Reviews for History Repeats Itself
Brunild chapter 22 . 5/15/2007
Thanks heaven you're back! I missed you, and Jenny (who's great and very un-Mary sue). However, your writing has change a lot, really. It's improved in some ways, like the way you describe acction secuences and the realism in the dialogue. Yet I miss some of the old you, specially the attention to detail you had (I mostly enjoy the marauder's chapter, one of the best marauder flashbacks I have ever read, and the description of the chess game). I also find you so much darker, I'm not so sure about it, but hopefully all the nighty shades have a real reason to be (please, do not make an angst fanfiction out of it). Without more to say, see you soon.
Dilligas762 chapter 22 . 5/9/2007
Glad to see you kickin' again! Hope RL slows down a bit so you can finish this! :)

witchheart chapter 22 . 5/4/2007
So. I was sitting in a cafe playing with facebook and and I thought I'd check up on a few of the deceased stories I used to read. I do this from time to time, and have become accustomed to seeing the same old '05 update dates. And then I got to this one, and there were TWO NEW CHAPTERS. Dude. Time warp. I felt like a nocturnal little sophomore with dial-up again.

I don't have time to do a vintage, jillion-word review at the moment, but I wanted to say how excited I am to see this story back up. Jenny remains one of my favorite OCs in fanfiction, and I am thrilled at her return. I look forward to the next chapter. And to more Fitz. And to our first current-era scene in which he and Jenny interact face to face. And to Remus's reactions. And to more lines like, "Nope, I don't do scamper. Sorry." And, "A word, yes. Not a particularly real one." And... and I'm STOPPING now. Yeesh, this still happens to me. I hope you're enjoying college- I'm certainly looking forward to starting in the fall- and thanks again for reviving one of my favorite addictions.
DanceDiva chapter 22 . 5/1/2007
First off, it's always nice to know that the reviews you leave mean something. So thanks for that. Now onto the next chapter, which came a bit later than I would have liked. (Boy, am I a hypocrite. My updates usually take a month...) Well, onto the story. No more badgering I promise.


It's done already! When you first posted, I didn't really remember what had happened. But Fred's dead. Grimmauld Place is being attacked. I have no clue where Remus is going. And Wood and Ginny are going to headquarters when it's probably going to be empty or full of Death Eaters. Geez woman! There is so much going on but I love it anyway. But how is George going to react when he sees his brother's dead body? Any way it is sure going to be emotional.

You have done such a great job with this story. The characters are perfect as are the situations you put them into. I'll be waiting on bated breath until you post the next chapter. Now get a move on. :)
Evenstar606 chapter 22 . 4/30/2007
update! Please!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/1/2007
Dear GOD it’s been a long time.

I was one of the regulars way back when and I fully intend to reread this start to finish because in all honesty it was what got me into fanfiction (damn you). For that reason I’m delaying reading the new chapter and right now I’m just reviewing as an ohmygodimsoshockedyouupdated kinda thing (I’ll leave you a whopping great BOOK of a review when I get the time to read the lot).

But yeah. I blame you for the pages of angst I’ve written since I joined this site and the fact that I’ve only recently kicked the fanfiction addiction. And dude, I can’t even remember what this fic was about, only that when I was fifteen I LOVED it.

I can tell I won’t be revising for impending mocks anytime soon.

-Arctic Demon
DanceDiva chapter 21 . 2/24/2007
You know what? A story is pretty darn good if it can bring me close to tears.

Why'd you have to kill Fred? Although I think one of the Weasley's will end up getting axed in the series, it made me so incredibly sad. The tears started welling like crazy!

I am glad you have returned to us after such a long hiatus. This story is too good to just let it rot. I'm looking forward to what else you have in store for us and the characters.

Just don't make me want to cry again. I really don't like that feeling.

Keep writing and update soon!
jayley chapter 4 . 2/24/2007
not much of a believable character...i mean, it's just not possible to actually explain how someone could be completely missing from harry's life, and know nothing about him. and the return of voldemort, i mean, that was all over the prophet, if only cuz it was saying that it was all a lie. and harry was in the triwizard tournament-that's pretty big
otahyoni chapter 21 . 2/21/2007
OH GOD. The George section killed me. SLAYED MY SOUL.

So glad this is back. Can't wait to see where you take it.

disaffectedHSstudent chapter 20 . 7/9/2005
THAT WAS THE MOST AWESOME CHAPTER EVER! oh my goodness you couldn't have done better! but you better bring fred back, the weasly twins have always been my favorite, you can't kill off fred! so not cool! but dude that rocked! gah! it was awesoem! and now that i have officially over used the exclamation point (but dude it rocked!) i'll leave you in peace *bows out*
Cecilia Orechio chapter 20 . 1/26/2005
This was such a heart-wrenching chapter! Poor Angelina and Weasley family. Why did Fred have to die? I love the twins! With or without his death still it's a well-written chapter. Loved reading every word of it! Can't wait for more! Keep up the great work.
otahyoni chapter 20 . 1/24/2005
My hands are shaking. Just so you know. Oh, my darling Fred!

Okay. I'll try to start at the beginning. This chapter ROCKED. The flashbacks slowed it down a little bit, but they were good for Bella's character development, and for seeing her relationship with Sirius.

Oliver is cracking me up. "Wood’s eyes took on a wistful look. 'I've heard the Muggles let their professional athletes off scott clean, just on principle.' He sighed. 'Some days I envy them.'" Hysterical. LOVED him and Ginny in Knockturn Alley, and the whole scene in the joke shop.

My other favorite bit of dialogue: "'The one who was found in bits?' he said somewhat hysterically."

Moody's speech was great. It's so easy to just see him as the gruff, paranoid Auror who's usually good for a laugh. But he's WISE, and a good teacher and a PERSON-he does care about people. You did a good job of bringing that out in him.

This is going to be a mega-long review. I think I'm only half done.

I'm also going to treasure forever (especially if he's really dead-but I'll get to that later) the scene where Fred let us SEE him. How proud he was of Ron and how he felt like he wasn't the brave one but how he was beginning to understand.

And he does understand. Because then there was the duel. Oh, the duel! So, so good. Suspense in all the right places, and Fred fighting like only Fred can fight. Switching of the wands-brilliant. Throwing himself at Bellatrix despite the crucio curse because Angelina-HIS Angelina!-was in danger-heartbreaking and heroic.

I'm clinging to the fact that you warned about us about the cliffhanger, in the hopes that the other side of the cliff (okay, so that metaphor doesn't really stand up under scrutiny) means Not Dead Fred. But. I also remember telling you in one of my very first reviews that I would have been impressed if you'd have killed off Bill. Would've taken guts. Well, dearie, you just went and proved yourself. The only person I would have been more heartbroken over would be Remus. So this is me eating my words. That was one of the ballsiest things I've read on this site.

And you also said Bellatrix was going to be around for a while, so I suppose we can't expect next chapter to begin with her getting zapped simultaneously by both Jenny and Angelina.

One last thing-I noticed that this story is now over 200,0 words. Did you know the average novel is 100-150,0? You've got your very own OotP on your hands here, especially if we're nowhere near to being done, as you hinted in your A/N. :) Wow.

Can I hug you? I think this is the best chapter you've written.

Despite the fact that my favorite character is most probably dead (Hey, I have a month or two to live in denial, and I'm going to make the most of my time.)

George is going to be TICKED.
arctique48 chapter 20 . 1/21/2005

you... you killed him? 0_0 But... Fred?

this chapter was brilliant... (*miffle*fred*miffle*) definately one of my favourites. The fake wand stunt rocked (*mutter*bellabetterdie*mutter*) i'm sure the marauders would be proud. Must say that Fred went in a much better way than Sirius, i was always disappointed with the falling through the veil thing. I feel pretty bad for poor Jen, she must feel useless as hell -lol- well hopefully she'll get Bella's life in consolation...

You keep dropping in the Isabeau's name... "save Izzy from herself" (or something to that effect) - what does it all mean? And again with the (Perilous) Gard thing? or did i make that up? Karkaroff screaming? hmm... maybe not - im to tired to go check. (The random Greek and Roman junk Jenny keeps turning up with is really cool, never thought of Hades as a Necromancer... nice...) And Titania rocks... i want magic powers that throw rocks when you laugh and destroy buildings when you want something.

I really LOVE Moody. He is the Best. (I liked the sorta suggesting why he didn't reconsider the news of her death.) And wonderfully righteous 10 year old Sirius makes me smile. Oliver is kinda sweet in a *awiwanapathishead* kinda way, being famous must be terrible. (And although she is mean and evil and we all hate her and she deserves to die, Bellatrix is so cool - lol i just keep contradicting myself today, observe what reading fanfiction in the early hours of the morning does to you)

*mutter* Cant believe you did that to George... and Angelina... and Ron and Ginny and Bill and... well you get the picture...*mutter*

Do update soon. Im not very good at being patient, and now you have the Internet you have no excuses... So yus... Next chapter. Soon. (please)

p.s. did i spy an LotR quote in there? "there's worse than Death Eaters in the shadows of the world" lol wise words, though Moody is more of a Gandalf than a Saruman methinks... *sigh**sigh*

p.p.s. Fred...
Silviotrix chapter 20 . 1/21/2005
Hello! Its been like AGES since your last chapter and i had forgotten LOADS lol. ANd then i got an email sayin you'd updated n i was like..yeah baby! lol...neways...

Loved this chappie! Um...i knew fred wud die as soon as i read that bit you put at the beginning! was sad :( but i'll get to that in a minute..

i really liked the chessgame, and then the significance it had towards the ends and the hidden meanings and stuff in it...well it seemed like their were anyway...a good analogy...(did i spell that right? meh, who cares)

o i liked the azkaban bit...i like tatanias character in it because theres like some kind of mystery about her, so will be good to read more about her...

um..i loved the duel at the end! that switching spell was a v inventive idea lol

i laughed at the "stupid bloody dragons"!

neways...really well written and looking forward, as per chapter 21!

good luck! Kayleigh x
Cecilia Orechio chapter 19 . 1/15/2005
I am so very sorry it's taken me so long to review this chapter. I was extremely busy at the end of last semester and so I kept letting all the stories I had to read and review pile up!

Well what a great chapter. I think everything flows nicely. I love the scene with Fred and Angelina. It's right before they have their final farewell with the swamp right? I liked how you tied in the card that Fred gave her to the danger that Angelina and Katie are in. I hope they both make it to Fred and George's shop. That's where it is intended to take them, yes?

Again lovely chapter and I can't wait for the next one. Of course I'll patiently wait. Just to let you know that I've updated my story. Thanks for reading it. I'm honored that you sneak around just to be able to read it. Anyway until next time, good luck with your studies and writing!
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