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Guest chapter 1 . 4/17/2013
Snake of Medusa chapter 1 . 4/18/2007
I love this series; one of the best LOTR fics I've read!
Kohinyun chapter 20 . 12/9/2005
I just finished reading this story, as well as (adagio? - can't remember the name!) and I am very, very impressed! You need more reviews-these stories are EXCELLENT! They're exciting, in depth explorations of the friendships shared between the characters, and really just a damn good read. I especially love your original characters- you have quite a knack for creating interesting, complex, and believable people who help move the story along without completely taking it over. One thing I noticed in your first story was that sometimes your chapter endings just...ended. Quite abruptly. But I can't say the same about Cadenza-it flows beautifully. Can't wait till I have time to read the third story!


Gimlirocks chapter 20 . 2/25/2005
I really liked your story it was very well written

Aislynn Crowdaughter chapter 20 . 7/31/2004
Hi, Rose!

i we you a review of this stories end and I'm sorry I did not get to it sooner; it was not because I've abandoned you, but because I was on vacation and got only online again after you finished. Let me tell you again how much I love your writing! The thikening plot was carried out very well, although I really hated that Throndar had to die. On the other hand, he himself probably felt he deserved it for letting his queen be captured in the first place, as stupid as this view would be. The siwege and the burning of Meduseld had me on the edge of my seat and really sorry for Aragorn, who had to be in terror for his wife at that point. Good thing he can feel her continuous survival! And the end of Frecern was satisfyingly final. I loved the was you had Ris cleaving his back with her axe and was caught with her claim of revenge! t waas a heartbreaking moment, in soite of the dry humour of Ris exchange with Legolas; the elf is spirited in his sugestion that he simply held the traitor still for her with his arrows. Legolas long association with Gimli shows...

And now we are at the end, and I grow really sorry for Minuial. I love the way you have given flesh to this charactwer. I hate Mary sues and Legomances as a rule, but I do not feel Minuials relationship witrh Legolas qualifys as Legiomance, and she is certainly far away from being a Sue; after all, the story is not about her! But I find myself wishing she would have more luck with her attepts at gaining Legolas favour, and I agree with Gimli. Well, this is a non-slash story, but Legolas is oblivious enough to Minuials true feelings and clearly he worries more about his friend than about his some-time lover; Minuials insight in this is greatly written, indeed. And in the light of your little venture into te slash departent, "Carving the White Marble", I'm afraid she won't gain much even with waiting until she has him finally securely in Valinor... poor marchwarden!

Anyway, great story, well done, and greatly finished. Thank you!

Greetings to you,


Mailto: Aislynn dot Crowdaughter at gmx dot net
Ninna chapter 20 . 6/21/2004
See, I knew Minuial wasn't so bad after all.

Rose, I've thoroughly enjoyed all your stories...I'm really hoping you start anew one soon!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
Little My chapter 20 . 6/20/2004
"Looking positively Noldor in the impassivity of their faces, and the exactness of their courtesy, the twins bowed, disclaimed any virtue with becoming meekness, and then vanished from the woodland with a dispatch that was just short of panic." Oh, I laughed and laughed at this! It's perfect! And I liked how they remained jumpy and paranoid for the rest of their stay. You realize that I now want you to write a story about this trick they played on Thranduil's court with honey and the bees...

I absolutely loved the interaction between Minuial and Gimli. "Be hale, live long, love my prince, for then I will be able to have him as well, and I will treasure the moments I can have.
Little My chapter 19 . 6/20/2004
Well, that was fun! You answered so many of my questions (and those of other readers, I'm sure)!

It's reassuring that Gimli can make jokes at this time: “’Twas a horse, proving its fell-beast ancestry, master Tolman." That should rule out permanent damage to his head. I also liked how Legolas uses his limited magic to help heal Gimli, before being scolded by Tolman.

Poor Legolas, so clueless as to how others feel, and what and why he feels himself. I loved how he kept looking back towards the healers' tent as he spoke to Aragorn and Arwen, and his confusion over why certain people are annoyed at him.

And I'm looking forward to Minuial hearing the full story of what happened, including why Legolas isn't with her. The twins are not going to have an enjoyable time with that task! It's too funny how everyone is really intimidated by her.

Throndar's funeral was suitably solemn and beautiful. I liked the presence and inclusion of all the different races.

And a lovely end to the chapter, with the meeting between Gleowyn and her son and Legolas. "The night blazed with stars, the moon had set and the night was diamond clear, the mountains saw-toothed silhouettes against the glory of the sky. How wonderful the world was when the night contained not only stars, but also elves." Beautiful!

And if you wish to continue to write on and on, telling of how everyone goes back to the day-to-day routines of their lives, I for one will not complain. And I will continue to review. You'll be up over the 100 mark for reviews eventually!
Lyn chapter 19 . 6/19/2004
What can I say? Delightful! May your talented

fingers never cease to type more and may your

magnificant mind continue to create more

entertaining and well written stories.
Little My chapter 18 . 6/16/2004
Yipee! Frecern's dead! Although it's also kind of sad as he was such a good baddie. A fitting end for him-cut down from behind as he attempts to flee like the coward he is.

I'm glad Ris had a hand in his end, along with Legolas. "For Nain, human. For our children that will never hold his talent in their hands." Very sad and very dwarvish. And I see she's still trying to feed up the elf! She's like somebody's mother; I half expected her to say "It wouldn't kill you to eat a sandwich!"

Loved this description of Gimli: "an obstruction four and a half feet tall and armoured to the teeth, a wicked battle-axe held ready and flashing in the sun." And I loved how he refused to give in to unconciousness before sounding the alarm. "Pure fury filled his lungs." Wonderful!

I laughed out loud at "Gleowyn was retrieving her still-whimpering baby from the servant with the impressive scream." What a way to be remembered!

It's frightening the way you deal with Legolas' grief. "He looked so still that for a moment a grief too deep to be borne threatened his sanity, a grey cloud dimming his vision." And this comes so soon after the elf looking "dim and old" when Gimli almost died in the attack at Aglarond, in chapter 7. I wonder if he realizes as well as Minuial does how much he risks in being so bonded to mortals-not that he can help it at this stage.

The only trouble with this chapter is that I imagine the end is near, which is a shame-I've been enjoying this story so much!
Little My chapter 17 . 6/13/2004
This was an exciting action packed chapter! I'm amazed at the tight hold you have on all of your different threads and characters, and how you're bringing them all together, slowly but surely.

I like the way you have Aragorn noticing his aching body and being out of breath once the battle dies down a bit. He may be of the line of Isildur and King of Gondor, but he's not as young as he used to be!

The finding of Throndar's body was poignant-I still feel sad over his death. "Aragorn felt involuntary tears prickle, grief draping him like a blanket. He dropped to his knees, all anger, all pride, deserting him as he shaped a gentle hand to cup the face of this faithful servant of his reign." Beautiful.

Enjoyed Legolas' reunion with his father, especially the birds that perched on Gimli's helmet and axe. What a picture! Poor Thranduil, changed with keeping safe the "unreasonable and disobedient mortals, yonder." I liked how he asked Legolas to be his eyes and arms.

I can't believe you're burning Meduseld! I guess it was too hard to resist, it being a battle and a big wooden hall and all. Loved this line: "Meduseld continued to burn, merrily, even without an audience." And I wonder what Legolas will do when he finds out that Arwen brained Minuial!

I'm so glad at least some of the party is reunited. A great way to end the chapter, with Arwen running to the arms of her husband (and Morshy screaming again-Minuial should be thankful she's still mostly unconcious!).

Well done, as always. And extra kudos for the frequency of the updates!
Little My chapter 16 . 6/12/2004
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I do love your opening paragraphs. They're always so elegant.

Your Legolas is still so wonderfully light of heart and mischievous. " I see many people fleeing the city, they pour out like dry sand through open fingers. But look!" The elf gazed innocently at his friend. " A ring of elves and men make an arc at a space from the gates, they are detaining the refugees - see?" He does love to tease people with his good vision!

And "He looked seriously into his friend's face. "If we don't hurry, Gimli, all the fighting will be over before we can take part!" I'm glad these two are finally going to enter the fray. They have some scores to settle with these folk as well.

My favourite Minuial-ism from this chapter: "Minuial quickly re-checked his pulse, and then sighed in relief. He was still breathing, it would be poor form to reward his enforced cooperation with a curtailing of his ephemeral life." Heh heh! She's so considerate. And I love her despair over the helplessy terrified maid.

At least she's found Arwen and Gleowyn, although she's no longer in a position to help them. What a great picture you paint of Arwen! Accidentally striking Minuial with all her pent up fury and adrenalin, then holding a sword to the smith's throat. "The Queen did not look amused; in fact, back-lit by the morning sun she looked positively alien." Silencing the terrified maid with a glare and a few words, then charming her with a smile. You really do a good job of showing all the different sides of characters.

So we're a few steps closer now to seeing Frecern get his just desserts, I hope. Bring on the next chapter! At your convenience, of course... ;)
Little My chapter 15 . 6/8/2004
I read this through the first time in a panicked hurry to see who you had killed off. Poor Throndar! Then I had to read it again more slowly to appreciate it properly.

I loved Minuial's opening words to her captive: "You will lead me to the Queen, Traitor-to-your-kin. You will be silent. Understand." Very to the point, she is! Really liked how you portrayed the efficiency of the elves in dealing with the oppostition. Not a wasted move or word.

This really made me laugh: "...holding their swords awkwardly, looking anxiously in all directions like a herd of rather dim sheep." Wonderful image!

And now the sad end of brave Throndar. Loved the detail of him sadly examining his knocked out tooth and pondering that he had so few left. At least he got a chance to kill his tormentor before being killed himself. It's a mark of a well-done OC that the reader is sad and sorry when one dies. Well done. And I think even Minual will be sorry at the news, too.

Now all the threads are drawing together. I'm still really enjoying Aragorn's grim fury. "Clear the way by keeping up with me, Captain." I think Frecern should hope that the smith catches up with him first.

Anxiously looking forward to the next part. And I hardly think I qualify as "a legend", but thank you kindly, all the same!
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