Reviews for Aria of the Ascending Soul
ninja of fallen Sakura chapter 4 . 10/13
I feel bad for arikado and soma great job on the chapter I love it.
Guest chapter 7 . 10/8
just thought id let you know that "fine be that way" comment that soma made in chapter 7 doesnt make sense anymore since you took off that rude comment of getting soma dog food or something that arikado made in your original draft. you might want to change that
ninja of fallen Sakura chapter 1 . 9/29
Great chapter.
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 29 . 9/18
Great as usual
Cador2004 chapter 28 . 8/5
I had no idea how much I needed the Baskin Belmont Brigade until finding this story.
Nicolle chapter 28 . 7/25
Great chapter. It's nice to see the Belmonts talking.
Guest chapter 28 . 7/24
not gonna lie but this chapter was just a rehash of all the things we already knew . nothing new happened so i cant really make a good comment
Iheartlife888 chapter 28 . 7/24
The hilarity of the "power of Dracula compels you" line really made my day. I completely pity Kazu now as he just went through multiple revelations in a few hours... on his birthday too! Totally can not wait for the plot and story to kickoff even more, so I'll be waiting for updates. Thank you for the chapters and sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes.
Att chapter 27 . 6/15
Glad to see an update! Too bad mina is scared of soma... although, it would be kinda weird if she gave a friendship speech there. Looks like the end of the stuffed belmonts arc though, and i'm looking forward to the next chapter!
A Whimsical Seishin chapter 27 . 6/8
Introspective chapters are always nice.
Guest chapter 27 . 6/7
awww kid soma is cute
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 27 . 6/7
Great as usual
Iheartlife888 chapter 26 . 5/12
This is a support post for the wonderful update. I sort of agree with someone else who posted that Soma should have more personality. If Soma and Dracula are the same entity then I would expect the more recent one to be the main personality. Sure I completely understand it if Dracula's long memories influence Soma a lot now, but Soma is technically still Soma. Reincarnations are a bit different from rebirth after all. In any case I hope you update this awesome story soon! Thank you.
lemonkid chapter 26 . 5/3
ok ill be honest i feel like soma needs to have more personality that is his own and not dracula's. i know they are technically the same person but sometimes it feels less like im reading a fic about soma and more like im reading a fic about a passive dracula
Elu-Mam chapter 26 . 5/2
There's a couple times where you use the same word twice in the same sentence and it kills the story flow. (I'm looking at you 'kitchen.') And the description runs all over itself. Even so, the plot is thickening and I enjoyed Soma's reaction to Leon even if I find his demeanor to be tiring.
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