Reviews for Myths Like That
Vest-Button chapter 1 . 11/1/2003
"As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!"

I like it
Farfalla chapter 2 . 10/14/2003
I love the line about him having to be his own prince. I am discovering this as well...

Thanks for your nice review on my Azure Sky story! (I'm that K/S woman.) Email me sometime - blueberrysnail - and let's talk ;-) Have you ever seen the All-Ages Kirk/Spock Archive? It's a collection of nonexplicit slash fic and art, and it's at (hehe). It's not a message board, so you can avoid ~drama~ to your heart's content (and believe me, I know what you mean!) And we can always use new stuff. :-D :-P

Nice to meet you!

Nenya Kanadka chapter 2 . 9/28/2003
Interesting; very different from any other Star Trek fanfiction I've read. Rather more metaphysical and philosophical than most. Is this meant to be Kirk? I can almost see the boy at the end becoming Kirk-he *is* the sort of person who protects the innocent and prevents harm.

I liked this line: "But I am not a pretty, precious white doll to be rescued. I am a boy, sun-scorched, with yellow hawk-eyes, and my horse is no dainty-ankled thoroughbred but a swift sturdy, spotted Plains runner, and when I stretch out my arm it is not for a happy little bluebird but the living thunder that is Eagle."

That's very much a boy speaking there-not a girl. I like your description. Not, of course, that no girl ever thinks things like that, but that's the sort of thing that tends to be the forte of men-being strong and being beautiful in a strong, wild way instead of in a dainty, pretty way. Who. . . . very, very cool. :-)

I think your analysis of the issue of fairy tales and stepmothers (abused childhood) is quite good and realistic, I think. The only thing I'd add or disagree with is that "I swear I will save myself" doesn't always work. Swearing that you will NOT be like those who have gone before you tends to backfire.

"Where are the Watch? Where are the takers, the constables on patrol? Where are the polis-men, to protect the city, when the sheriffs become shady or as ghostly as their towns?"

I'm still slightly confused as to how this fits in with Star Trek fic (I'm sure you'll explain more if there's another chapter or a sequel) but that line about the Watch made a bullseye with me...I'm going to remember that for a while.

I wanna be a Watchman. . . .