 2/28/2004
This chapter was a lovely surprise! I'd been hoping that you'd find time to update soon, and you have. I totally understand about not having enough time in a day, and i don't have to find time to write!
What an absolutely brilliant chapter, as always. What are you trying to do to me? Now you've got me wanting Erestor as well, and no writer has ever done that before. If you don't stop making the elves so wonderful, i'll have to get a bigger bed! (for the elves of course - i'll sleep on the sofa!)
I really don't know what else to say about this that i haven't said before. The writing is fresh, and beautiful, the characterisations are flawless as far as i can tell, and the story is!
Hopefully you will get another break from R.L again soon, so you can update, but if it takes another 6 months, so be it, i for one will be reading.
Take care, and don't wear yourself out too much!
'til your next post.
*Just going to check the reply where you said i can have my elves. I get a warm tingly feeling just thinking about it*
*No i won't tell you *where*! *lol*
IMTrinity chapter 8 . 2/28/2004
How thrilled i am that a new chapter is up! And what a wonderful chapter it is, i must say. I am happy to know that during your absense, your wonderful ideas and style has not changed. I definetely cannt wait for the next update.
ElvenSoul chapter 8 . 2/28/2004
Hurray! I have an urge to say "FINALLY", but no, it was worth the wait. The story has not lost ANY of its quality and mood even after a few months, and I got into it very quickly. _ He! I'm so glad it's here, I remember checking for it loads!
Why did Legolas kill that man? :( But more importantly, WHAT AN EVIL CLIFFIE! Owwha, it seems impossible for him to not get hit now, but we still don't know! Grr - you're another author that makes readers beg for more, LOL! Anyways...fantastic writing, I love how you sometimes delay the information (hmm, how to put it...), as in you have a conversation that unfolds the decision and not a direct speech/description of exactly what is going to happen LOL though even if you did put it that way, it would still be really good.
_ I'Can't wait for the next chapter...though that was only an expression; I'd wait for it. Good luck in free-time-finding.
Me chapter 8 . 2/28/2004
Dude! Wow! Speechless! You made my day. I can't believe you updated. I'd all but given up on you. Wow! Still decidedly numb from initial shock.
Still, good to see that the absence didn't impair your ability to write. Woohoo! Yay!
Still gushing! Must go before I make total fool of myself.
Again, thanks dude!
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