Reviews for Vicky Night!
Parizadeh chapter 1 . 10/28/2003
Neat story. I especially like the Remy parts...although I have my own thoughts on the issue of his middle name (I think it's Espy :D )Also, I think his real name is Remington. Anyway, I really enjoyed this. BTW, this is RemyTheWarriorBoy from Nickdisk, forums, etc.
A Concerned Individual chapter 1 . 10/27/2003
Generally very good, but towards the middle, it started to gets a little confoosing! (You know, around the random haunted house of horror? But blame my underdeveloped HYOO-MAN brain for that! Plus, I've never seen the movie "Grinch Night!" which it's a parody of) All in all, I really liked it, and I absolutely ADORED Sanjay's presence, even though he only got a relatively small role. But, really... Did you have to give him a last name like that? SNOTGAY. Eugh. Two unpleasant words back-to-back. Poor, poor Sanjay. *pats him on the head*

I also loved the terms you used... let's see... something like "Wanda was masquerading as Timmy's scarf" Masquerading! I don't think to use such terminology when I'm writing.

You know, though, you don't have to quote EVERY reference exactly. It's not a research paper. (Gawd I hate those things...) You could just say: "Those giant feet from that one ChalkZone episode" or something like that, it sounds less informal and... aw, heck. I dunno what I'm saying. Ignore meh.

To conclude this ridiculously long review: Nicely done! I applaud yew. *does so*