Reviews for Do Fairy Tales Come True?
Connie chapter 9 . 8/25/2019
Wow what a beautiful story Mulder loves scully forever
Guest chapter 9 . 5/16/2018
Amazing thank you for that lovely tales
Ck chapter 9 . 3/5/2018
Wow some beautiful story Mulder loves scully forever enjoyed reading this story very much
Guest chapter 9 . 12/26/2017
I loved it
jennylovescastle chapter 9 . 6/25/2016
I love the story. Really nice. Ur writing is great.
At some parts i was suprised how insecure scully was and i think the end about the rings is cute but a litzle too much and too fast.
other than that an awsome story. Thanks for writing
jennylovescastle chapter 6 . 6/24/2016
Love the story. Your writing is awsome. I mean all ur idears... i am just amazed. Really nice and i know it will stay that way. :-)
Ana chapter 9 . 9/16/2015
Pls more...
Guest chapter 9 . 8/17/2015
Have read this story numerous times and have never left a review. I loved it. I love your writing style. This has become one of my favorites. Thanks so much for sharing.
Jennthewren chapter 9 . 10/29/2011
great job great story! your depiction of milder and scully was perfect!
snow1685 chapter 9 . 12/8/2005
oh i loved randy and charlie lol. great story, good follow up and i didnt mind a bit about it being MSR lol, who would?
shadow speaker chapter 9 . 11/27/2005
i review way too much . . . anyway, she can so bear him children (ahem? william?) and you have GOT to write more stories, especially with Charlie and Randy in them- those guys are awesome.
shadow speaker chapter 6 . 11/27/2005
i love you. (don't worry, i'm not a creepy Interney stalker) you are the best author EVER. I always wondered what Mulder and Phoebe were talking about, with all then "youthful indescretion" talk. And I agree, as to her character. The x-philes among my friends and I callher "Phoebe the british whore"
Bleachy-nii chapter 9 . 11/5/2003
OMG that was wonderful! i loved it! i can't wait to read more of your stories! your a very good author! keep it up
Guest chapter 9 . 11/5/2003
Hey, that was great! I especially loved Randy being maid of honor, LMAO! It's hillarious to me, because I have a lot of gay friends, and we're always talking about making them my bridesmaids or my maid of honor when I get married! Anyhow, keep up the good work!
tocks chapter 9 . 11/4/2003
Hey! I was a regular addict to yewr Unfaithful fic, but with school and all, I just got the chance to read this thing through. Awesome work! I think we need a sequel to the sequel :) -DKers
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