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kara.eve chapter 31 . 4/15/2015
I did not see it coming. I though Kai's friend might have come back.
kara.eve chapter 30 . 4/14/2015
Dranzer versus Black Dranzer yea!
kara.eve chapter 22 . 4/12/2015
You are making the battles interesting.
kara.eve chapter 10 . 4/11/2015
beautiful job with chibi Ran and Kai
kara.eve chapter 9 . 4/9/2015
so sweet.
I love the understanding between Ran and Kai.
Kaderin chapter 33 . 6/28/2013
I'm not sure how I missed this story every time I searched here... but I've found it now!
I love the pace your story moves at, not too fast so it feels rushed or too slow like it goes on forever. I think you balanced the speed nicely.
The character development was also really good, each character acted the way I always imagined them to act.
I really enjoyed the way chapter 23 was done. I found it quite easy to follow and understand what was happening.
I noticed at a few points in the story some of the words would be spelt different than how they were in all the previous chapters. Like in one paragraph Nadya was spelt Nadja, and a few chapters later Mikki was Miki. I am unsure if they were mistakes or done intentionally :P

First time writing a review like this so am unsure exactly what else to put...
So, thank you for writing! :)
Anime Onnanoko chapter 33 . 6/8/2013
This story is amazing. Your writing is so enjoyable to read. I am so glad that I kept checking back on this story, the ending was so good.
"Kai, you may be an arrogant, stuck up, thoughtless prick,"
"But," Takao continued, "you're our arrogant, stuck up, thoughtless prick. Aww and lol
Aww when they all said how they felt about Kai, it's so beautiful T_T
It's inside him isn't it? I knew it!
"You guys –have- to stop doing that," lol
I knew Hideaki was Kai's dad!
Yea you do dserve people who care about you Kai!
HikaruWinter chapter 6 . 2/21/2013
You just... you didn't... you wouldn't dare...
NEXT CHAPTER! *runs into the next chapter*
PD: I love this story!
LadyKatt chapter 33 . 12/26/2012
too cute i read it all in one sitting i just couldnt stop. I loved the ending to this story.
SchoolBoredom chapter 33 . 12/26/2012
Wow that was so cool! I had to reread the whole thing is there was a huge gap between this chapter and the last one, that I forgot what the story was about.
bladz-liska chapter 33 . 12/25/2012
Well... last chapter, last review... god I'm so happy and sad at the same time.

First of all I would like to say this is one of those stories that made me start to write my own ones, have been more than seven years since then and I would really like to say: thank you. Because this story impacted me, I can recall asking you for permission to translate it almost five years ago, I was then translating stories and yours was that one to begin with, since then, fics on English have helped me to increase my vocabulary. Sadly I'm not translating anymore but that doesn't matter because you updated, you finished! (I'm truly so happy!)

I would really have you to know how important this story was for me, I know this maybe sounds kind of irrelevant but this stage of fanfiction-writer has been a very long one and very satisfactory on my life as hobby. I can proudly say I haven't stopped since I started (save for few pauses), and my first ones were heavily influenced by this story and few other ones I can barely remember, but yours have been always present.

Ah yes, a review is about the chapter, right? Hehehe

What can I say? “I feel like I haven't even smelled the air outside since the moment the bomb destroyed the balcony window in Russia.” an overwhelming sentence that resumes his terrible last weeks, and considering before that wasn't the best thing ever.

The family puzzle, like a twisted soap opera, so cruel and vicious... but then a small light, a family mending their wounds, finding small comforts and then, maybe, healing.

The final of Black Dranzer was handy and kind of happy, the beast found a version of happiness because found what it needed. Like Kai, I think, he felt empty without a clear path to follow, finding bits of what he wants or need on his life but without anything really clear. Both of them were lost. But, they found a place to belong and be accepted. Yeah, this is rambling but... I'm just writing what I think after reading you whole story again, I think was worth of.

The 'we-are-friends' part... yep, the sugar part, mellow and sugared, but necessary just to highlight the friendship and the real savior for Kai. The boy deserves it even if he doesn't like to admit it.
So the thing about Kai and Hideaki was right, was kind of obvious but it was as dramatic as the revelation you already quoted, it held the same emotion. But is the other part of the 'happy' ending, he has friends, Dranzer and then a family.

A fantastic ending, a wonderful story and a great author, no doubt I really admire your work, you went deeper in the personality of a character that was childishly designed (is shameful to admit, but the anime was this) and developed a fantastic character with a complex personality and a fantastic (on a way to say, god, this is the epitome of angst) background building a wonderful story behind to support everything that happened here. Something I can say, really helped me to develop my taste for angst and drama.

I would really like to put my favorites quotes but I haven't had the mind to pick up the best, I did a list when I read it but I think I need to evaluate. So I'll leave you a 'guest' review later with the lines.

Meanwhile, after this kilometric and rambling speech, I just have to say: thank you, congratulations and Merry Christmas from an author that owes you a lot.

See ya!
bladz-liska chapter 32 . 12/25/2012
I'm one of those readers that had already given up waiting for an update... then I saw the new chapter, and then just few days later the last one. THANKS for the update, for finishing it and not forget this fantastic story. But let's focus on this chapter first, and let my rambling for the next one.

I have to admit I was so excited reading this and when I finished, I wanted more action but I was happy enough to know you had planned and almost finished the last chapter. Anyway, I think this was anguish enough, I knew you wouldn't kill Kai but I think you really transmitted the desperation they felt because that guy was almost dead, I was just wondering how would he live, if he would be in good shape to not be attached to a hospital or an oxygen tank.

I liked the sequence of escape, I think Hedeon was a bastard but he became a twisted hero, without him they would've ended like living torch, so they managed to escape but wasn't easy, I think this is one of the best things, the end of the story was close, the bad guys were dead so the good ones are achieving everything easily and happily, nah, they have more problems to deal with and these problems, almost killed them.

And then, the last part was fantastic... a deadly cliffhanger, but I love you updated so quickly. Thanks!
Syaoran-Lover chapter 33 . 12/22/2012
Truthfully, out of everything, I think what shocked me most was the "because it's me" (in a nonchalant voice). I mean, there are some really tense moments, and some phrases that were really describing (like when Kai resumed to Takao in the hospital, stg like "my grandfather wanted me to use BD again, I said no and he wasn't too happy about it, so he tried to... pursuade me."/"that's it?!"/That's it.", or "he killed her, he killed his own daughter... Grandfather, why did you kill me mother?"). I am also really glad that Kai didn't change completely after he woke up and got better, that he still thinks (almost) the same, because a change like that takes time and dedication. But when he said he wouldn't let Rei die, but it would be perfectly OK for him to die, because it was him, it tugged me heart.

Ok, so you didn't kill him, and though I'm not quite sure I liked all this "everything is over - let's get answer right away" thing, I have to admit Ran deserved it. I do, however, feel sorry for Isamu, because the only thing he gained it from is the boy who was somehow responsible for his beloved son's death and his family "losing the phoenix" - though that last part isn't true because Hideaki really IS Kai's father. I'm glad he is such a good person...

I'm also really happy about BD's fate. It wasn't it's fault it was created like that... Always feeling hollow must be really despairing, so I'm glad you gave it stg it could "live for". I also really liked how the 'Brakers were suddenly so aware that Kai might not tell them if he was in pain or in danger just to protect them. That warmed me up..

I do, however, feel a few things are amiss. Ex. Poor Isamu. I hope he can grow to at least appreciate Kai. But losing a (beloved) son is not stg anybody can get over with, so I'm pretty sure that will affect him for a very long time before he even thinks of giving Kai a chance (not that Kai feels he needs it. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind dying at Isamu's hands to compensate for Ran's death).

Second, if that point thing next to his aorta is still there, I'm amazed it hasn't cut it yet, considering how many kicks he received and Voltaire stepping heavily on him... Second, even if BD is no longer a threat to Kai's health, stg sharp like that has to be... I feel uneasy that it's still there.

Third, and this is a minor thing. When Rei said that BD was sucking up Kai's strength, therefore making it impossible for him to get better - and actually making him worse - that was the first time the others heard that. Until then, Kai was the only one who knew and, when he told Rei, they were kidnapped shortly after, making it impossible for others to have known. Yet the 'Brakers didn't react to that. It seemed like they knew. So either someone filled them in during the weeks after Kai & Rei were saved, or they somehow reached that conclusion.

And Kai didn't die... LOL. It seems "just/fair" to give him a chance at happiness (just like Dranzer said.. XP), but it also feels so... heavy a burden to place on a young child's shoulders. Kai feels responsible for many deaths, one way or the other. I'm pretty sure that, even though he didn't actually want to die, once he finally accepted that possibility in the cell (damn Voltaire for planning so meticulously! - though I'm hoping Kai realized what Voltaire wanted, but couldn't find another way to free Rei), he probably reveled in the thought that he would finally be free, that he would finally pay for this "sins". Having to live with him might be a worse fate in his case... poor child. .

BUT I SO LOVE YOUR STORY! I loved the way you placed so many clues here and there, but never enough to make it obvious until it was close to reveal that part of the puzzle. I love how you kept torturing our favorite blader one time after another, even when we thought he would be safe (OK, that's a lie. we all knew he wouldn't be safe anytime soon... )! I loved how you made the 'Breakers slowly realize what was going on, and how Kai affected their lives. I love how Dranzer and Kai had such a special connection. I love that you didn't miraculously revive everybody that died; dead is dead. And I loved how you made every part of this story be a small piece that connects to a bigger picture.

You are a tremendous author and I am so happy I found this story, read it and had the delightful experience of rereading it many times... As I will probably do again and again, when I can.
Thank you for this masterpiece. I congratulate you for finishing it, for doing a great job, and for not giving up. It may not mean much to you, but I can genuinely say I am proud of you.

Read ya next! .

(I'm still waiting for HB, though, even if it takes another 5 years. XP)
Syaoran-Lover chapter 32 . 12/22/2012
I am so, so, sooooooo happy that you decided to finish this story! :D
Obviously, I had to reread it all over again and, considering I barely remembered what was what, I had a lot of fun with "I think this is when xxxx happens" or "I think I remember this" or even "wait, I'm pretty sure yyyyy happens, so this has to be linked to..."

Any how, I had so much fun rereading Kai's strengths and falls. I especially love how you tried not to make everything so black&white. Also, I was really relieved when Hedeon finally learned that it wasn't Kai (phew!). So he must have felt guilty for taking out on Marya's beloved son all the frustration he had for her loss though the poor kid was not directly responsible. I mean, if you account Voltaire's twisted thinking, it is still somehow Kai's fault... but he can hardly be blamed when his mother barely spoke kindly or when his grandfather is so... indescribably detestable.

I'm glad Ran's fate was finally revealed to his family, and that he is, in a way, still alive. Most of all, I'm glad Hideaki did not immediately abuse/accuse Kai for Ran's demise, but rather prioritize knowledge. I'm pretty sure he never would have been able to live with himself when, in the future, when he finally confirms that he is Kai's father (I'm pretty sure of it, though I have yet to read clear words on this).

To be honest, I don't see how anyone could survive... or WANT to survive all of that. I know BD is no longer stalling his recovery, and I know Dranzer will help, but I'm not sure someone who was so intent on dying - especially because it meant saving a friend - could be coaxed out of it. So, though I suspect you won't kill him, I half wish you would. LOL
(But I'm pretty sure I'll be happy if he doesn't die and FINALLY gets a normal life - not that he will ever feel normal, at least not anytime soon...)

Gotta read the next chapter! *happyyyyyy face
chibi heishi chapter 33 . 12/20/2012
Freaking awesome. When I got the notice for the latest chapter, I went back and re-read the whole thing. I picked up on a lot of things I'd missed the first time around. Though one thing bugs me - where were the families during all of this? I can understand the elders of Rei's village (do we even know if he HAS parents?) and Max's mom (since she lives in another country) but Max's dad and Takao's Grandpa should have been there, especially since the boys were at Kai's bedside for weeks.

Anyway, aside from that tetchy little detail, this was a wonderful story.
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