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The one and only 'meeeeeeeee chapter 5 . 6/12/2006
Barbie must die! She's been taking over my tv set too! I once thought to start war with her but decided to let the world's fate hang in the balance of tv! She once came to my house and asked me if I wanted to drive her pink convertible, but I held strong and refused. We need the earth's fighters for things like this. I for one am glad that the earth has a couple of people and creatures to protect it. I did fall for Barbie's little pool house though. And I paid dearly for it, for I fell into the traps of the evil tv world. Now look at me. A once so proud human being, now a shattered fragment of what I once was.
Nataniki chapter 5 . 1/22/2005
It's carzy, it's insane, and I love it!
Ketsi-aiita-n chapter 5 . 12/8/2004
gah! that's fanmagical! i laughed out loud - literally at "half way through the conversation Rachie's dad came in, saw the girls, man, green alien and just shrugged and walked straight back out of the room" cos...bwah ha ha ha! i can see it happening! i love this! and I would have helped. if I knew you when I wrote this.
Child of the Dragon chapter 5 . 6/21/2004
Sorry, just had to add it to my Favorites and I'm too lazy to do it any other way.

Kami, the memories I have revieving this

~Child of the Dragon
D-Star chapter 5 . 4/6/2004
*shivers* Down with Barbie! _ Okay, I've got vanilla pepsi. I think... O_O No... Must.. not... type... forever... Aanyways the fic is cool! Now to somehow convert Taylor to the ways of anime... She might like Love Hina. *goes to store*
down8 chapter 5 . 2/22/2004
haha! A brilliant waste of time! (and i mean that in a complimentary sense)
Ashii Black chapter 5 . 1/24/2004
..::This is a message from the incredibly insane authors Ashii Black and Child of the Dragon. You will now receive their message and please prepare for the horror.::..
Ashii: YAY! I was so blond, I never realized that you finished this fic...oopsies...HEY! I can say I am a blonde, because I have some serious thick blonde highlights now! YAY! Go BLONDES!
Ashii and CoD: KILL BARBIES!
Ashii: I wish that story did come true and killing off Barbies would be that easy, but I'm sure that that Ruth character would never give up so easily.
CoD: You're crushing my hopes and dreams...that story was real.
Ashii: Get out of your hopes and dreams, luv. This is a horrible world, where rich people get to kill puppies themselves and where Barbie kills kittens.
CoD: ::speechless::
Ashii: Sorry...
CoD: I'm calling my succabus on them!
Ashii: Aw, she's a sweetie when she doesn't want to kill men...don't be scared, Hobbit, I'll make sure she won't kill Vegeta...:P However, we were very sad that you did not include us in this probably would have gone like this:
Vegeta and Piccolo and Hobbit and Rachie and matt all went to Arizona, where CoD and Ashii had been getting their whips and chains out, while burning their barbies at the stake.
When they saw Vegeta, they stole him and locked him in their room and he never came out again.
CoD: By the way, Hobbit, you are slowly brainwashing Kali, my succabus, into killing Yamcha.
Ashii: That sucks.
CoD: SHe won't even tell me why! SHe's like, "Must kill Yamcha!"
Ashii: *walks around like a zombie, muttering, "Must kill Yamcha".* Did I do a good impression of Kali?
Kali: I could easily sick Tyson on you. Tyson is an incabus.
Ashii: YOu mean Moocow?
Kali: No, different Tyson.
Kali: He's like me, only he kills women.
Ashii: Screw that, I'll kill him...or love on him...I love men...would that be cheating on my 10 boyfriends, though? *looks confuzzled for a second...* Is 11 different mistresses that are really men okay to have?
CoD: I like monkeys.
Ashii: Which kind?
CoD: I like monkeys.
Ashii: Thank you for that, CoD.
Vegeta: Tee hee, I got out!
Ashii: YOU DID NOT! *tackle*
CoD: HEY! That's mine!
Vegeta: Hell no! *mutter: women*
CoD: *tackles Vegeta and licks his face*
Vegeta: NOO!
CoD: I win!
Ashii: Nuh-uh! *kisses CoD and then Vegeta* I win more!
CoD: I'm telling Sirius.
Ashii: Well, I'm gonna steal orange juice from you and then I'll tell Kaka!
CoD: What's Kaka gonna do to me?
Ashii: *stops and thinks* Stupid CoD, always being so damn smart.
CoD: I love you Ashii.
Ashii: I love you too, but lemme have Vegeta for a booty call or sumthin.
CoD: BUt he's mine!
Ashii: We have established that people can have more than one "Mine". Right?
CoD: We have?
Ashii: Take Goku for a good example He is really in love with Vegeta, but uses Piccolo on the side.
Vegeta: WHAT?
CoD: You were saying I was
Ashii: Oh, we got pictures. In a little white envelope. You think those artists used their imaginations on those penises?
CoD: I lost my pictures *cries*
Ashii: its okay, CoD, I can show you mine and then I can probably copy them and give them to u, but I'm not sure my parents would appriciate seeing what they are...*Hugz Vegeta tightly.* I have plans for you. We can dress u up in a dress and then give u makeup and call you Kakarotte. Teehee...
CoD: *licks his face* Okay, you can have him for tonight Ashii, but I licked him first and he's still mine.
Vegeta: I am suddenly having De-ja-vu...
Ashii: That's cuz we did the same thing last chapter.
CoD: Last few chapters, was, what? CHapter 2?
Ashii: Hush.
Vegeta: You gave me up so quickly, CoD. Would you rape me too?
CoD: Mind rape!
Vegeta: NO!
Ashii: RAPE!
Vegeta: NO!
Ashii: Okay, I just made this really long E! thing, and its gonna get erased and I could get suspended for that and that would really suck so if I do, I'll cry and moan over my lost fanfiction, but guess what? I have them all saved on my computer! u can't outsmart me, people!
CoD: I like monkeys.
Ashii: Okay, I think we should leave now...
But this is so much fun and typing is great.
DId u know that I am going for the world's longest review? On this fanfic? DId you know that you should really feel special?
Feel special, Hobbit, feel very special.
CoD: Brainwashing my succabus.
Ashii: I think we're both a little tired...
*throws cookie at the computer*
Shit, it doesn't work!
CoD: ( : : ) Cookies!
Ashii: nice. Damn you stupid smart CoD.
I love you hobbit, but I'm sure u are like, "STOP IT RIGHT THIS INSTANT!"
So here's a brief advertisement if u want more horror.
Go to Goza and Frieu user page...this is our fanfiction stuff...DBZ related mostly.
CoD: In Why Can't I?, I make Yamcha cry.
Ashii: Look at that fic in Child of the Dragon's page. :P
Oh, and uh, if u wanna read Harry Potter slash, read my fics! :P
Vegeta: Can I go home now?
Ashii: Hello? You are staying with ne forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever, but all of those won't paste either, so its pretty useless to copy and paste them...I do it for u, Hobbit.
CoD: He's mine, back off.
Ashii: Hmph!
So bye!
~Child of the Dragon and Ashii Black
Videociraptor chapter 5 . 1/16/2004
Cute! And funny! Great job!
Fadeaway Windwaker chapter 5 . 1/7/2004
"I am the creator of Barbie. Praise me." If I saw someone with that badge on, I'd throttle them.
Excellent ending to an excellent fic.
funkyfreddyfrog chapter 5 . 1/3/2004
YES I AM VERY HAPPY NOW!I could of been an intelligent architect but still, very good i had a big smile across my face when i read my name. And yes, i would of killed you, smart movve to mention it. Great story. I'm talkin to rach on msn so gotta go. c ya.
Western Master 3 chapter 5 . 1/2/2004
Insert a better than average review here.
xXxrachiexXx chapter 5 . 1/2/2004
Yay! Riding on Vegeta's back was fun! Great chapter, and a good ending. It was cute how Bra blew up her dolls for him!
Luv ya loads!
rachie x
funkyfreddyfrog chapter 4 . 12/20/2003
Kirsty...HURRY UP! Excuse my temper but i really wanna read da next chapter. VOTE MICHELLE on pop idol!
funkyfreddyfrog chapter 4 . 12/11/2003
Very good. Local fiction-HOWEVER, you said you would Include me- the intelligent architect or summit. WHEN AM I COMING IN WOMAN? Please DO NOT FORGET ME in your next chapter. Merci. Dispite me being a tidge angry wif u. BRAVO!
Western Master 3 chapter 4 . 12/7/2003
*Walks heroic-looking away from a pile of barbies*
Another chapter in a good story. Keep at it!
*Teleports to the Great Wall of China*
*Pile of barbies explode*
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