Reviews for Aria of the Ascending Soul
HelenTheMoon chapter 44 . 10/8
I'm so sad for Elmo! Just as it seemed his grandpa would recover, he accidently killed his family! And Alucard had been ASLEEP this whole time? How did THAT happen?
LaSauvage chapter 43 . 9/18
Started reading it by curiosity... I admit I was a bit unconvinced by the whole bearmont plot at first but now I find it's a very interesting part of the whole story, so that convinced me 3

Very worried for our favorite boys and what the church is up to though...
And I don't think that flash back will end well either, poor Elmo :c
HelenTheMoon chapter 43 . 9/16
About time Alucard comes back. However, when is this? Alucard has been missing for a while now; was he tending to the werewolf the whole time?
Guest chapter 41 . 8/3
wow that was confusing. i had no idea what was going on in that dream
HelenTheMoon chapter 41 . 8/3
The sheer levels of mind screw in this chapter... Wow.
ninja of fallen Sakura chapter 39 . 6/18
I'm curious to see what's in those bottles myself lol.
Fairy child chapter 38 . 6/10
You're on a roll here, both this one and past and future pharaoh! Updates! Thank heavens!

The story keeps getting more complex as time wears on...

I don't suppose we'd be given a sneak peek into what Julius and alucard are up against.. still, bearmonts. Everything is better with .

Also if Leon is here by Lisa's efforts, is something big going to happen? And if Lisa is a separate entity who remembers her time as Elizabeth, then Mina is not Lisa reincarnated..? So then is she just a girl who happened to sit next to Soma on the first day of class? That's different
Guest chapter 38 . 5/28
lol lisa's angry with them for making alucard kill his father and get damned to hell? the person she should be angry with is dracula for being genocidal and forcing alucard's hand. dracula and lisa are both very selfish it seems
ninja of fallen Sakura chapter 36 . 4/14
This chapter was both funny and cute I love the fact that Soma is a ladies man.
ninja of fallen Sakura chapter 35 . 3/26
I had a good laugh at soma picking on Trevor great chapter by the way I enjoyed it.
Guest chapter 34 . 2/22
gah i dont like lisa. acting all angry with the hunters that have been fighting for humanity all this time selflessly and blaming them for what alucard had to do instead of blaming the ACTUAL person that forced alucard in to the position where he had to kill his father ie. dracula. lisa is selfish if she cant even see that the person she should be angry with for forcing alucard in to the position he is in is her own crazy mantally unstable husband
ninja of fallen Sakura chapter 34 . 2/21
Yay you updated!
A Whimsical Seishin chapter 34 . 2/21
Haha, kinda anticlimactic.
ninja of fallen Sakura chapter 33 . 2/1
Great chapter I'm happy to see you updated I love this story.
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 33 . 1/31
the plot thickens...
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