Reviews for Yami Bakura Explains It All
2lazy2logon chapter 1 . 10/24/2003
Hahaha! Love the perspective!
Zoey Hellmaster chapter 1 . 10/24/2003
lol! This is hilarious! Please continue!
Misura chapter 1 . 10/24/2003
Gorgeously funny! *coughs* Uhm, sorry, Bakura-chan, but when I picture you, sitting there and typing these -perfectly valid and reasonable- objections to fanfics starring *you*, I just can't help but think you kawaii. (Yup, I can't limit myself to one language either). Oh, and the separate body thing is something you should think of as a compliment I think ; Yami got his own body, so why wouldn't you be able to get one too?

I like the way you (as in, you, the author) wrote Ryou into this as well thus presenting the reader with another look on the Ryou/Bakura relationship, rather than merely having Bakura tell how it's not.

Oh, and the voices in my head tell me I don't have any trouble with hearing them. ;

A great read! _
JadedKatrina chapter 1 . 10/24/2003
Hey Yami Bakura

I have to admit that what you have stated in this brief POV fic is quite intriguing. I would never in a million years or 50 years in your case write a yaoi about you or your hikari.

Now the torture thing is another story all together. I know you won't physically torture little Ryou, but mentally berating him with insults and the like is just another thing all together. So doing that because it's just in your character to do that.

Well the whole Tea thing, stuff her, roast her, and serve her over a leafy bed of greens would be nice. She is just too damn perky and nice always going on with friendship and the like. I can see you with her only to torture her then send her to the Shadow Realm. O what fun _, sorry my Yami just got out of hand .

Well anyway update with more insites and the such soon.



radiany chapter 1 . 10/23/2003
**giggles** Old joke, Bakura-sama, ever heard of that river in Egypt?

De - Nile?

~ Finally! A fresh POV fic! I've been worrying that all Tendershipping I'd ever see from now on (excluding the lovely Misura-chan of course *heart*) were going to be bondage!superukeRyou!cuddlyfluffbunnyBakura!bloodyrapist!Tendershipping ; Though I don't believe that Bakura-sama is truly IC in you - ahem - his depiction, but it takes his humour level to a new height (lol).

Amusing, amusing, amusing, what can I say? **agrees with Blue-chan (;_; Sorry, Rai-chan has on time to beta...), though she is hesitant about the dirtymagzine!Ryou ~**

Budiamond chapter 1 . 10/23/2003
Bakura would have to find a really really really perfect person to make him fall in love.

Then again, in series one, he did say that he was rather attatched to Ryou. (They changed the number on Ryou's apartment in the anime.. I think in the manga it was 601, and in the anime 801.. or vice versa...)

But I think he is sorta misunderstood... or completely mental. XD; He trapped the soul of the teacher that told Ryou to shave his in a figurine, because he's such a nice boy...

And then when Ryou thought "Oh, this is so fun! I wish I could play this game with my friends forever!" He trapped THEIR souls in figures so Ryou could play with them forever. See, Bakura's so nice! _ Because Ryou had no friends when he as little...

Oh well, at least we know that Bakura really IS fond of Ryou! That or he's got a horrible lying complex...
bohr-d chapter 1 . 11/27/2004
LMAO! This was so damn funny- it made me cry! I loved this! Keep writing- you're great at it!
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