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Miyukii-San chapter 6 . 8/15/2010
Ahh, yet another beautiful angst-fill romance from Enigma-sama, Still amazing as always. I think this is actually my favorite. Are you planning to write any[[more]] Goku/Sanzo fictions?
taka003 chapter 1 . 8/31/2006
I see this is was written some time ago, but I just found it. I love the clean, straight forward way you write. I was delighted with your story. Thank you for spreading the Gojyo and Hakkai love.
Sayoko Bizen chapter 1 . 6/25/2006
Enigma-sama! I read all your Gojyo/Hakkai slashes. Love 'em! Just thought you'd like feedback. Ja
IceAngel5 chapter 6 . 12/17/2004
wow, e_sama, this is an excelent fanfic! I'm very impressed by your writing technique! It's very quant and smooth. _ Your characters seem so realistic too, and your story-line, man alive, it's great! _ Love the yaoi! ~_ Keep it up!

YukitoK chapter 4 . 10/29/2004
I don't understand why you haven't gotten more reviews for this story, It's delightfully angsty. Thank you for writing it.
Yuki-mono chapter 2 . 4/3/2004
Eh, me again!
I just feel like reviewing this one too to say "KANZEON! DARN YOU, YOU STUPID HAG!*shake the Goddess* YAH~!*go berserk and start sobbing*" But I will restrain myself to do so, and will better concentrate myself on writing something more usefull here. (even if I almost got berserk when Hakkai said "who are you")
I imagined things, like Hakkai lost his memory of Sanzo-Ikkou but not his past as Gonou, or that he only forget Gojyo...but this, the plot that you choosed really make me goldfish? (Something like that, I think O0O)
Cold, amnesic and totaly un-sweet Hakkai. Darn, even I couldn't think of something that terrible! Llama-sama, this angst make me all weird, like if I just don't have a very good feeling for all of this. I hope that your angst-muse (forgive me, I forgot her/his name...but I did read it in one of your other fics) will continue this great story, giving us more angst (not too much, be gentle with myy poor little heart!) and more tear to shed. The sweet little moment between Hakkuryu and Hakkai was pleasantly enough to calm my -almost- angst filled mind. (I'm a very sensible and emotional person, I get very troubled very quickly)
Nothing to say about your amazing writing style, keep getting the reader into a such emotion maelstrom, keep writing such goos stories! didn't merited that...please, be strong...
*go back read the 3 chapter*
Yuki-mono chapter 1 . 4/3/2004
Okay, I've read the first chapter, and like always, I've to say you "bravo and thank you" for a such good moment, and a such masterpiece to read.
I adore your way to write our favourites Saiyuki charas, all of them(particulary Gojyo, the way that you make him more emotional give him an incredible sweet charm...but then, doesn't he love, and his loved by, one of the most sweet and delicate creatures? *wink*). I've to say that I was quite impressed by the way that you interwind action and description. Maybe the explosion scene needed to be a little more quick into action. And, god, that was one of the most affecting angst that I've read.
The way that you wrote Sanzo impressed me, I could almost say "Hey...but it's SANZO!" With his sorrow and his masks. Goku and Hakuryu's fear and Gojyo's emotion really keep me reading, asking myself "Oh my god! What's gonna happen next? What's CAN happen next?" And when I've read Hakkai reaction...Dear, I'm getting an idea, but I will see the rest of this great fanfic to see.
Oh, and our dear and loved Bodhisattva (I founded that naming of Kanzeon into the french manga, excuse me if I'm wrong)had a really wicked mind. But then, with her/him, what can suprise us? (Though, I never thinked that all of this was her "fault"...blame the bored god/goddess.)
Well, Llama-sama, I go continue my reading, I hope that next chapters will be even more angsty than this one (I don't usually like angst, but then, I didn't often read one of this quality!)
See you at next review!
Aikawa Fuuko chapter 6 . 3/11/2004
I am very, very impressed by your stories. All of them were written so wonderfully... They are all very beautiful and amazingly heart-wrenching. It's so rare to find great fanfics like yours and great fanfic authors with such care towards their fics like you, truthfully.

I happened to come across "Fateful Encounters" just on the morning, and now I'm totally in love with the Encounters Arc. Although they're quite long (that I have to admit!), I still love every word, every line you wrote. You described their relationship beautifully and the whole thing sounds very real...
Well, I guess I'm just too shocked to say anything else at the moment, because your wonderful fics got me speechless. So, I just want you to know that I really admire your writing and you're definitely one of my favourite authors!
Ah, one more thing though. Your daughters are just so damn lucky to have a dad like you! *shimmery eyes* I am so jealous!
Schizo13 chapter 6 . 11/30/2003
Wow! That was a -great- story. Just like your other ones! I hope there will be more. They are, after all, so enthralling and a welcome relief to my mind after trying to discern my java programs. Your stories are great!
Mei Yanohi chapter 6 . 11/28/2003
Your work is amazing. I have read every single one of your Gojyo/Hakkai works, and I have been more and more impressed with each successive reading. I just can't believe how beautiful you make the perfect bond between these two. It's indescribable. I am begging you now to continue your glorious telling of the journey between these two. Please. There is precious little truly good fanfiction out there, and you produce a good part of it. Gojyo/Hakkai is one of my favorite pairings, and your stories have increased my love for them tenfold. Please continue. Pretty please.
This story was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for creating it.
Guardian of Jupiter chapter 1 . 11/26/2003

alright, prepare yourself to read a long rambling from me... _

Before I start, I just want you to know that I have read all your fanfiction, start from Fateful Encounter (my favorite and I put it on my favorite list on ) until the (I guess) newest one called Shattering. Now only have I the time to drop in a review about your work. * smile sheepishly * :p

I intend to write a review worth all of your wonderful efforts on writing such an enjoyable saga about Gojyo and Hakkai that I have ever read and I hope this one did.

First, Fateful Encounter

I like the way you slowly build the relationship between my favorite bishounens. It kept me on track on how their emotions and thoughts about each other. Unlike some fictions that I've read (nothing in particular just something I ran across to and read) the emotion-building was to fast pace and I was suddenly baffled when they blurted "I love you". I know you have come across fiction like that.

Then, I am practicaly amazed when I noticed how detail you are when it comes to describing certain things. Like Gojyo's drink preferance, Hakkai's thought over little things like the soil sheets (that one managed to make my eyes went wide), Gojyo's habit of wandering around shirtless (Gojyo can hint so blatantly and he can be so vain sometimes, which is why I'm so in love with him _), even Hakkai's uneasiness of imposing Gojyo so much (which is so thpically Hakkai)

Those little things make me go "WOW HOLY SH*T! How can I not review this HOITD*MN stories! (Pardon the *'s) But then your stories are so long and I've just gotta read the whole thing before I can review properly. I even went to mediaminer just to read Happy Birthday, Baby and I just went wild with the way the story flows!

On to Happy Birthday, Baby

Are actually have done this because your lemon is so juicy! (heh, it is not that often to read lemon story about them, not this good anyway) Sanzo is so Sanzo. I mean you got him exactly what I thought Sanzo would react over Gojyo and Hakkai relationship. I never thought Hakuryuu would be so considerate and supportive (this story changes my perspective about Hakuryuu's role. I just saw him as a jeep :P )

Their realtionship changes quite steadily from the last time you left them in Fateful Encounter (FE). Judging from the way you wrote FE, I know that you would not jump into a immediate love scene (not that I'm complaining _~) I have to tell you that I love the way you write the difficulty they faced and the sensitive side of Gojyo. (I know he has one!) I love it!

And lastly Shattering

OOh, this one left me shaking non stop. It is so full of angst and sadness and heart-breaking scenes and frustration and I so love it. You know my favorite part? The part when Hakkai regains his memories and apologizes to Gojyo! Yay! (That's what I scream when I was reading it _) It makes me wanna scream "WHY THE F*CK*ING H*LL ISN'T GOJYO MY BOYFRIEND?" (Again pardon the the *'s :p )

Gojyo was apologizing too, that is way too sweet and Hakkai should very well appreciate Gojyo! Sanzo was handling his pride very well. I love it. He managed not being an *ssh*le and yet sounded every inch like Sanzo I watch on anime. You've got the *talent*. No, I'm not just saying it. You've got the *talent* and you share it with me! I really love it.

Alright to end my babbling. (I'm sure you're bored anyway _~)

Most people can't handle the long, serious and angsty fictions. They tend to look for short, humorous and fluffy. (I like fluffy too!) But I absolutely love those things. The more the angsty the better, especially when it concerned about my favorite bishounens. I hope you keep on writing about them because I'm telling you this, NOBODY WRITES LIKE YOU DO.

Suggestion (If I may be so bold): Why don't you write what actually happen to Tenpou and Kenren during the Gaiden. You keep on hinting about it in your saga and sometimes I thought you will inserted in one of the chapters. It is just a suggestion. I think it will be so d*mn great!

P/S: I'll post this in mediaminer and



Guardian of Jupiter
Historical chapter 6 . 11/15/2003
I must say that I was quite pleased to come across this story. I don't know if it was my addiction to angst or my soft spot for romance that attracted me to it, but, all formalities aside, it was a lovely story! You have an absolutely wonderful style and, quite frankly, I was overjoyed to come across an author who could write properly. That's not to say that the editor from hell in me was very happy about being squelched in her picky critiquing attepmts, but it was nice to be able to enjoy a story in full without tripping over grammatically-incorrect roadblocks every ten seconds! I encourage you to write much more and to let your muses guide you in whichever direction they choose! I shall always be a loyal fan of yours!
chiefraz chapter 6 . 11/15/2003
Wowsers! Not only didn't you let him die, you got him back his memory and some po-gee-da too.
schyra chapter 1 . 10/31/2003
Wow. I really like your writings E-sama. I'm not too good myself, but I know good fiction when I see one. For your information I'd just like to ask you to check your 2nd Chapter, as I find it ends at 'k'... And I can't review for chapter 2 either... Maybe it's just my piece a' crap computer. Thanks for bringing such wonderful Hakkai-angst into this world. And here's a quote:

"Once every few millenia there is created a review, so brilliant, so profoundly insightful it has the power to change the world. This, is not that review.."
addictedtomarbles chapter 2 . 10/29/2003
It's so sad, yet scarily real! I hope you update soon, I don't like seeing Gojyo so upset!

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