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I'm your fan chapter 1 . 6/9/2015
Hello :)
I'm your fan :) I've read some of your ff - Jewels, To Tell a Tale, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, In the Greening of the Year, Life Watch, and recently I was moved by As the Gentle Rain, and I want to reread Life Watch, and to read Where the Merlin Cries - becouse I just like ffs about Sam's children a lot, and now I just started reading The Rebel.
Well, as to The Rebel - I like that someone choses such rare topics as this one. Becouse I think that there is much to little ffs about events that took place on the travel route of the Fellowship but _after_ they were gone. I was always interested in what was going on in Rivendell after the departure of the Fellowship (I mean the interactions between Elrond and Bilbo or Arwen and Bilbo), or what was in the Shire after Frodo and company left it. In ffs I've always look for some scenes that - I think - should be in the book but which never get there - for example the dialogues and interactions between the charachters who should have known each other at some time but we did not see it in the book - for example - I would like to see a scene between Beregond and Frodo, or Eowyn and Ioreth, or Elrond and Imrahil or Gimli and Faramir. There are some ff with the meetings of ppl who should have known each other at some point but whose conversantions are not in the book - like Gimli and Frodo or Pippin and Eowyn, or Merry and Ioreth and such kind of ff I like a lot. But the ff with a meeting of some persons about who we know that they should heve known each other but who we did not seen together in books - that is a rare thing. And I'm constantly looking for such stories. I would like very much to read ff about a meeting between Beregond and Frodo in Minas Tirith. I liked fanfics with Frodo meeting with Eowyn, or Pippin meeting with Eowyn or Faramir conversation with Merry. But I've never seen ff with Beregond meeting with _any other_ hobbit than Pippin.
And as to the Rebel - I like how in your fanfic hobbits are such innocent folk - who did not know about _hanging_. I always liked when I found that in some ff there is such big distance between cultures of men and elves, and culture of hobbits. It is so important to my personal vision of cultures of ME. Esp. becouse I imagine Shire culture as a "peace culture" vs. other cultures as "war cultures". There was never a murderer between hobbits, and so I liked to imagine that they did knot know many types of our popular crimes like drugs, kidnapping, slavery and torture and killing, well, the least kind of agression as I could imagine for them is some fist fight in the pub after too much drinking - thats all. :) There were petty thieves I think becouse Lobelia was one, so there should be more of them. But as to the serious fighting and killing - even beating their own children - no, in my opinion hobbits never knew either why or how. But of course there could be some nasty persons like old miller Sandyman who - as I imagine would go to some fighting when drunk. Or even maybe would beat his son.
When I started to read about this hanging in The Rebel - I remembered other fanfic wrote by - I dont remember who really :) - in which young Frodo is accidently injured by arrows becouse he was walking in the woods and the hunters were there wainting in a trap for a deer. And Frodo - hurting as he was - was asking in such inoffensive, innocent way why the hunters would like to kill such a great, free creature? - does it hurt them or smt? And it was sooo basic, sooo thoughtful and innocent. It shows how hobbits cannot understand violece at all. Why?, for what? That is their first asking question. For what you want to kill? You are not hungry or are you defencing or avenging something? If not - why? The hobbits asking in your story "what is hanging?" are so similar to this Frodo from that other story - Frodo who does not understand violence. Becouse he does not feel it as a need in himself, becouse as Tolkien once wrote he was against it from his education and from his kind of culture in which he lived. He was not brought up in violent way of thinking. In a way of thinking about violence as elemental, basic strategy as basic need to survive. The Shire culture was not in a need of surviving by such means. For centuries they were farmers and gatherers. Not hunters and warriors. And they even did not know jails - only after Saruman has politely introduced them to it :) - which is another similarity between Tolkien's Shire and our real "peace cultures".
Gr eetings from your fan :)
Tallis Keeton
Cher A. and Brittany S chapter 3 . 1/3/2013
*giggles* Ohhh Pippin, so clever when it comes to mischief! I definitely picked the right hobbit to name my guinea pig for *grin*

Poor rebels though! I bet it was extremely hard to admit defeat ) Drat those ruffians...

Cher A. and Brittany S chapter 2 . 1/1/2013
Awwww Freddy seems like such a kind and benevolent leader of the rebel group... love him already! I also like how you show one of the ruffians having misgivings about what they are doing... it shows that you realize nobody is wholly good or wholly evil (unless, of course, they are Sauron)

Cher A. and Brittany S chapter 4 . 12/10/2012
This is such an excellent story! (On a side note, I do believe this chapter went missing on Stories of Arda- you might want to reupload it ) I was rereading this story there and got baffled because it seemed there was a missing chapter)
Shipwright's Trick chapter 9 . 4/19/2010
Ah, that's better; a proper happy ending, if one can call it that. Happy enough, anyway, especially compared to the rest of the story. Life in the Lockholes was very dark- in more ways than one.
Endaewen chapter 9 . 9/23/2005
Incredible, especially this last chapter.
Keladry of Page chapter 2 . 1/19/2004
I like this story. It has a good feel to it.
Clever Hobbit chapter 9 . 11/7/2003
I like how you made Lobelia to be a sort of- oh, I don't know, a- Molly Pitcher-type character down in the Lockholes. That sort of softens the hardened image you get of her from tFotR, and also the way that other fanfic writers make her.
Clever Hobbit chapter 8 . 11/7/2003
Things are looking quite ill for Freddy, if that's not the understatement of the year in the fanfiction world!

Yes, I was a hobbit, or, to be more specific, Frodo Baggins. I found all of these clothes that looked exactly like his, and I had a cloak that covered my pinned-up hair, and I glued on fake ears and hair to the tops of my feet. I looked so good, my friend screamed when I came into her house, because she couldn't recognize me! I must admit, I got quite a shock when I looked in my mirror...
Xena chapter 9 . 11/6/2003
I'd be very interested to read the sequel to this story, I'm anxious to know what happens after this. I've loved this story, and this chapter was a great end to it. Lobelia was a surprise, the way she tried to help everyone, it made me appreciate her more. Who would have thought that she could be a caring person? I like how you explained the fact of why the crowd of hobbits cheered for her, it made sense. What struck me as funny was the fact that she scared the ruffians! It scared me when Saruman came, he's such an imposing figure. The rescue of Freddy was so nice, I was happy it was happening. Made me angry at Saruman and the ruffians all over again when Freddy was trying to remember his name, and didn't want others to say it. I loved the appearance of Frodo, Pippin, and Merry in this story, particularly the description of Pippin as being "A tall hobbit who’d evidently stepped out of a book of tales." Freddy's reunion with his mother and father was so well done, I really liked that. Lastly, I agree with Freddy: One thing at a time. Smart saying to live by, I believe. Oh, I hate it when one of your stories ends, I wish they could go on forever. I am glad that this opens up the space for another story! I loved this one, and I'm looking forward to the next!
Aemilia Rose chapter 9 . 11/5/2003
What? It's over already? *pouts* Well, at least there will be a sequel (which, by the way, is my preference for what story should come next. but it really doesn't matter. As long as you're writing something!). :0)

WOOHOO! Go Lobelia! (Woah . . . never thought I'd hear myself say that . . .) That was awesome! Very very very very good!

Thank you for the fantastic story!
Aemilia Rose chapter 8 . 11/3/2003
*thwacks the ruffians on the head with computer mouse* You . . . you evil people! How could you be so cruel!

*hugs Robin* What a horrible thing to do! I cannot believe how evil these ruffians are. *hugs Freddy* *hugs Rocky* *hugs everyone* Oh, how I wish I could zap myself into this story and teach these ruffians a lesson! Er . . . well . . . *looks sheepishly at lack of muscles* I'd try anyway.

Update soon please!
Xena chapter 8 . 11/3/2003
Oh my, what a horrible situation! It's still hard for me to fathom treating someone like this, it certainly reminds me of the holocaust. A crust of bread and water, what a meal. Poor Robin, how dare they taunt him so? I'm sure Rocky felt bad, considering Freddy and the other hobbit got the beating. That's an interesting strategy, but it would usually ensure obedience. I'm not surprised Rocky cried out though, I was wanting to do the same thing. The flashback was nice, I was just wondering how Freddy started his little bad of rebels. So Estella is "Twig" now, that'll be interesting. I like how Estella was considering herself as "baggage," especially since Merry considers himself that on the quest. When Freddy spilled his water, and he had to lick it from the floor, and he wept, I felt like I could weep with him. I just hope they don't find out who he is, that would be terrible! I loved this chapter, I'm anxious for the next!
Xena chapter 7 . 10/31/2003
*Shivers* OOh, it's hard to believe that people can be that evil! I can't imagine ever doing anything like this to someone, what are they getting out of it? You described everything so well, I felt exhausted for them, and their pain. It was nice to see those lads not take anything from the ruffians, they certainly weren't meek. I loved the flashback, seeing that little space at Crickhollow from Freddy's point of view. I'm recalling Pippin's words to Freddy in ROTK, about how he'd have been better to have come along with them, and it's looking like that's the case. It was nice to see the teamwork of the band of rebels, trying to help one another, I'm sure they all have an intense bond with each other that comes from suffering together. The last few lines of this chapter were chilling, it had such a sense of finality. Wonderful chapter, I'm anxious for more!
Clever Hobbit chapter 7 . 10/31/2003
I feel more connected with the hobbits right now than I have for a while... (Of course, that could be because I have hobbit-ears on and hair on my feet...) This is bad... I've never seen prison cells like this. That size advantage the ruffians have is really unfair, but that's probably why they agreed to bully the hobbits.

I know- that thing with Merry and the apples in Rivendell made me mildly mad. But, you have to admit, apples seem to apply to *all* hobbits, not just Merry, from Tolkien's description. (Good-natured instead of beautiful, broad mouths, red cheeks, etc.)
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