Reviews for Broken
RogueLovesGambit chapter 30 . 3/28
Omg! Please write more I am so enthralled!
Please finish!
Nikki199 chapter 30 . 3/13
Please please please post the rest of this story. This is probably in the top three Romy fics I've ever read. And I've read a lot. Over the last 15 years. You need to be a professional writer. I would buy all of your books. Your writing so entirely engages me emotionally, your characters are so ALIVE, honestly, you put other writers I've read to shame. I know it's been a long time, but if you're still out there, you have a deeply admiring fan who is desperate to read more of your story. Thank you for all your work.
Nikki199 chapter 30 . 3/13
Please please please, p
Guest chapter 30 . 3/8
It's 2014 and you still haven't updated. No lie, I'm a bit upset about that, but I understand real life and I just wanted to leave a review saying that I love this story. Even if you don't update any time soon, just know that this story is one of the best I've ever read.

(which means that I'll definitely be re-reading it and then weeping pitifully due to no update)
Animecrzygrl99 chapter 30 . 2/22
Roguereine chapter 15 . 1/31
Gr. Rogue is being a dummy head. Admit your love! Ahem... Great ch.
Roguereine chapter 7 . 1/31
Lol. Remy is going to cause chaos t the institue. This will be most entertaining.
Roguereine chapter 6 . 1/31
Oh dear. Remy has given everyone the wrong impression. I hope he doesn't die.
Roguereine chapter 5 . 1/31
Logan is the best person to crash a party. Let the death threats and awkwardness commence.
Roguereine chapter 4 . 1/31
Cute scene, I liked how u made rogue mean but vulnerable.
Roguereine chapter 3 . 1/31
Good ch, but gambit is clearing new at this whole rescue thing... Roofies, glass, kidnappers... His technique needs refining.
Roguereine chapter 2 . 1/31
What kind of fight causes u to lose your pants?! This ought to be good...
Roguereine chapter 1 . 1/31
Cute and interesting beginning ;) I'm intrigued.
StopTalkingToMe chapter 30 . 12/18/2013
Wait, wouldn't she have his more recent memories from when he touched her in the med room?
animecrzgrl99 chapter 30 . 11/2/2013
The whole story blew my mind! You are totally awesome and a genius. i love rogue and gambit, but this... I never would have imagined. I love it! 3
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