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AC01 chapter 34 . 8/20
I think this is my first Inuyasha fic, featuring Inu as the main squeeze - rather than the favorite, untouchable older brother with full-demon blood and the inevitable smolder that won't quit...where was I?

Anyway, I have to say - well done! Now, while there are some grammatical errors (it's fan fiction, so authors with real lives are unpaid to share their wonderful talents for storytelling - ergo, most any mistake is forgivable by default), and a number of inconsistencies or mildly convoluted details, this was still a fantastic story. At its heart, it was purely enjoyable and deliciously riveting.

I admit, I did hope to see how they would be, well into their relationship stage, but I suppose I am still satisfied with tagging along on the journey to reach the birth of that moment.

This has been a delightful little detour from my usual reads as of late (organic chem texts, medical encyclopedias, etc. *sigh* Beyond the days where I'd snuggle under the covers with NY Times bestseller's list fiction novels...). So, thank you, dearly, for sharing, despite all the ridiculous flamers without the sense to be wiser with their time, and I wish you all the best with life and all of the endeavors you pursue ~

geregiaromelie chapter 34 . 8/2
Unforgettable. One of my favorites :)
tigweny chapter 34 . 7/20
I loved this story so much i read favourite fanfiction ever!
Mesmerizing Love chapter 34 . 7/1
Beautiful ending...
Mesmerizing Love chapter 19 . 6/27
When I watched the anime, I'm sure somewhere in their they mentioned that Inuyasha is fifteen. I haven't read the manga yet, but I know that I heard it somewhere that Inuyasha "looks" fifteen. Since he is a half-demon, it can be like hundred years old and sill look in his teens for a while. I have recently rewatched the first episodes of the anime and he even said it himself that he does not have to worry about getting old, at least not for a while. It also proves that when its been fifty years since his fight with Kikyo and he still looks the same age. So in truth, it is way older than he looks!

Age: 150 (when meeting Kikyo) 200-203 (chronologically) 15 (physical appearance)

I have always wondered what would happen when Kagome grows really old and Inuyasha still looks really young! Haha...
Mesmerizing Love chapter 18 . 6/27
I'm really sorry that you had to go through that with some people. I'm really glad, however, that you managed to finish up in this story. Just don't let those people get the best of you :) Your story is great and if I read it when you weren't done with it yet, I would glad wait for your updates patiently because I know how it is to write in this site and would respect every time you update no matter how long it takes. I'm reading so many fanfics that I'm dying for an update and it's being years since they updated last but I don't judge them and that their lives are more important and probably getting in the way. I hope your life as we speak is going good for you! Don't give up on writing!

Btw, will they ever find out who bombed Inuyasha's room? That's been bugging me as much as it bugs Kagome at not knowing what happened in 1992!
Mesmerizing Love chapter 16 . 6/27
I really want Kagome to know what happened in 1992 before curiosity eats her alive! God, I'm not much curious about what happened that year at all! I'm at least happy that she is not as annoying about it as she used to be, and I'm just still here to witness the development of InuKag! Their relationship seems to get better :)
Mesmerizing Love chapter 13 . 6/26
They mentioned the security cameras at the gym and even though there are not security cameras in the bedrooms, I'm sure there are security cameras in the hallways so why not make that as evidence as well?

And also, what had happened to that bomb that exploded in Inuyasha's room? Hmm, that probably would also be an evidence of some sort.
Mesmerizing Love chapter 11 . 6/26
I have to admit that this chapter is so far my favorite chapter in this story! Especially in the awards ceromony towards the end of the chapter! I enjoyed reading this chapter so much especially that kiss Inuyasha planted and their fight at the end! Amazing way to spice up their relationship!
Mesmerizing Love chapter 8 . 6/25
I really like where this story is going but I'm starting to get annoyed at how nosy Kagome is with the 1992 incident as well as eavesdropping everywhere she could! Like there is such thing as personal privacy girl!
Mesmerizing Love chapter 3 . 6/24
Now I like the relationship Kagome and Inuyasha has right now ;)
Mesmerizing Love chapter 2 . 6/24
She fainted! I didn't want her to faint and prove Inuyasha right about girls fainting over him. Not Kagome! Haha, good chapter though!
Mesmerizing Love chapter 1 . 6/24
I'm starting to really like this story and love to finish it, but what really confused me was Kagome's reaction when she realized that she won because she seemed to not care about the competition and she didn't even want to know how she won when she didn't enter herself. Maybe if she confronted her friends about it and got slightly irritated at what they did might make a better sense. But it was a great starter for this story anyways and I can honestly say now that I am hooked in this story even though I'm really late at discovering the story haba. I hope you also have other stories like this one. :)
Mirage chapter 34 . 6/24
i really did like this Story and pairing even when i would have loved it when it where to be a bit longer into the future and what they have next...maybe how bad there Kids would be
i like sesshomarus Boys, they are so funny, dangerous and out of control but funny...maybe with Rins gentle being they calm down
who knows, maybe you write a second part to this story
Mirage chapter 18 . 6/16
im sorry to read that some stupid People did write rude things to you, i think its not right to try to push a writer to write faster with rude mean can only write so fast as you can, so i hope that you dont take it to much to your heart!
i like your Story, its funy, sad, has Action and some suptile flirting, some calm moments, some cute moments...and some bastards...i like how protective, maybe possessive- inuyasha is in ch18 and does not even know that he is its a nice Story
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