Reviews for Snowed In
Mako-Magic chapter 13 . 8/24/2004
chickyo chapter 13 . 8/23/2004
Yah! Best set/katy story EVER! Marik and Malik having fluff sex with Mokie would be so KAWAII!
maruimochi chapter 13 . 8/21/2004
0o0 :Gaps: Oh, my, god. That may have been the best Jou/Seto paired story I have ever read. YOU HAD EVERYTHING IN IT! - You had my fav parings! There was fluff, sap, toothaches (ow) certain hints on certain situations between Bakura Ryou Malik and Marik and you also had a great deal of Seto/Jou. Mrs. Shindou was hilarious, I loved her. The last chapter may have taken the cake though. Poor Seto, having to meet your beloved's parent. :Shakes head: I feel sorry for the poor sod but I wonder what the situation would be when Seto asks permission to marry Jou? Hm, :Wicked grin: Seto will probably be stared down by father and Jou shall have a horrid death by his co-workers. What a pity. XD Anyway, I absolutely loved this story, I loved it so much I have to add you to my favs and such things of the sort. Ta! o :Whistles:
RoadyWay chapter 6 . 8/12/2004
Love the story!
SilverMoonKiss chapter 13 . 8/12/2004
aw...what an awesome story,please add more chaps soon!
Diet Soda chapter 13 . 8/7/2004
this was so cute!
solarsenshi chapter 13 . 8/5/2004
too bad this ended :3 i liked it...
TinyClownBean1 chapter 13 . 8/4/2004
OMG! SO cute I loved it. I would like to know about the whole Malik Marik and Mokuba thingy too. PLus a little Yami and Yuugi. You didn't talk much about them being together the whole time. Hehehehe LOVED YOUR STORY!
TinyClownBean1 chapter 8 . 8/2/2004
OMG! So cute I love your story so far. I just had to review this chapter. cute. I love Jou. Hehehehe great job.
E.Tphonehome chapter 13 . 8/2/2004
youre on my alert list now
kiokukaiba chapter 13 . 7/26/2004
I just now read this story when I saw that Yami Vixen's site only had five chapters, I did a search for your screen name here of ! Marvelous story! I love how descriptive and long the chapters are! You portrayed their characters perfectly! If you are still reading your reviews, a Bakura/Ryou side story would be nice! Also, a sequel to this story would kick ass!
Faeryl chapter 13 . 7/22/2004
ok, this is the FOURTH count it FOURTH time i've read this story! ok that is saying something! i LOVE this story! i'm probably going to print it out and bring it with me when i go to my cottage, (which has no internet, or even basic cable!) i just wanted to tell you this story is AMAZING!

~*Dark Witch*~
AngelofDeath chapter 13 . 7/20/2004
Omg! :D That was a great story! Jou and Seto are so sweet together! I loved the last chapter espcially when Honda was going on about him having no one to pick up girls with! I wanna know what happened with Mokuba aswell! And once again that was a GREAT story
kim chapter 13 . 7/18/2004
That was such an awsome story! So sweet!

My hat off to you.

Wow that was one of the corniest things I've ever said...I don't even wear a hat!
Sakia Ishida chapter 13 . 7/18/2004
your story is great totally loved it... write more please
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