Reviews for Aria of the Ascending Soul
LaSauvage chapter 55 . 5/16
See keeping him in the dark is useless!
Guys should just tell him and let him help, damn those well-meaning fools .

And yes Soma, a lady. A very specific lady... you snowflake of doom...
HelenTheMoon chapter 55 . 5/16
So magic is affecting a crappy voice box? Cool.
KnightLawn chapter 1 . 5/13
Fantastic work on this.
Guest chapter 54 . 4/26
*theme of spy movie playing during Soma heist*

Alright, rescuing the knight, check!
Leon is trying so hard too, he's adorable w
LaSauvage chapter 53 . 4/6
The army of the after-life is coming in! Reinforcement! Yay!

Alright time to get this plan on the road!
LaSauvage chapter 52 . 3/18
Great so now they can't find Alucard anymore... Damnit

There is something so very wrong here, I dunno what, but it's... Like the whole world is conspiring against them .
LaSauvage chapter 51 . 2/25
I dunno if I should laugh at poor Leon or pity him right now XD

And come on guys, make a plan and get to it! Alucard needs you!
Cookies are nice and all but action is needed here!
LaSauvage chapter 49 . 1/17
Poor Yoko, she does need sleep... good thing she got the plush squad to take care of her...

I love that last text exchange XD Trevor got the snark XD
LaSauvage chapter 48 . 12/31/2017
Finally they told her!
And I still don't trust the church...
Either it was infiltrated or sumthin'
But anyway... Go save the pretty blond guys!
HelenTheMoon chapter 47 . 12/6/2017
I'm lost here. Who's Alex?
LaSauvage chapter 45 . 10/30/2017
Yeah somebody should go save Leon now... this is cruel XD
Oh boy, Julius reaction will be gold. But I'm worried about Arikado more and more :c
Where is he? What happened to him?

And what will happen to Soma if something bad happened to his guardian? :c
HelenTheMoon chapter 44 . 10/8/2017
I'm so sad for Elmo! Just as it seemed his grandpa would recover, he accidently killed his family! And Alucard had been ASLEEP this whole time? How did THAT happen?
LaSauvage chapter 43 . 9/18/2017
Started reading it by curiosity... I admit I was a bit unconvinced by the whole bearmont plot at first but now I find it's a very interesting part of the whole story, so that convinced me 3

Very worried for our favorite boys and what the church is up to though...
And I don't think that flash back will end well either, poor Elmo :c
HelenTheMoon chapter 43 . 9/16/2017
About time Alucard comes back. However, when is this? Alucard has been missing for a while now; was he tending to the werewolf the whole time?
Guest chapter 41 . 8/3/2017
wow that was confusing. i had no idea what was going on in that dream
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