Reviews for The Screaming Tree
DrawnToTheNight chapter 1 . 5/17/2012
This is a really good one shot,

Nicely done

x-oncemorewithfeeling-x chapter 1 . 8/19/2004
that is fuckin amazing

such a powerful story

Kamikaze Snowball chapter 1 . 11/17/2003
I love it. ::smiles:: This is AMAZING. There really should be more fics written so well. It's awesome the way you capture everything just right. Well, I really hope you write more Faith fics. Good luck!

loose chapter 1 . 10/25/2003
Oh you! You started writing a BtVS fic and didn’t tell me right away! And a Faith fic no less! Yay you! So yay you!

Review now!

So I opened this fic. The title immediately got my attention,

The screaming Tree. – I love it. It's unusual and immediately made me think about childhood, tree for some weird reason do that to me. And screaming, wel obiusly screaming recal rage into my head, and pain and *coughs* even other things *coughs*, but that’s review time! So no room to play right now...back to the fic!

“I look at B and wonder how I missed the path that is straight and narrow. And sometimes all I want is to be on that path with her. But it’s never long until I think – how friggin’ boring would I be then?”

Seriously that line took me high, a lot of the whole B/F relationship is just perfectly enclosed into this line. Faith sad longing to be like and with Buffy, fighting against her wild, and perfectly rightful refusal to lose her sense of self. All sarcastic and violent with a hint of craving. Perfectly Faith.

“I discovered it when I was four – about a week after I realised I was totally into screaming.”

Ah! Great line! Immediately reminded me about Faith line to an about to be tortured B “If you are a screamer feel free!”

And your Faith voice is just genial, the way she talk about the past is so real and dry yet laced with pain, the way emotions dance over the apparently distant and far away voice of Faithy, emotionas Faith herself can't define, struck the reader in a brutal vivid way, I adore it. And I wanna hug Faith right now, but then again I always want to do that.

“After screaming was banned from the house I learned the fine art of shooting my mouth off. A cute brat with dimples and a sharp tongue can manipulate anyone. I learnt that early too.”

Oh every line! I FREAKING LOVE EVERY LINE! Every line is a piece of the complex mosaic Faith is.

It made perfect sense that she learned how to use her look as a weapon so early, probably it was the only force she was willing to use, cause it wouldn’t expose her in a emotional way, and it was the only safe way for her to gain some control and some power.

“Hitting things helped that something chronic! One hit and my body would crackle and spark like static. A right dose of that static was enough to arouse in me the highest state of passion. Artificial passion, sure….but it was still there. And it was more than anything I had ever been allowed to feel in my life. Dangerous you ask?…you bet your fucking pants! But there way I’d give it up for nothing. It made me feel wild and feral. And I loved it. Fighting was all I was good at. It made me burn. It made me Faith. It became me. The fighter was all I was.”

Oh! Yes! WOW! That was so electric and shaking with wildness and truth! AH! Girl you rock and you rock hard! Violence, sensuality and passion are so very tightly tied together, the arousal that come from roughness is so powerful and intoxicating and the perfect example of how all those force could be connected.


“I’m not being bitter at all. Going from a Worthless Shit to an Ass Kicker was my greatest achievement. It happened so quickly. One night when I was 14. My finest battle. Not the school bully or a monster or a cop. It was the day I finally grew some, and hit my father back. And I learnt some and matured some from that experience too. (that’s the right thing to say, right?) Whatever. I don’t know what I felt after I beat my dad to a drunken, bloody, sobbing heap. All’s I know is I didn’t scream.”

Faith finally standing up against her abusing father and beating him to crap without feeling regret but only dry satisfaction made perfect sense and it’s so achingly painful and perfect the way you write it, how she isn’t sure about what she should feel over the memory, how she didn't know what she felt after beating her father, how the only thing she could remember was she didn’t scream, she could only remember how she reacted physically but not emotionally and that made perfect sense.

“The screaming tree swayed slightly and it listened. It understood.”

The tree was probably the only quiet, solid, static, still thing Faith had ever meet into her life and the tree silence, combined with its slight swaying surely conforted the raging, drunken with emotion, screaming girl. I. WANT. TO. HUG . HER. Sigh, no one ever hugged her in the show! No a real hug anyway!

“When all the screams were out of my body I was fearless. With the fearlessness came recklessness, but I didn’t know that then.”

Perfectly Faith.

“That I just needed faith.”

AH! Who doesn’t! Sorry couldn’t help myself!

“My throat was dry and raw anyway, so I stopped my yelling and ran.

And really I haven’t stopped.”

Ah see that’s perfect! She never stopped running, both in a physical and emotional way. And when she first arrived at Sunnydale it was so obvious! She was so obvious but the Scoobs only saw the tough, sensual chick with the wild life and great slaying and dancing skills! They never made a effort to reach out to her! Not really. Well maybe at some point they tried but in a totally wrong hypocrite way! Not that Faith ever tried to reach out for the Scoobs, but hey I’m a Faith lover so I’m totally biased, I stand by Faith side. Ah if only Tara had been in the show back then she would have know how to deal with Faith, she could have been her friend cause Tara is wise! Yay! Now I’m straying from the point, anyway powerful job there girl, loved every word, you write a perfect Faith. I really hope to read more of your writing.

See you.
Kriston chapter 1 . 10/18/2003
Wow, I thought that your interpretation was dead on. Faith always seemed to be running from something and this showed what had made her start in the first place.
rma chapter 1 . 10/16/2003
Great first chapter Liza! I think you're doing a great job bringing Faith's dark past to life. Can't wait to read more.