Reviews for Priori Incantatem
Shadowslayer5 chapter 64 . 2/25
An amazing story
Guest chapter 64 . 2/22
I am officially now mourning for James and Lily. This fic is definitely my favourite so far- so emotional and i love lily and james so much!
I am sure hyou know by now, but Alice couldn't be a Prewett as that is Molly's family before she got married.
Also in the UK we sy aeroplane as opposed to airplane.
Keep writing!
me chapter 17 . 2/16
oh lord i can't even IMAGINE dudley with blonde hair i think i might vomit
oml chapter 4 . 2/13
Guest chapter 17 . 2/7
Thanks for following book canon not film
aspiringcat chapter 64 . 1/3
The first time I read this fanfic, was around this time last year. I was reading it on a long car journey home, and after reading it all, burst into tears and it took me a full hour to completely recover from the overwhelmness. I suffered from the same result last night as I finished reading again. Only now have I noticed that this was written only a couple of years after I was born (!), and even before all the Harry Potter books were out, never mind the Cursed child and all the other mini books Jk Rowling has released to give us more information on the Wizarding world we love. Which is why the whole imensity of emotions this fanfiction gives the reader is astonishing, especially as it is so very accurate, quite terrifyingly accurate.
For me, the most powerful emotion that really attracted me to this fanfic when I first read it, was the relationships. Not just the relationships between James and Lily (which has made me want to meet someone who will love me as much as James loved Lily), but specifically the relationships between the maurauders.
I wanted to mention some of my favourite moments and characters in the book. I thought the author really developed Sirius' character realistcly and completely accurately. In the books, you get a small idea of what Sirius was like as a child. As my favourite character, of course I was completely delighted at Sirius' humour and his jokes never failed to make me laugh out loud, particularly the library scene.
Snape and Bellatrix were also really realistic and I especially liked the way the author used words like 'pet' and 'ickle' for Bellatrix, as I can really imagine her saying that. The back story for Snape is outstanding and, as I said before, extremely accurate, (especially as this was written before the whole series was finished).
I feel that the author completely explained Peter Pettergrews situation extraordinarily and it was a flowing read that I couldn't put down.
However, like any Fanfiction, there were cringeworthy moments that made me want to bury myself in a hole. And there is, as predicted, many unrealistic lines that come out of Lily's friends mouths, however we don't really have much choice about that and the storyline and actual writing is too great.
Overall, I would recommend this fanfic to EVERYONE, the story is accurate, realistic and entertaining. Never a dull moment, and even though the author might never see this, I hope that whoever is reading this enjoys this fanfic as much as I did.
Guest chapter 64 . 12/1/2016

Your story is extremly beautiful... I loved each and every word of it
Captain Cheese chapter 64 . 11/26/2016
This story was brilliant. It was a hard read sometimes because right from the start we knew what the ending would be. By every lovely human moment shared by James and Lilly was so touching and worth reading.
goldievoldie chapter 64 . 11/4/2016
Just completed reading the whole thing, and it was damn amazing, and fantastic
Shadowflame3.14 chapter 64 . 11/1/2016
This story was quite brilliant. I still think the Gryffindor girls were a bit too helpless at Hogwarts, but aside from a few nitpicky things, the time post-Hogwarts was beautifully organized and written. Your writing did improve throughout. It followed canon very well through the 5th book. I really liked how you portrayed Peter. He seems like a real character who really inspires anger from the reader. You gave him a realistic reason to become a traitor. Snape was also good, given you did not know about his friendship with Lily. The progression of the war was readily believable. All in all you really have a realistic portrayal of their lives after Hogwarts. Not sure if you'll ever read this review, but thank you.
James' Girl chapter 64 . 10/26/2016
Lemme just begin by saying that this is the most factually correct, gut wrenchin, heart warming James and Lily fanfic I've ever read. When i started, I thought PI, like other J/L fanfics, would focus only on their Hogwarts years and thus was pleasantly surprised when Marauders nd Lily graduated halfway through the story. I loved how you made the prophecy come alive with both James and Lily's and Alice and Frank's 3 encounters with Voldypoo. And tiny little details like both Remus and Sirus not trusting each other in ' was brilliant. I started crying somewhere towards the second last chapter. It has always haunted me how Lily and James had so little time together. Their death was the worst, in my opinion. I was hoping the story would deviate from the cannon when the love angle between Lily and Snape wasn't shown but...hard luck :(

This is the best fanfic which succintly weaves the story of what may have happened in the lives of James and Lily after Hogwarts and before the Halloween night of '81. I couldn't stop myself from leaving a review, which is a first. Simply brilliant! :)
Shadowflame3.14 chapter 9 . 10/19/2016
sorry, accidentally hit post review too soon. The setup fit the ambush was good, but I feel the ambush itself was lacking. The firms were completely helpless. They should have put up some fight. Then when James got there, he single handedly took the upper hand against everyone else. Bit of a stretch. I don't know if you still pay any attention to fanfiction, but not a bad story so far.
Shadowflame3.14 chapter 9 . 10/19/2016
Honesty this story isn't what I expected from having do many favorites. It's not bad, but the scenes and characters don't seen to come to life as much as in some of the other popular fics. I think the setup of the ambush jn this chapter was good f
Anon chapter 64 . 10/7/2016
Fantastic story! Your character and story development was incredible and I loved reading this.
Meowplacebo chapter 1 . 9/22/2016
Literally could not put this down! My partner now feels neglected but it was so worth it :)
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