Reviews for Fish and Chips
Chibi Tenshi Sama chapter 2 . 10/16/2011
Ahaha, don't kill me. That's hilarious.

Keep up the good work!

Ocean Starfly chapter 3 . 6/8/2011
"Putting on your father's great target of an outfit and traipsing about to see who takes the first shot at you is NOT detective work." Heh, I'm pretty sure Shinichi has done something along those lines at some point. Isn't that called bait? And I mean, hey, it was pretty effective in Kaito's case.

I agree that Hakuba would never commit a crime. He just wouldn't. Also, your characterization of Hakuba and Kaito is simply brilliant; oh, and I like the continued Shakespeare theme. That is all. Normally I'd say "Keep up the good work," but since this is over seven years old, I hope you kept up the good work and are still writing.
Ocean Starfly chapter 2 . 6/8/2011
If it weren't midnight I would be cracking up. I'll have to settle for chuckling without breathing.

The dialogue was what totally made this. Namely: "I swear to god it has nothing to do with Aoko!" and the "Yuh-huh" exchange all the way up to "Well then, carry on."
Ocean Starfly chapter 1 . 6/8/2011
"If you cannot appreciate it, there's something fundamentally wrong with you." - I'm sorry, Hakuba, there is something fundamentally wrong with 99% of American students. This made me laugh. Actually this whole fic made me smile and a several parts made me laugh. It's just... cute, I guess would be the word, seeing Hakuba and Kaito study each other's respective languages (and failing). Especially Kaito - Kaito cannot fail without either looking cute, taking Hakuba down with him, making it funny, or making it an epic fail.

Also, the comparison of Kaito and Hakuba to Shakespeare characters was brilliant, more so because it came from Hakuba. Kaito, of course, focused on the part about Hakuba being the girl, another point that made me laugh.

I think I have to go read "Much Ado About Nothing" now (although all I'll be able to think about is how well the characters fit Hakuba and Kaito). After I read the next two chapters of this that I just noticed.
bobbyneko chapter 2 . 12/11/2008
LOL that was too funny! and totally in character as well ; )
Meitantei ChibiMoonPhantom chapter 1 . 5/25/2007
I just finished reading Much Ado About Nothing and the I recome across this story. Hm...
Grace Musica chapter 1 . 11/19/2004
After pulling an all-nighter re-reading, watching, and writing a three-page paper on Much Ado About Nothing and Beatrice and Benedick, this is just what I needed. And I nearly spit my breakfast tea out all over the laptop when Hakuba called Kaito 'Dogberry'.
Aya chapter 2 . 1/13/2004
You are one of the few authors that made me like the Hakuba/Kuroba pairing without making me retch or the characters completely OCC.
Besides, Nakamori catching Kaito with condoms is way too funny.
Kiena chapter 3 . 1/11/2004
This was great set of cute stories. I really liked all three, but the first one is actually my favorite - it's so sweet. I also thought it was a perfect length - any longer and it would have been rather sappy. :) And I liked the fact that Kaito had problem reading the English at first.
Aikawa Fuuko chapter 3 . 10/15/2003
Oh, hey! *giggles* That was really cute! Love the "Caught In The Act" one...Nakamori is really funny...Oh well, I love all these three short stories!
Icka M. Chif chapter 3 . 10/11/2003
Nakamori catching Kaito still amuses me to no end. Poor Poor Kaito.

Still wonder about his mother's reaction.

And too bad Akako wasn't around for the first one... she'd be happy!

*chuckles* Still love the critic one. "No." *snickers*

((GLOMPS!)) Thanks!

-ICKA! the IMP