Reviews for Experiment
Asty chapter 1 . 10/11/2003
Ahh no way! You wrote this Neela! What a sneak you are, posting this great story on the RoK mb under another name :P

Well I said it there already but this story is absolutely amazing! I love the mystery and detail and my heart just goes out to poor Kelsey. The manipulations of her mind are so intreging and different from the norm that tends to run through most RoK fanfics. When I first read your story it was like a breath of fresh air to see someone who had moved away from accepted norms and used their imagination to bring in a completely believeable, but different, situation. I don't know if people are scared to touch upon material that's usually only used by the Quest dept or if they don't feel like creating scenarios that aren't already in existence, but you have my respect for not sticking to the norm. I'm still mighty curious about who the old man was and what's become of Kelsey. Will she ever break free of the brain washing? What happened to her between the maze and her being a professional assassin? Who were the experimentors? Hope you plan on answering them!

Until then, keep up the great writing :)